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Postal News Roundup

Postal News Roundup

Labor Notes: How We're Surviving Right to Work: Boston Postal Workers Use Grievances to Build the Union

Federal News Radio: Postal regulatory agency to conclude postage review this fall The Postal Service wants you, millennials

Government Executive: 200K Postal Workers Would See Pay Raises, Benefit Cuts Under New Labor Contract

USPS: Response to Lexington Institute’s “Getting the Details Right” article

News Leader: Beam Bros. Trucking execs guilty of conspiracy

The Independent: Commission to hold hearing on G.I. post office

Answer Man: Slow mail processing in Greenville?

KAIT: Residents fed up with delayed mail

Lancaster Online: My kingdom for an old-fashioned mailbox

CNN: Trump voters want jobs. Not noise about Russia (video)

In These Times: Republicans Will Turn the NLRB into a Force for Union Busting. We Can Turn It Back

New York Times: Trump Sends NAFTA Renegotiation Notice to Congress 

The Hill: White House tells Congress it will renegotiate NAFTA

Texas Tribune: [Texas] House panel approved bill requiring parental consent for minors to join unions

Gazzette: Union-Busting Wisconsin group has its dollars in Colorado politics, according to two investigations

MPR News: Why we don’t hear about the decline in retail jobs

Safety&Health: OSHA rescinds ‘walkaround rule’

Huffington Post: Trump Administration Bottles up Another Workplace Safety Rule

Washington Post: Revisit a time when mail delivered by trolley cars was the best way to communicate

Postal News Roundup

Postal News Roundup