Blog: December 2015

Postal News Roundup

Sanders Picks Up Major Union Endorsement
“CWA members have made a clear choice and a bold stand in endorsing Bernie Sanders for President,” CWA President Chris Shelton said in a statement.

Citizens Deliver 150K Petitions Demanding Postal Banking
The US Postal Service (USPS) could provide an affordable, high quality “public-option” alternative right now. But in our rigged system, it doesn’t.

Coalition Calls for Banking Services at USPS
The Post Office is not generally where you go to get a paycheck cashed, but the Campaign for Postal Banking wants to change that.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Joins Coalition Leaders to Deliver More than 150,000 Petition Signatures to the Postmaster General in Support of Postal Banking

Postal News Roundup

FTC Sues to Block Staples-Office Depot Deal
The Federal Trade Commission filed suit on Monday to block the planned $6.3 billion combination of office supply companies, saying that it would significantly reduce competition.

U.S. Tries to Kill Staples-Office Depot Marriage. Again.
Staples shares tumbled nearly 15% in response to news that the FTC would try to block the merger.

A Bill of Rights for the Post Office
The right to good service is not something one generally associates with private businesses. Maybe our new Postmaster General should issue a Postal Customer's Bill of Rights. 

Delivering the Goods
“How to lose $5 billion” (November 21st) painted an unduly negative picture of the United States Postal Service’s finances.

Postal News Roundup

Welch Pledges Fight to Retain Full Service at U.S. Postal Service
Rep. Peter Welch said the agency battered by the 2008 recession, and a dramatic shift toward electronic mail, has now stabilized its finances. "The tug of war in Congress right now is that there are some folks who basically think it ought to be privatized."

Residents Claim Slow Mail Delivery
Gary Glazebrook, president of The American Postal Workers Union in Houston, says over the past few years, the Postal Service has shut down 82 major processing and distribution centers nationwide.