Blog: July 2015

Postal News Roundup

The Hill: Dems Seek Answers on Rural Postal Delivery
Two Democratic senators want a federal watchdog to examine whether there's a link between access to broadband and poor service from the U.S. Postal Service.

The Joplin Globe: Our View: Thank Blunt for Championing Rural Mail Service
Did you get your mail on time Monday? Soon the U.S. Postal Service is going to be asking that question, particularly on behalf of our readers who live in small towns and rural areas.

Superior Telegram: Mail Issues Linger in Northland
"Right now it’s in Congress’ hands," APWU member Kurt Waite said. "If they voted to restore service, they would have to return all processing of outgoing and incoming mail to Duluth."

Save the Post Office: Help Save Napa’s Historic Post Office from the Wrecking Ball 
The National Trust for Historic Preservation is once again taking on the Postal Service.  

Postal News Roundup

The Sun Sentinel: Antitrust Institute Challenges Staples’ Merger with Office Depot
Antitrust Institute has asked the Federal Trade Commission to take a deep and critical look at the proposed $6.3 billion merger between Office Depot and Staples. 

Fierce Government: IG: Lack of Cybersecurity Staff, Technology Left USPS Vulnerable to 2014 Attack
Without a comprehensive, risk-based strategy, USPS was unprepared to manage the quickly changing cyber environment, the IG said.

Postal News Roundup

Dodge City Daily Globe: U.S. Postal Service Negotiating New Union Contract
Do, along with other union members and chapter presidents is trying to get the word out on what is going on with the post office on a national scale as well as in the local areas. The APWU states that contrary to what the public has heard, the US Postal Service is not losing money.

NYS Public Employees Federation: Roots of Struggle: Postal Workers Prove the Value of Collective Bargaining
As with other labor unions across the nation who face and fight against all facets of privatization, the APWU is demanding an end to the closing of all mail-processing centers in its new pact. The ability to address these issues is mainly due to the vision, determination and unity of the APWU forefathers. They realized the most important achievement of their 1970 strike was winning the right to bargain collectively.

Save the Post Office: $1 Billion to Restore USPS Service Standards? Did the CBO Get it Wrong?
If you look at what’s happened over the past few months, the $1 billion doesn’t seem credible, and one wonders if the CBO has misunderstood what the amendment is all about.

Postal News Roundup

Fierce Government: USPS Must Make Transformational Changes Take Advantage of e-Commerce Package Growth, IG Says
The growth of e-commerce has led to a dramatic increase in the number of packages shipped, and the Postal Service has an opportunity to both satisfy the new needs of customers and garner significant revenue, says a July 8 Postal Service inspector general report.

WWDB-AM: Today in Philly Labor [Podcast Audio]
Philly BMC Local President Vince Tarducci discusses the Postal Service’s dirty deal with Staples and reminds listeners not to buy school supplies at Staples. [At 35:55.]

Time: Hillary Clinton Faces Unrest Among Organized Labor 
Unhappy with the status quo and uncertain about the future of labor as union membership shrinks, union members across the country are restive over the possibility of their affiliates endorsing Clinton.

Postal News Roundup

Duluth News Tribune: Postal Delivery Issues Linger in Northland
Waite cited hope for the Duluth mail processing center in the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations, which in June voted in favor of restoring first-class delivery standards to previous levels.

Eureka Times Standard: Eureka’s Mail Sorting Facility Gets a Temporary Reprieve
Mike Hetticher, the president of Eureka’s branch of the American Postal Workers Union, said the delays are just a first step and that people cannot turn complacent.

Postal News Roundup

Crooks and Liars: Help Save Our Public Postal Service
The Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service is calling for support of two House resolutions that urge restoration of overnight mail service standards and a continuation of six-day delivery.

Fierce Government: USPS-Staples Deal Draws Ire of Labor Group
APWU charges that allowing Staples retail stores to handle Postal Service products will degrade the integrity of USPS customer service and move the agency toward privatization.

Los Alamos Daily Post: NLRB: Postal Service Deal with Staples Violates U.S. Labor Law
The U.S. Postal Service illegally subcontracted work to Staples, according to a complaint issued June 26 by Region 5 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Lost Coast Outpost: Did You Notice Our Mail Isn’t Being Diverted to Medford as Planned?
The American Postal Workers Union was also vocal in its objections, and Mike Hetticher, president of the Local 1056 in Eureka, told the Outpost today that the decision to delay closure was good news.

Postal News Roundup

USPS’s Controversial Deal with Staples Headed to Showdown Over Legality
Now, one of the biggest labor battles in recent years is headed to Washington, where the National Labor Relations Board will rule in August on whether the Staples deal violates the Postal Service’s collective bargaining agreement with the American Postal Workers Union.

Shrewsbury Postal Center to Remain Open After All
John H. Flattery, president of the American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO Local 4553, which represents workers at the plant, said he was notified of the change last month. The Blunders of USPS Agreement with Staples and Its Repercussions
The case against the Postal Service seems to be strong, owing to which NLRB is making another move.

Government Executive: USPS Contracted Services to Staples Illegally, Board Says
The regional director called the subcontracting issue a “mandatory subject for purposes of collective bargaining.”



Postal News Roundup

24/7 Wall Street: Staples Deal with USPS is Illegal: NLRB
"The Postal Service should settle this case and dump its failed privatization scheme," said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. 

MLive: Congressman Dan Kildee ‘Very Concerned’ About Potential Downtown Post Office Closure
"The downtown post office provides an essential service to businesses and residents and I am very concerned about its potential closure," said U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee. 

Erie TV News: U.S. Postal Service Contract Talks with Union Continue
APWU President Joe Szocki told the TV station that the union "could not accept" management's contract proposal to "create another entry-level position at lower wages." 

ECommerce Bytes: Postal Union Scores a Win in War Against Staples Counters
Whether you find postal counters at retail chain stores to be convenient or ill-conceived, it's not a sure thing they will continue.


Postal News Roundup

Boston Globe: National Labor Relations Board to Rule on Staples, U.S. Postal Service Deal
The National Labor Relations Board will hold a hearing next month to determine whether a deal between the United States Postal Service and Staples Inc. violates a collective bargaining agreement with the American Postal Workers Union.

The Big Picture [July 2]
Thom Hartmann discusses the continued attacks on the US Post Office with American Postal Workers Union president Mark Dimondstein.

WDBJ7: Update on Future of Mail Sorting Center in Roanoke [Video]
Union leader says he is optimistic there is some momentum in Washington to reverse the consolidation of outgoing mail.

WJLA7: Federal-Postal Coalition Pushes Government in Wake of OPM Breach [Video]
In a letter to President Obama, the Federal-Postal Coalition called for more communication and long-term credit protection measures for federal workers and retirees in the wake of OPM's massive data breach.

OPM: Frequently Asked Questions on Cybersecurity
Were postal worker records affected?

Postal News Roundup

Waynesville Daily Guide: McCaskill Seeks Review of Postal Service’s Ability to Meet Delivery Standards
In an effort to better understand the ability of the Postal Service to meet stated delivery times, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is requesting that the federal government’s top watchdog review the Postal Service’s calculation of delivery times and standards.

Napa Valley Register: USPS Proposes Demolition of Historic Napa Post Office
"I know they have been selling off high-value properties to private developers to balance their budget, but these are public buildings, built with public dollars and we deserve to know what is going on.”

Bangor Daily News: Cutting Back Postal Service Hits Bangor, Everywhere Else
When mail-processing facilities close, people face delays in mail they’ve sent or are expecting.

RT: The Big Picture [July 2]
Thom discusses the continued attacks on the US Post Office with American Postal Workers Union president Mark Dimondstein.