Blog: April 2014

Postal News Roundup

Here are some articles we're reading today:

California House Delegation Urges USPS to Nix Staples Deal, L.A. Times
Under the leadership of California House member Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), 30 members of Congress from California urged Postmaster General Donahoe to reject a pilot program with Staples. Lowenthal believes the Staples partnership "is a clear and unmistakable attempt at union-busting, as well as the privatization of critical public services."

California Federation of Teachers Votes to Boycott Staples,
Standing in solidarity with the APWU and furthering their opposition to privatization, the California Federation of Teachers voted to boycott using Staples for office and school supplies. “By this simple act—asking our members and educators across the country to buy their school supplies elsewhere—we put USPS management and a profit seeking corporation on notice that the quality of mail delivery is not for sale,” CFT President Joshua Pechthalt said.

USPS Piles on Shift to Low Wage Economy with Staples Deal, Next New Deal
The USPS deal with Staples puts middle-class jobs at risk by replacing higher wage opportunities with lower wage jobs.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein Discusses the Stop Staples Campaign, Ed Schultz Radio Show
APWU President Mark Dimondstein sheds light on the internal USPS coorspondence citing low wage jobs as part of the deal with Staples.

Old Ed: Save our Post Offices From Service Cuts, The Hill
Private interests are putting the American postal system at serious risk. Postal employees provide a wealth of services to our country and it is up to Congress and the customers to help save our system.

Secret Negotiations Threaten Public Services in 50 Countries, Canadian National Union of Public and General Employees
With the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) negotiations underway again, public services are in great danger of being at the hands of profit-driven corporations.