Blog: October 2015

Postal News Roundup

Should the Post Office Also Be a Bank?
If there were more alternatives in neighborhoods lacking banks, payday customers might not be driven to lenders with a reputation for exploiting borrowers with high-interest loans that roll over and over and over. Cue postal banking.

Bernie Sanders Has a Pretty Revolutionary Idea to Change America’s Post Offices
Mark Dimondstein, the union's president, argued that the post office has been an important part of civic life in American towns for centuries, and postal banking would help sustain that tradition.

Postal News Roundup

RushCard Disruption Reveals Why Prepaid Debit Cards Should Not Exist at All
With a bricks-and-mortar infrastructure already in place in most of the neighborhoods already underserved by traditional banks, the post office wouldn’t have to develop a costly new infrastructure.

When Titans Collide: UPS Petitions PRC to Change USPS Costing Methodologies
The proposals presented by UPS would affect not only affect the price of nearly every postal product but also the future viability of the Postal Service.

Postal News Roundup

Let’s Make the Banks Serve Us: How the Government Subsidizes the Super Rich While We Pay the Overdraft Fees
Why should the poor pay for things that the rich just get for free, Mehrsa Baradaran asks?

How Bernie Sanders Wants to Save the U.S. Postal Service
The Democratic presidential candidate told Fusion he thinks postal banking is a "great idea" for reinvigorating the service.

Sanders Pushes Postal Banking
Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has once again added his voice to a growing movement to bring banking to the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Postal News Roundup

Bernie’s Brilliant Idea: Postal Banking
One of Sanders’ ideas would revolutionize the way people interact with our economy: postal banking.

Postal Union Warns Against New USPS Health Database
The APWU is warning its members against using a database created by the Postal Service to store health records, out of fear the information might not be safe from hackers. 

Maine Unions Reflect on Tumultuous Year, Prepare to Support Minimum Wage Hike
The president of the American Postal Workers Union, Mark Dimondstein, delivered Thursday’s keynote address, railing against the “one percent” and what he termed an “all-out war” on workers, unions and their rights.

Postal News Roundup

Bernie Sanders’s Highly Sensible Plan to Turn Post Offices Into Banks
In an interview Senator Bernie Sanders discussed the marquee features of democratic socialism he’s been tirelessly calling for during his presidential campaign: higher taxes for the wealthiest Americans, an increased minimum wage, and breaking up the biggest Wall Street banks.

Massachusetts Hits Staples for $10 Million on Sham Interest Deductions

Jeff Santos Show
Boston Metro Area Local President Scott Hoffman talks about the mission of the Postal Service and nominees to the USPS Board of Governors who stand in opposition to it in a radio interview. [At approximately 6:50.]

Postal News Roundup

Bernie Sanders Addresses Postal Union to Decry USPS Privatization
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has a louder megaphone than at any point in his political career, and he’s using it to amplify issues he has been talking about for decades.

Is Nevada’s Labor Movement Ready to Forgive Democrats?
Last week, Sanders met with postal workers.

If the U.S. Government Treat Poor People as Well as it Treats Banks
This is not merely an economic problem; it undermines democracy.

Postal News Roundup

5 Tough Questions for Tonight’s Democratic Debate
Let’s talk about making the “gig economy” fair, creating a postal bank, congressional authorization for war, and helping, rather than harming, immigrants.

APWU Joins Union Protest at Trump Hotel in Las Vegas
More than 500 workers from the Culinary Union, the American Postal Workers Union and the Trump International Hotel lined up on Fashion Show Drive to protest the hotel’s no-union policy.

Mail Contractor Group’s 14-Hour Exemption Request Under Fire From Postal Workers Union
The American Postal Workers Union, which represents U.S. Postal Service employees, said Thursday it’s opposed to an exemption request submitted recently by private, contracted mail carriers seeking an exemption from the federal 14-hour on-duty limit.

Tester Responds to Report on Postal Service’s Delivery Performance
 "Montanans tell me that there are serious delays in mail delivery, and yet time and time again the USPS tells me they're doing great," Tester said.

Selling Off the Postal Service Makes No Sense
The Oct. 5 Fed Page article purportedly was about a Brookings Institution paper on the U.S. Postal Service but astonishingly led with an unattributed policy prescription for downgrading service.

Mayors Continue to Fight for Pocatello Mail Center
The U.S. Postal Service mail processing center on Flandro Drive closed in April, but mayors Brian Blad of Pocatello and Kevin England of Chubbuck have not given up to the fight to see it reopened.

Are FedEx and UPS Padding Profits or Just Ticking Off Customers?
FedEx announced a new fuel surcharge which will be added to shipping costs, despite the 24% drop in diesel fuel over the past year.

Postal News Roundup

Book Review: How the Other Half Banks by Mehrsa Baradaran
The time has come, Baradaran argues, either to restore a postal banking system that ­offers greater accessibility or provide some ­other public banking option.

Right Wing’s Assault on Post Office – Smashing the Myth That It’s in Financial Trouble
The truth is that almost all of the postal service's losses can be traced back to a single change in the law made by the Republican Congress in 2006.

Don’t Put Privatizer and Payday Lender Lobbyist on the USPS Board
With corporate-conservative calls for full or partial privatization of the United States Postal Service (USPS) escalating, groups are sounding the alarm about new nominees to the USPS Board of Governors.

Postal News Roundup

The Mail Could Be Taking Even Longer to Be Delivered Than the Postal Service Is Saying
After years of cost-cutting to adjust to steep financial losses, the U.S. Postal Service is contending with angry customers whose mail is taking longer — sometimes much longer — to arrive.

Postal Workers Union Opposes Mail Contractors 14-Hour Exemption Request
The APWU said Thursday it’s opposed to an exemption request submitted recently by private, contracted mail carriers seeking an exemption from the federal 14-hour on-duty limit.

APWU Calls for Public Hearing on USPS Subcontractors Request for Safety Rule Exemption
The APWU has called for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to conduct a public hearing on the request from USPS subcontractors for an exemption from the "14-hour" Federal Safety Rule. 

Postal News Roundup

Battle Brewing Over USPS Delivery Times
The APWU is challenging an exemption from driving safety rules for the private trucking companies that contract with USPS to deliver mail.

Rep. Keith Ellison: More than Mail: Why the United States Post Office Deserves a Square Deal
Should the Postal Service be Sold to Save it? In a word: No. Jim Sauber, chief of staff for the National Association of Letter Carriers in Washington, said"Breaking it up would make no economic sense."

Obama’s Postal Service Nominees Opposed by Labor, Civil Rights Groups
A coalition of labor unions and civil rights groups have announced their opposition to a pair of nominees to the Postal Service's governing board.

Why the Post Office Matters
As the last thirty years of world economic history have shown, deficits are one of the best ways to ideologically justify the private plunder of public coffers. But the post office is not broke.

No Discontinuances, But More Post Office Suspensions and Relocations
Opposition to discontinuing post offices is not stopping the Postal Service from closures by other means.

What Happened in Petworth? A DC Suspension Story
The Postal Service often helps create a lease renewal problem and then uses it as an opportunity to close a post office

Postal News Roundup

Another Attack on Our Postal Service
Kamarck recommends splitting the USPS in two. One part would be a public institution that delivers mail, and only mail, to everyone nationally. The other would be privatized parcel delivery, a business that would compete with  FedEx and UPS. Mail delivery would have to be cut way back.

Call and Check: Some Postal Workers Are Delivering More Than Just the Mail
Jersey Post's "Call and Check" program, run by the postal service on an island nestled between England and France, offers a creative approach to providing care to the frail elderly.

Postal Service on Rebound, Needs Help
USPS achieved an operational profit of $600 million in 2013, $1.2 billion in 2014 and stands at $1.2 billion so far this year. Those are amazing numbers, but carriers like Nickerson and others employed by the Postal Service need the public’s help. Smith, Fortenberry and Ashford need to support a House resolution to restore the service standards to put deliveries back on schedule.