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Labor Notes: How We're Surviving Right to Work: Boston Postal Workers Use Grievances to Build the Union

Federal News Radio: Postal regulatory agency to conclude postage review this fall The Postal Service wants you, millennials

Government Executive: 200K Postal Workers Would See Pay Raises, Benefit Cuts Under New Labor Contract

USPS: Response to Lexington Institute’s “Getting the Details Right” article

News Leader: Beam Bros. Trucking execs guilty of conspiracy

The Independent: Commission to hold hearing on G.I. post office

Answer Man: Slow mail processing in Greenville?

KAIT: Residents fed up with delayed mail

Lancaster Online: My kingdom for an old-fashioned mailbox

CNN: Trump voters want jobs. Not noise about Russia (video)

In These Times: Republicans Will Turn the NLRB into a Force for Union Busting. We Can Turn It Back

New York Times: Trump Sends NAFTA Renegotiation Notice to Congress 

The Hill: White House tells Congress it will renegotiate NAFTA

Texas Tribune: [Texas] House panel approved bill requiring parental consent for minors to join unions

Gazzette: Union-Busting Wisconsin group has its dollars in Colorado politics, according to two investigations

MPR News: Why we don’t hear about the decline in retail jobs

Safety&Health: OSHA rescinds ‘walkaround rule’

Huffington Post: Trump Administration Bottles up Another Workplace Safety Rule

Washington Post: Revisit a time when mail delivered by trolley cars was the best way to communicate

Postal News Roundup

Postal News Roundup

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Postal News Roundup

ECommerce Bytes: eBay Creates Petition to Keep Postage Prices Low
“eBay is urging users to sign its petition requesting the Postal Regulatory Commission not to raise shipping costs. eBay sent an email this week to members of its Main Street grassroots lobbying program with the title, ‘eBay Says Keep USPS Prices Low.’ Why is the Postal Regulatory Commission reviewing postage rates? It's the law, as the USPS explained in a post this week. In the petition, eBay tells the PRC that the USPS is a ‘key package delivery service’ for eBay's top sellers, and says higher postage results in abandoned online shopping carts…”

ECommerce Bytes: USPS Explains the Postage Pricing Review
“The PRC is reviewing the system used to regulate Postal Service rates and classes. When PMG Megan J. Brennan testified this month about postal reform legislation, she discussed the importance of a 10-year pricing review being conducted by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC)… The goal is to determine if the current system is meeting its objectives, which include enabling USPS to be financially stable and ensuring the organization has adequate resources to offer high-quality services…”

ABC News: UPS tests out drone delivery service
“FORT MYERS - Keep your eyes to the sky because one more shipping giant is setting its sights on delivery by drone. UPS on Monday tested new drone delivery technology in Florida. Fort Myers is home to a large service center for UPS customers, and ABC7 wanted to know how residents feel about the new technology. Delivery via drone is already a reality for retailers like Amazon, but now UPS is jumping on the bandwagon and is close to perfecting the technology to get packages to your doorstep with a drone…”

Postal News Roundup

Postal News: Utilimaster pulls out of USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle Program as body builder
“Spartan Motors, Inc., a global leader in specialty chassis and vehicle design, manufacturing and assembly, today announced that its Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services (FVS) business unit — which encompasses the Utilimaster go-to-market brand — has stopped development on the United States Postal Service (USPS) Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV) Program as a prime contractor in the functional prototype development project and has sought withdrawal from the USPS. Spartan is continuing efforts to support this project and will partner with a leading USPS prototype award participant, to provide interior cargo solutions specific for the USPS’s needs…”

Go Local Prov: Weiss: Overhauling Social Security & Medicare Gets ‘Thumbs Down’ in Recent Poll Findings
“Nancy Olumekor, Retiree Department American Postal Workers Union, came calling for Congressional support to improve Social Security and Medicare.  ‘Our members did not vote to destroy Social Security and Medicare to replace them with vouchers. Postal workers are opposed to increasing the eligibility age for Medicare and Social Security,’ she said.”

Postal News Roundup - Feb. 16, 2017

Baltimore Post Examiner: Labor leaders given World Peace Awards in D.C. Ceremony
“On Capitol Hill, on Tuesday afternoon two stalwarts of the cause of Organized Labor, John Sweeney and Elizabeth Powell, were awarded with the “Roving Ambassador for Peace” award. Sweeney is the President-Emeritus of the AFL-CIO and Ms. Powell is the Secretary-Treasurer of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). The ceremony was held in the headquarters of the AFL-CIO, on the eighth floor, with a splendid view of the White House and Washington Monument in the background…”

Post and Parcel: OIG publishes report on international postal price regulation
“The US Postal Service (USPS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) has published a report which looks at how postal prices are regulated in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The report, which was produced for OIG by WIK-Consult, found that in all five countries ‘regulators revisited and modified price regulation to allow for greater pricing flexibility in response to changing market conditions.’ OIG commented: ‘Changes occurred in two ways — reduction in the scope of products covered by regulation and allowance of higher price increases on regulated products. Most recently, the changes have allowed price increases that are greater than inflation…’”

Postal News Roundup

USPS: U.S. Postal Service Reports Fiscal Year 2017 First Quarter Results
“Excluding the effects of a $1.7 billion change in its workers' compensation liability due to fluctuations in interest rates, the U.S. Postal Service posted a net loss of approximately $200 million for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 (October 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016). Controllable income for the quarter was $522 million compared to $1.3 billion for the same period last year, a decrease of $735 million. Operating revenue decreased by $155 million, and was significantly impacted by the April 2016 expiration of the exigent surcharge. If the exigent surcharge had remained in place, the Postal Service would have generated approximately $570 million in additional revenue during the quarter…”

Federal News Radio: Postal Service reports $200M loss, despite increase in package delivery
“Despite double-digit growth in its package delivery during last year’s holiday season, the U.S. Postal Service posted a $200 million net loss for the first quarter of fiscal 2017. USPS reported $522 million in controllable income in what is usually its strongest quarter, but marks a significant decrease from the $1.3 billion in controllable income it posted in the same period for fiscal 2016. Postal officials attributed some of its losses to the reversal of the 2-cent exigent postal rate increase, which the Postal Regulatory Commission repealed in April 2016. USPS estimates it would have earned $570 million in additional revenue this quarter had the rate remained...”

Tribune Review: Postal Service wants to boost security of U.S.-bound packages 
“The Postal Service said Thursday it is committed to strengthening the security of mail from foreign countries. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, the nation's first Homeland Security secretary, told the Tribune-Review this week that a loophole in federal law has helped create a pipeline for opioids to be shipped illegally to the United States. Ridge said the Postal Service and foreign postal services aren't required to include advance electronic security data with U.S.-bound packages as are private shippers such as FedEx and UPS. The data help authorities more effectively target packages with contraband such as drugs, he said. Washington lawmakers are expected to introduce legislation soon that would require the data on all items shipped to the United States…”

DC Velocity: USPS warns defection of three key customers could hurt package business
“The U.S. Postal Service warned today that the multi-year growth of its shipping and package operations could be jeopardized if the three customers responsible for most of the business continue to expand their shipping capabilities and divert business from USPS. USPS, which made the comments in a quarterly government filing that included its fiscal first-quarter results, did not identify the customers. However, they are believed to be Seattle-based Inc., Memphis-based FedEx Corp., and Atlanta-based UPS Inc. The three are big users of a USPS service known as "Parcel Select," where companies induct packages deep into the postal system for last-mile deliveries to residences…”

Postal News Roundup

Government Executive: There May Finally Be a Breakthrough in the Fight for Postal Reform
“The four major unions representing U.S. Postal Service employees have all thrown their support behind a renewed effort to overhaul the agency, providing what supporters are calling a “watershed event” in the drawn-out battle for reform. Lawmakers expressed broad bipartisan support for the 2017 Postal Reform Act at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing Tuesday, saying the time has long since passed for Congress to act on USPS’ behalf. Republicans on the committee and witnesses at the hearing said reform is urgent, arguing that doing nothing would result in a taxpayer-funded bailout of the mailing agency. Lawmakers have struggled in each of the last several sessions of Congress to bring together the array of different interests in USPS affairs, but appeared to reach a breakthrough with their latest efforts. Unlike previous attempts at postal reform, the National Association of Letter Carriers, the American Postal Workers Union, the National Rural Letter Carriers Association and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union all threw their support behind the bill. Art Sackler, head of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service -- a group representing dozens of private sector businesses in mailing and other industries -- also announced his association’s full backing. Postmaster General Megan Brennan said her agency supported the bill as well…”

The Hill: House panel hones in on postal service reform
“One of Congress’s most contentious committees is pushing toward a rare bipartisan victory: reforming the United States Postal Service. Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee praised each other during a Tuesday hearing for closing in on a bill to streamline USPS services and salvage its debt-riddled employee benefit plans. It’s a remarkable shift in tone for a panel that erupted in shouting over Russian hacking last week during a routine meeting. The USPS lost a net $5.3 billion in fiscal 2016, its tenth straight year of losses, and faces $120 billion in unfunded liabilities, according to federal data. That includes a $21.3 billion budget shortfall…” 

Washington Post: House panel displays bipartisan unity over bill to save Postal Service from financial ruin
“There have been days when 2157 Rayburn House Office Building had the feel of a boxing match. It’s the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee room where Republicans and Democrats have been known to go at each other with vehemence. That wasn’t the case Tuesday. Members on each side of the dais went out of their way to praise representatives from both parties for work on legislation designed to save the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from financial ruin. For more years than can be easily remembered, the Postal Service has pleaded with Congress for help with its financial situation. Members of Congress, along with postal unions and other interested folks, agreed that the financial picture was bleak, but consensus on getting out of the hole seemed beyond reach…”

Washington Post: Postal Service finances ‘very serious but solvable’ as bipartisan action develops
“The umpteenth time might be the charm. For almost more years than can be remembered, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has pleaded with Congress for help with its seemingly futile financial situation. Politicians from both parties, along with postal unions and other interested folks, agreed that the USPS financial picture was bleak, but consensus on getting out of the hole seemed beyond reach. Now, with bipartisan legislation being considered in the infamously partisan House, hopeless no longer describes the Postal Service’s future. It’s not fixed yet, but the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017 provides a degree of optimism that for many years was absent…”

Government Executive: Trump Administration Reportedly Considering Federal Union Busting, Civil Service Reforms
“The Trump administration is committed to reforming civil service laws, according to a champion of public sector workforce changes at the state level who said he is advising the White House on the issue. Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis., said this week he met with Vice President Pence and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at the White House to discuss how the administration can bring reforms in Wisconsin to the federal level. The two-term governor rose to prominence over his controversial “right-to-work” legislation that stripped most state and local employees of nearly all of their collective bargaining rights. Pence and Gingrich, an unofficial Trump adviser, gave Walker’s ideas a warm reception, the governor said…”

Postal News Roundup

Washington Examiner: The Postal Service is a Success. Here’s What Congress Can Do to Make it Better
“Overall, the Postal Service delivers to 155 million residences and businesses six and increasingly seven days a week, providing them with the industrial world's most affordable delivery network. Consistently rated the public's most trusted federal agency, the USPS is particularly critical to small towns and rural areas as well as to small businesses. It is also the nation's largest civilian employer of military veterans…”

The FedEx to Rely on Robots, Autonomous Trucks & Drones for Delivery
“Multi-billion dollar companies like FedEx and Amazon are actively looking into the possibility of utilizing futuristic technologies like robotics, autonomous driving, and drones to facilitate the delivery of goods and packages. Earlier this year, the US$50 billion shipping giant FedEx secured investments in startups focusing on the development of delivery robots and autonomous trucks to ensure the company has a clear vision and roadmap for future operations going forward. There exists a variety of operations and processes which are better handled by robots and artificial intelligence (AI), particularly those that require absolute precision and accuracy...” Cluster Boxes – USPS not delivering to some residents in Bonaire neighborhood
“But a dispute and continued confusion between a developer, builder, and the U.S. Postal Service means the mail isn't getting delivered in one Bonaire neighborhood…Unless developers install a cluster box for new residential developments, residents will have to pick up their mail at the local post office, the statement says.”

Pentegram: Veterans without a place to call home: VA’s 60-day plan to combat homelessness
“The American Postal Workers Union comprised of United States Postal Service, current and former employees, were just one of a long roster of partners at the stand down. ‘We provided survival items to not only homeless veterans, but to at-risk and transitional veterans as well,’ said Susan Carney, National Human Relations director for the American Postal Workers Union…’Anyone can end up on the receiving end of this situation,’ said Elizabeth Powell, American Postal Workers Union secretary and treasurer. ‘It can happen to any one of us at any time…’”

Postal News Roundup - Feb. 1, 2017

San Francisco Bay View: 'The US Mail is not for sale’: Union victory over Staples and postal privatization
“Five years ago the Post Office began a series of moves aimed at the step-by-step privatization of the U.S. Postal Service, the country’s largest unionized employer. One such move was a 2013 program to farm out postal window services to so-called “postal counters” at 500-plus Staples office supply stores. The American Postal Workers Union confidently swung into action, with an ambitious campaign to beat back the Staples challenge – from nationwide boycott, internet organizing and mass demonstrations at Staples stores, to legal action, Inspector General investigations and Labor Board appeals...”

Government Executive: Internal Promotions, Postal Service and CIA amount Trump’s Hiring Freeze Exemptions
“A slew of positions are now exempt from President Trump’s government wide hiring freeze, according to new guidance from the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Personnel Management. In the second piece of guidance obtained by Government Executive since Trump signed the presidential memorandum last week ordering the freeze, Mark Sandy and Kathleen McGettigan, the respective acting OMB and OPM directors, spelled out in significant detail what exemptions the administration will permit. Trump’s memo initially said only positions in “national security and public safety” -- as well as those determined to be necessary by the OPM director -- would be free from the moratorium, though agencies have since interpreted that to include public health and other areas…” Press Release – Committee Leaders Introduce Bipartisan Postal Reform Legislation
“Today, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee leaders introduced H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017. The bill addresses unfunded liabilities of the United States Postal Service (USPS), makes reforms to keep mailing costs affordable for consumers, and encourages innovation, all without additional borrowing capacity from the U.S. taxpayer… ‘This bipartisan measure will make the policy changes that are most urgently needed to put the Postal Service on sound and sustainable long-term financial footing. This collaborative reform effort places the Postal Service on a path toward a viable future…’” Legislation Introduced to Reform Postal Employees’ Benefits
“Legislation has been introduced in the House to make a number of reforms to the Postal Service. The Postal Service Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 756) would make pension funding reforms, allow for postal rate increases and even allow the Postal Service to provide non-postal services in some cases. The bill is being introduced by Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and is co-sponsored by Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), Mark Meadows (R-NC), Dennis Ross (R-FL), Gerry Connolly (D-VA), and Stephen Lynch (D-MA)…”

Postal News Roundup - Jan. 31, 2017

Business Insider: An award-winning proposal could turn underused post offices into food delivery stations
“The winners of Urban SOS: Fair Share — a competition that asks undergraduate students to find solutions to cities' most urgent issues — hope to address this problem. Students at Washington University in St. Louis created the winning proposal, which would turn LA post offices and their distribution networks into a food delivery system. Their submission, called ‘First Class Meal,’ would send postal service trucks to pick up food donations from grocery stores, agencies, or individuals along their regular routes. The trucks would either deliver the free food to specified households or bring it back to the post office for later delivery or pick-up. While most of the city's post office buildings would continue to process mail, the proposal would turn underutilized areas of the buildings into food pantries. People could also pick up goods at the post offices...”

Pew Research Center: Most Americans see labor unions, corporations favorably
“With President Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee set to appear before the Senate next week, the public has broadly positive views of both labor unions and business corporations. About six-in-ten adults today have a favorable view of labor unions (60%) and business corporations (56%), according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Views of both have grown more positive since March 2015, when roughly half of adults (48%) expressed a favorable view of each… Young people are far more likely than older adults to view labor unions favorably. Three-quarters of those ages 18 to 29 say they have a favorable opinion of labor unions, while only about half of those 50 and older (53%) have a positive opinion of unions…”

Postal News Roundup - Jan. 26, 2017

TownHall: What You May Not Know About the U.S. Postal Service – Op-ed by NALC President Fredric Rolando
“The U.S. Postal Service delivers to 155 million homes and businesses from coast to coast, six and increasingly seven days a week. It’s based in the Constitution and is consistently rated the public’s most-trusted federal agency. The USPS is particularly critical to small towns and rural areas as well as to small businesses, and is the nation’s largest civilian employer of military veterans. For these and other reasons, the Postal Service enjoys enthusiastic support from the public and from lawmakers across the political spectrum, including from many conservative and Republican legislators. A narrow subset of commentators, however, who seek to privatize some or all of its functions, have been writing ‘sky-is-falling’ pieces that mislead about Postal Service finances while ignoring the broader context of its value to our society…”

Federal News Radio: Chaffetz: Postal Reform bill needed to reform ‘unsustainable’ trajectory
“After years of pressuring from the Postal Service and a series of stalled bipartisan bills, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has made postal reform a top priority for this Congress. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), the committee’s chairman, told lawmakers Tuesday at a goal-setting organizational meeting that last year’s efforts served as a “good starting point” for getting a postal reform bill on President Donald Trump’s desk within the next two years. ‘They’re on a financial trajectory that is unsustainable and we need to engage in bipartisan postal reform,’ Chaffetz said…”

Baltimore Post Examiner: Baltimore’s Black Worker Center organizes
“’Research is important, but statistics alone don’t touch the heart,’ Courtney ‘C.J.’ Jenkins, a processing clerk with the United States Postal Service told attendees. ‘We will organize by telling our stories and listening to each other,’ says Jenkins, who worked at Burger King, California Tortilla and a Baltimore box company before finally taking his mother’s advice and applying for a job with the U.S. Postal Service. He is now the youngest elected officer on American Postal Worker Local 181’s executive board and a member of the AFL-CIO’s Young Worker Advisory Council. Jenkins and other activists say they hope the center will promote vocational education, help incubate collectively owned businesses where young workers can ‘monetize their skills’ and ‘formalize their access to resources and networks, jobs and schools…’”

Postal News Roundup

USPS Link: Peak Performance: USPS number add up to busy season
“The holidays are over, but the numbers that show how much work the Postal Service accomplished are still emerging. USPS surpassed its projections of delivering 750 million packages during peak season, according to new data. On Dec. 19, one of the season’s busiest days, the Postal Service delivered more than 34 million packages...”

CBS News: President Trump vows to start renegotiating NAFTA
“President Trump offered up a brief preview of his priorities for meetings with international leaders in the coming weeks, suggesting Sunday that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) could be on the chopping block in the near future. ‘We’re going to start some negotiations having to do with NAFTA,” Mr. Trump said in his opening remarks at a White House event to swear in senior administration officials. “I ran a campaign somewhat based on NAFTA. But we’re going to start renegotiating on NAFTA, on immigration, on security at the border…’"

CBC News, Toronto: Never miss a package again: Toronto inventor has a solution to missed postal deliveries
“’I love driving across town to pick up my missed deliveries — said no one ever,’ is how Eric Martin felt when he came up with the idea for Boxr, a "smart bench" that doubles as a secure mailbox. The prototype for this practical piece of furniture will be featured at the Interior Design Show this weekend. The bench has a lock activated by a keypad. The homeowner can then share that code in the delivery instructions for mail orders. Martin also envisions the box being used for food deliveries…”

Postal News Roundup - Jan. 19, 2017

In These Times: How the American Postal Workers Union Scored One of its Biggest Wins Ever
“Members of one of the largest labor unions for post office workers are celebrating the success of a three-year campaign to roll back a commercial alliance between the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and office supplies retailer Staples that threatened a major advance in the privatization of the national mail system. Coming just before the accession of Donald Trump to the White House, the victory marks one of the most successful corporate campaigns by any labor union during the Obama era. The success also marks the rejuvenation of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) under the leadership of Mark Dimondstein. First elected as president in 2013, Dimondstein promised union members a more aggressive attack on USPS privatization initiatives and a more progressive union overall. He delivered on those promises with the Staples campaign...”

Postal News Roundup

Retail Dive: Walgreens adding FedEx dropoff, pickup locations nationwide
“The deal between Walgreens and FedEx is like the one that office supplies retailer Staples has with United Parcel Service. Staples recently agreed to shut down similar United States Postal Service operations following outcry from the postal workers union, abetted by an unfavorable ruling from the National Labor Relations Board. The move takes advantage of the growth in e-commerce, which has an increasing number of U.S. consumers dealing with the logistics of accepting (and returning) online orders…”

The Week: England – Post Office to close 37 branches in latest franchise push 
“A further showdown between Post Office bosses and unions has been sparked by the announcement that the service is to close another 37 of its "crown" branches. According to the Communication Workers' Union (CWU), the move will put 290 core jobs at risk, plus 127 specialist financial services staff. Bosses say they intend to replace the branches with franchised concessions in retailers, in line with the vast majority of the 11,600 outlets trading under the brand across the country…”

Metro: England - Life as a Post Office employee
“I joined the Post Office as a Financial Service Specialist some eight years ago. When I was working in a Basildon branch, the bombshell announcement came – we were up for franchise. It was a huge shock and I remember that Tuesday morning very clearly. Some of the staff were lost for words, others cried and the rest of us just could not understand why this was happening. In the days and weeks that followed, the uncertainty was palpable and the confusion dominated the topic of conversation.”

AFL-CIO Blog: Union Plus Scholarships Provide the Keys for Immigrant Families to Unlock the American Dream
“Michelle Huang of Brooklyn, N.Y, whose parents emigrated from Guangzhou, China, is studying to become a pharmacist. She looks at how far she’s come along her educational journey and knows that she would have never been able to take the first steps without her father Zhantu’s membership in the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Local 10. Relating the story of how her father went on strike and helped pass the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, Michelle recalls, ‘My father became empowered to speak up for his rights. I am not sure how I can ever repay APWU…’” 

Postal News Roundup

Federal News Radio: Mark Dimondstein: Postal union pleased with NLRB decision
Radio interview with President Dimondstein about the end of the USPS/Staples deal. 

USA Today: Amazon says it will create 100,000 full-time jobs in U.S. by 2018
“Amazon will create 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States with full benefits over the next 18 months, the tech giant announced in a statement Thursday. The Seattle-based company says the positions are for workers across the country and across all skill and experience levels. Most of the positions will be at fulfillment centers, including new ones under construction in California, Florida, New Jersey and Texas. The new employees will also work in areas such as cloud technology, machine learning and advanced logistics…”

Washington Post: National Postal Museum director retires after 14 years leading Smithsonian branch
“Allen Kane had zero experience in museum administration when he became director of the National Postal Museum in 2002. He wasn’t a stamp collector, either. But Kane knew the U.S. Postal Service, having spent 30 years working there, including stints managing its Gulf War Crisis Team and leading its $800 million marketing effort. Because the Postal Service is the museum’s landlord and largest funder, Kane got the job…”

Postal News Roundup - Jan. 10, 2017

Workers World: The U.S. Mail is Not for Sale!’ Union victory over Staples and postal privatization
“Five years ago the U.S. Post Office, a publicly traded company, began a series of moves aimed at the step-by-step privatization of the U.S. Postal Service, a government agency and the country’s largest unionized employer. One such action was a 2013 program to farm out postal window services to so-called “postal counters” at 500-plus Staples office supply stores. The American Postal Workers Union swung into action with an ambitious campaign to beat back the Staples challenge. The APWU used many strategies, from a nationwide boycott, internet organizing and mass demonstrations at Staples stores to legal actions, USPS Inspector General investigations and National Labor Review Board appeals…”

ECommerce Bytes: Would Removing Job Security Improve the USPS?
“A lawmaker wants to remove job security for Federal employees, including postal workers. A key provision of Congressperson Todd Rokita's Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency (PAGE) Act would change the law regarding employees in the civil service so that they would be hired on an at-will basis, according to Postal News. ‘Such an employee may be removed or suspended, without notice or right to appeal, from service by the head of the agency at which such employee is employed for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all.’”

Postal News Roundup - Jan. 9, 2017

NASDAQ: U.S. Postal Service Ends Retail Deal with Staples
“U.S. Postal Service, Staples, Inc., SPLS… The U.S. Postal Service is being forced to end its deal with Staples, Inc. that offers certain services to customers. This deal was put in to place following complaints from the American Postal Workers Union over attempts to open mini post offices inside of SPLS locations…”

AFL-CIO Blog: After Years of Protest and Boycott by APWU and Allies, the Deal Between the U.S. Postal Service and Staples to Sell Postal Services Ends
“The U.S. Postal Service announced in a letter to the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) that the deal between the U.S. Postal Service and Staples has ended… This is a big win for the public, as well as the 200,000 members of APWU and the union’s allies who waged a national campaign, Stop Staples, against the office-supply chain and a battle against the USPS over the Postal Service’s partnership with the national office supply retailer…”

Postal News: GOP bill would eliminate union representation and other protections for new postal workers
“A bill introduced by GOP congressman Todd Rokita of Indiana would eliminate civil service protections, including the right to union representation for all new federal employees, including new postal workers…” 

Postal News Roundup - Jan. 6, 2017

Washington Post: U.S. Postal Service to halt retail sales at Staples stores after union complaints
“When the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and Staples birthed a retail partnership in 2013, USPS said ‘it’s time to celebrate.’ But now, that program has been sentenced to death and it is postal labor leaders who are rejoicing. They cheer the demise of a program that had been the target of a vigorous campaign by postal unions that don’t want the post office privatized. USPS will discontinue retail services at Staples stores by the first week in March, according to the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), which led the fight…”

Bloomberg: U.S. Postal Service Drops Service at Staples Amid Union Pressure
“Following union-backed boycotts and an adverse labor board ruling, the United States Postal Service has agreed to curb a controversial arrangement allowing private employees to provide its services at Staples Inc. stores... The cancellation is a coup for the Postal Service’s largest union, which mounted a three-year, multipronged campaign against the arrangement, fighting Staples’ failed attempt to merge with Office Depot Inc., and leafleting outside stores urging customers to boycott the company, according to Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union...” 

Biz Journal: After union pressure, Staples loses deal with U.S. Postal Service
“The union had waged a three-year effort against the retailer and the Postal Service for its deal with Staples. The union said the deal with Staples had essentially privatized postal retail operations and shifted postal services from neighborhood post offices to Staples locations. The union said the effort undermined the public’s right to ‘good quality and secure postal services and represented a shift of good living wage positions to low-wage jobs, thereby hurting the well-being of the communities where the union’s members lived…’”

Mercury News: Postal Service terminates Staples program amid protests by union
San Jose, CA - “The U.S. Postal Service has terminated an agreement that allowed Staples employees to operate post office desks inside the retailer’s stores, union and postal officials said Thursday. ‘The program is over,’ Augustine Ruiz, a Bay Area spokesman for the USPS, confirmed Thursday. Ruiz didn’t know how many Staples stores in the Bay Area provide postal services…”

Postal News Roundup - Dec. 30, 2016

Federal Times: Postal Service seeks supplier for benchmarking vehicle fleet maintenance
“A recent request for proposal by the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General seeks a supplier well-versed in large fleet operations and maintenance. A firm fixed-price contract will be awarded for a study benchmarking best practices to support technologies and performance measures benefiting the Postal Service’s 214,933 delivery, transport and administrative vehicles...”

FedWeek: High Turnover Called a Drawback to Using Temp Workers
“The Postal Service has increasingly turned to non-career employees–who cost the agency less because they do not receive full employee benefits and privileges–but the exceptionally high turnover of such employees partially offsets the hoped-for savings, according to an IG report. The USPS currently has about 130,000 non-career employees to supplement its regular workforce in mail handling, processing and delivery but there is an annual turnover rate of 42.7 percent, well above even the relatively high 34.8 percent turnover that USPS had budgeted for, the report said...”

Postal News Roundup

Market Watch: Post office banking: an old idea getting new life
"[Low-wage workers] rely instead on costly “off-the-grid” services such as payday loans and check cashing. And plenty of others are tired of banks and would like an alternative. What if the local post office could fill this gap? Customers could complete everyday banking tasks while sending packages and buying stamps."

Huffington Post: “Underbanked” Report Shows Need For Postal Banking
"We the People should be able to use our post offices for basic banking functions like simple savings accounts, cashing and depositing checks, ATM cards and getting small loans. There is no reason not to do this."

Postal News Roundup

West Plains Daily Quill: McCaskill-Heitkamp Report Finds Rural postal service remains essential
A top watchdog study completed at the request of U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, found that the Postal Service remains essential to rural communities, regardless of whether those communities have access to rural broadband services.

Huffington Post: Three Years On From Its Sale, The Privatisation Of Royal Mail Is A Story Of Our Times
The Post Office was split from the profitable Royal Mail business in order to pave the way for privatisation - and all too predictably it is now at crisis point.

Postal News Roundup

Government Executive: USPS Has Achieved Just a Fraction of Its Projected Savings From Slowing Mail Delivery 
The U.S. Postal Service is not realizing the savings it projected when it slowed mail delivery and closed facilities, according to a new audit, which also found the mailing agency was struggling to meet its new standards.

Washington Post: For federal workers, a chance to lock in life insurance
Federal employees have until Sept. 30 to add or make changes to the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance program. During this open season, employees can apply for term life insurance for themselves and eligible family members without getting a medical exam or answering health questions.

Postal News Roundup

Washington Post: Willie Nelson’s new cause is … postal reform?
The singer, set to perform at the Farm Aid concert in Virginia this weekend, is lending his recognize-it-anywhere voice to the surprisingly nerdy issue of postal reform, supporting efforts to keep post offices open and protect the mail service from cuts and privatization.

KOTA News: Hundreds Gather for DC Protest Against Dakota Access Pipeline (with video) 

Workday Minnesota: After security contractor reneges, officers at Eagan postal facility strike
The change meant a pay cut equivalent to $4.27 per hour for workers like Mattson-Collier and Vicky Berg, who gets her health insurance via Medicare.

Postal News Roundup

News Press: SWFL unions tout their role for workers on their day
They are teachers and plumbers, painters and stagehands, policemen and firefighters, postal workers and electricians and Monday was their day.

Independent Florida Alligator: Union members march for increased wages on Labor Day weekend
The parade, sponsored by the North Central Florida chapter of the American Postal Workers Union, spanned seven blocks before ending at the fifth annual Labor Daze Fest, a music festival organized by workers’ rights activists in Alachua County.

The Guardian: It’s Royal Mail’s 500th birthday, but there’s little reason to celebrate
Britain’s privatized postal system is in more of a mess than ever before.

Postal News Roundup

NY Post: Auto-repair mogul accused of running $30M postal-truck repair scam
A private New York auto-repair magnate has been getting rich by billing for work on US Postal Service trucks that were returned with shoddy repairs or no repairs at all, Manhattan federal prosecutors said on Friday.

The Orange County Register: Anaheim company pays $3 million to resolve postal fraud investigation
A bulk-mailing company based in the city has paid $3 million to end a federal investigation into alleged postal fraud, U.S. Department of Justice officials announced on Friday. 

Postal News Roundup

The U.S. Postal Service, a National – and Constitutional – Treasure
If Congress acts on practical, targeted postal reform that addresses pre-funding, allows USPS to use its invaluable networks for some new products and services, and adopts best private-sector practices in investing the USPS retiree health benefits fund, the Postal Service can continue to provide all Americans with the industrial world’s most affordable delivery services.

Postal News Roundup

Economic Policy Institute: Union decline lowers wages of nonunion workers: The overlooked reason why wages are stuck and inequality is growing
Unions, especially in industries and regions where they are strong, help boost the wages of all workers by establishing pay and benefit standards that many nonunion firms adopt.

Calgary Herald: Canada Post, postal union reach tentative deal 
Labour Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk says Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have reached tentative agreements, averting the prospect of a labour dispute that has loomed over the talks for months.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Worker Rally Held in Orlando [Video]
On Tuesday, 2,000 postal workers rallied in Orlando against the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Return to Sender: Postal Workers Rally Against TPP
In Orlando, APWU President Mark Dimondstein wasn’t buying assurances from the Administration and others who support the trade deal. He urged postal workers to go back to every congressional district and Zip Code and spread the word against TPP.

Postal News Roundup

Our Future: Workers to Rally Against TPP Tuesday
The 200,000-member American Postal Workers Union (APWU) is holding its biennial convention in Orlando this week. As part of that convention, there will be a rally to publicize opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The rally will take place Tuesday, August 23 at 3:30 pm beginning in the Hemisphere Ballroom of Orlando’s Dolphin Hotel.

Truthout: Postal Contract Narrows the Gap Between "Tiers" of Workers
They didn't end three-tier in a single blow. But in a new contract covering 200,000 members, the American Postal Workers Union made serious headway and fended off most concessionary demands, including the Postal Service's effort to create yet another tier.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Service Test Drives New Service Performance Measurement System
In many instances, the on-time performance data produced by the two measurement systems seem significantly different, and it’s not clear what the discrepancies mean.

USPS faces $111K in fines after OSHA inspection again finds workplace safety hazards at Silver Spring facility
The agency found recordkeeping and housekeeping violations, exit signs not posted, electrical equipment improperly used, locked and blocked exits and fall hazards, resulting in the citations. 


Postal News Roundup

Postal Contract Narrows Gap Between Tiers
They didn’t end three-tier in a single blow. But in a new contract covering 200,000 members, the American Postal Workers Union made serious headway and fended off most concessionary demands, including the Postal Service’s effort to create yet another tier.

Postal Workers Stare Down Canada Post
After staving off a lockout threat last month, 50,000 Canadian postal workers are turning up the heat with public demonstrations and creative actions at work.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Contract Narrows Gap Between Tiers
They didn’t end three-tier in a single blow. But in a new contract covering 200,000 members, the American Postal Workers Union made serious headway and fended off most concessionary demands, including the Postal Service’s effort to create yet another tier.

Postal Workers Stare Down Canada Post
After staving off a lockout threat last month, 50,000 Canadian postal workers are turning up the heat with public demonstrations and creative actions at work.

Postal News Roundup

Americans Trust the Postal Service
Addressing pre-funding is imperative because of the Postal Service’s role in so many facets of American life, including in small towns and rural areas, where the post office often is the center of civic life. More broadly, the Postal Service is the centerpiece of the $1.3 trillion national mailing industry, which employs 7.5 million Americans in the private sector.

Postal News Roundup

Being a Fed When No News Really is Good News
Members of the American Postal Workers Union will be getting a series of pay raises and cost-of-living adjustments based on an arbitrator’s decision. Unlike their white-collar counterparts in other federal agencies, the vast majority of postal craft workers belong to, and pay dues to, unions representing clerks, letter carriers, mail handlers and other craft employees.

Postal News Roundup

Pay Raise Progress, Protections Against Layoffs, a Delay Safetrack Relief and More
Meanwhile, U.S. Postal Service employees and retirees are in line for several major changes to their benefits. The American Postal Workers Union and USPS late last week reached an agreement with the help of an arbitrator that will grant covered career employees a 3.8 percent pay raise over the 40 months of the contract.

Today in Philly Labor [Audio - Scroll to 1:23]
“Wait a minute, we’re not privatizing the Postal Service, are we?”

Voting by Mail and the Next Election Meltdown
Topics like the Postal Service’s service standards for on-time delivery and its postmarking practices may end up in the news the same way the hanging chads did in Florida in 2000.  

Postal News Roundup

USPS –APWU Arbitration Decision Puts Moratorium on Plant Consolidations and Outsourcing Retail
APWU members will be interested in the entire contract, with its provisions on wages, hours, and conditions of employment, but there are also two sections in the decision that directly affect postal customers.  One provision puts a one-year moratorium on creating new private retail outlets for postal services, and the other section prevents the Postal Service from closing more processing plants until April 2017, which should help with delivery-time performance.

New 40-Month Contract Gives Nearly 200,000 USPS Employees 3.8 Percent Raise
A union representing 200,000 U.S. Postal Service employees reached a new, 40-month contract with the agency through an arbitrator on Friday, with covered career workers winning a 3.8 percent pay increase over the course of the agreement.

APWU Announces New Labor Agreement
Dimondstein said the arbitration also has resulted in a temporary moratorium on new plant closings and consolidations, and “laid the basis for better protecting retail services and for expanding postal services.”

Postal News Roundup

Postal Service, APWU Have New 40-Month Contract
About 200,000 postal workers represented by the American Postal Workers Union have a new 40-month labor contract after an arbitrator settled an impasse between the union and the U.S. Postal Service. Gains in the new contract include the conversion of noncareer employees in the maintenance and motor vehicle crafts to career status; protections against layoffs for all career employees on the rolls as of July 8; new subcontracting limits; and a temporary moratorium until at least April 2017 on new plant closings and consolidations, the APWU said in a July 8 posting on its website.

Postal News Roundup

Unions Push Democrats to Embrace Federal Employees’ Priorities in Party Platform
“The Postal Service is vital to jobs and the economy,” Dimondstein said, “by providing service to individual and business customers and providing a foundation of decent unionized living-wage jobs, won through collective bargaining that lift up our communities.” The committee voted unanimously to include provisions supporting the elimination of prefunding future retirees health benefits and restoring service standards to 2012 levels.

Postal News Roundup

Payday lending isn’t helping the poor. Here’s what might.
How would a public option work? Postal banking

Post office pushing to have banking option for customers
“You’ll have post offices increase services that could give back to the community,” said Daleo Freeman, Cleveland President of the American Postal Workers Union.

Rep. Adams to Attend Postal Service Hearing Wednesday in Greensboro
U.S. Rep. Alma Adams, D-12, will participate in a field hearing Wednesday about the future of the postal service in the city and surrounding communities.

Postal News Roundup

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Banking Experts Will Discuss Whether the Postal Service's Future is in Banking
Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur will join community leaders and banking experts in Cleveland tomorrow to discuss the future of the U.S. Postal Service.

What’s the alternative to payday loans?
A number of outlets that the Post Office used to serve as a bank for communities and argue that the United States should return the agency to that function (and solve its financial problems in the process).

Postal News Roundup

Rep. Chris Van Hollen asks postmaster general for investigation into late and incorrect deliveries
Van Hollen asked Brennan “to investigate the reason for this level of unacceptable service and take the necessary measures to ensure that my constituents receive the quality of service that they desire.”

Will Federal Audit Help to Figure Out Mail Mess?
The news was welcomed by Carlton Cooper, president of the American Postal Workers Union Local 486, which represents about 300 workers in the Roanoke Valley.

Postal Service Releases Financial Report for May 2016, Shipping Services Continue to Surge
And as usual, were it not for the obligated prepayments to the Retiree Healthcare Benefit Fund (RHBF), the Postal Service would be posting a profit — nearly $1.8 billion for the first eight months of the fiscal year.

Government, online retailers prepare as Canada Post work stoppage loom
“Canada Post is demanding major concessions at a time when…they just recorded a $44 million profit for the first quarter of the year, which puts them on track to do far better than their $100 million profit last year,” says Mike Palecek, national president of CUPW.

Should the post office offer banking to survive?
A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service, a coalition of more than 130 civil rights, environmental, faith-based and labor organizations, will hold a "field hearing" 6 p.m. Tuesday at East Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 9990 Euclid Ave.

Postal News Roundup

Goodlatte, Griffith Confirm USPS Audit of Roanoke Mail Center Consolidation 
Congressmen Bob Goodlatte (VA- 06) and Morgan Griffith (VA-09) today announced the United States Postal Service (USPS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has confirmed it has begun a review of the consolidation of the Roanoke Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) mail processing operations into the Greensboro P&DC.

The PRC’s Public Representative Recommends Changes for Emergency Suspensions
The Postal Regulatory Commission is taking another look at the issues surrounding emergency suspensions of post offices. Sometimes the reason cited for the suspension seems suspect, and sometimes the suspension goes on for way too long.  

Postal News Roundup

APWU Staples Protests and Boycotts Aimed at Preserving Good Jobs
APWU's John Dirzius says postal workers union protests at Staples are about that company taking away good postal jobs to offer postal services at its stores.

Family of woman who died while working at Pontiac mail facility wants answers in her death
The family of 38-year-old Keesha Gray of Detroit has now hired a lawyer to investigate her death at the Metroplex Mail Distribution Center in Pontiac.

Postal News Roundup

The History of Privatization - How an Ideological and Political Attack on Government Became a Corporate Grab for Gold
Across the country, a well-established network of conservative think tanks, industry associations, investors and corporate lobbyists – The State Policy Network, ALEC, and others – are on the front lines developing privatization legislation and proposing privatization projects.

Union Workers Picket Downtown Post Office
Union workers picketed outside the downtown Post Office Tuesday. Upset that the mail sorting machines, which are supposed to have two workers operating them, are consistently only staffed with one person.

Postal News Roundup

Post & Parcel: Appropriations Committee Votes for Amendment to Restore Mail Delivery Standards
The amendment has been welcomed by the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), whose President Mark Dimondstein said: “This is great step forward for postal workers and our customers – big and small.

Bloomberg: Congress Denies Board of Governors a Quorum
Sanders is blocking the two Republicans—Miller because he wants to privatize the Postal Service, and Barnett because of his ties to the payday loan industry. Sanders is also opposed to Crawford, who’s proposed cutting home delivery and instead allowing people to receive scanned copies of their letters electronically, as they do in Switzerland.

BNA: Labor Supporters on Sanders 
“The movement behind the Sanders campaign underscores that working people want and deserve better than what they’re getting,” American Postal Workers Union President Mark Dimondstein told Bloomberg BNA via e-mail June 9.

Postal News Roundup

A New Campaign to Hold Wall Street Accountable Emerges
Take on Wall Street calls for a five-step agenda for the next wave of financial reform: Break up the big banks and pass a 21st-century Glass-Steagall wall separating consumer banking from the banks’ speculative gambles; pass a financial speculation tax that would help curb high-speed speculative trading and raise funds for vital investments; close the “carried interest loophole,” which allows hedge fund traders to pay a lower tax rate on their earnings than teachers; eliminate the tax deduction for CEO “performance” bonuses to curb excessive CEO pay; and crack down on payday lenders and create “public option” banking services through the U.S. Postal Service.

Postal News Roundup

Elizabeth Warren Takes on Wall Street
Warren embraced the Take On Wall Street campaign’s five-point agenda: Reinstate the Glass-Steagall wall separating consumer banking from speculative trading activities and other financial businesses, closed the “carried interest” loophole that allows people like hedge fund traders to pay a lower tax rate on their earnings than workers, eliminate the tax deduction for CEO “performance” bonuses, crack down on payday lenders and create “public option” banking services through entities like the U.S. Postal Service, and a financial transactions tax that would not only raise money for needed services but would help curb high-speed speculative trading.

Postal News Roundup

Elizabeth Warren Kicks Off Grassroots Effort to Take On Wall Street
It’s making five key demands: breaking up the biggest banks; ensuring access to non-predatory banking products, including through the United States Post Office; ending the carried interest tax loophole that allows hedge fund managers to use a tax break for investment income on the income they make at work; reining in executive bonuses; and imposing a financial transaction tax.

Postal News Roundup

National Press Club Newsmaker Looks at The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Voting in the 2016 Election
APWU President Mark Dimondstein discussed voting by mail as a way to fight voter suppression as part of a panel on the subject on May 13. 

Grand Alliance Holds Hearing on Future of Postal Service; Takes a Stand Against Privatization
A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service, a coalition of 130 organizations, held a hearing in front of a wide range of politicians and activists in Harlem on May 12, where privatization was a major concern. 

Postal News Roundup

Office Depot and Staples Scrap Merger After Judge’s Ruling
The American Antitrust Institute and the American Postal Union were among the organizations that wrote to the FTC to oppose the merger.

Federal Judge Blocks Staples’ $6.3 Billion Acquisition of Office Depot
A federal judge on Tuesday blocked Staples’ $6.3 billion acquisition of Office Depot, siding with regulators who argued the merger of office supply titans would reduce competition and raise prices.The companies said they would not appeal the decision and would instead abandon the deal.


Postal News Roundup

USPS Has Not Saved as Much as It Expected from Cutting Post Office Hours
The U.S. Postal Service has saved less money than it anticipated from its long-term plan to cut hours at post offices across the country, according to a new report, and it has used incomplete and inaccurate information to make its savings estimates.

Union Workers Strike Against Verizon Wireless
David Dunkle, president of the local American Postal Workers Union (APWU) in Huntington, said,"I think they (Verizon) would like to outsource many of these union jobs, if they could."


Postal News Roundup

OSHA Cites Postal Center in Sandston
A processing and distribution center for the U.S Postal Service in Sandston is facing $120,000 in fines for allegations that it continues to expose workers to the dangers of powered industrial equipment.

Post Office Hours Cuts Taking Toll
Over the past four years the effects of reduced hours at some postal locations have finally come home to roost, with both those delivering postal services and those receiving them affected in different ways. 

Postal News Roundup

GAO Questions USPS Cost Savings on POStPlan, USPS Questions GAO’s Tone
As the report makes clear, the plan that reduced hours at 13,000 small post offices has not saved the $500 million a year that the Postal Service had projected.

Feeling the #BERN? These Nurses are Coming to Town in a Giant Red Bus to Exacerbate Your Symptoms
On Tuesday, the #BernieBus stopped at a rally in Portland, where nurses joined Senator Jeff Merkley, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, American Postal Workers Union and Communications Workers of America.

Postal News Roundup

Survey Finds Turmoil in Postal Workforce
A survey of postal employees conducted last year for the United States Postal Service paints a dire picture – the USPS scores in the 1st percentile, the very bottom, of the survey results.

Wyden Introduces National Vote by Mail Campaign
As a new tide of voter disenfranchisement rises across the country, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) announced a new campaign to expand an Oregon-style vote-by-mail program nationwide and tear down barriers to voting.

Heitkamp Receives Commitment from Postmaster General to Visit ND After Receiving Fix My Mail Survey Results
Underscoring persistent issues with mail delivery expressed by North Dakotans in her Fix My Mail survey – Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) reinforced to Postmaster General Megan Brennan how critical it is to improve mail delivery in rural America. 

Postal News Roundup

Another Blow to USPS
Too bad the federal government can't wage war on drugs or poverty as effectively as it has against the U.S. Postal Service.

Locals Activists Celebrate Legacy of 17 Months Post Office Occupation
Though the occupation has ended, members of local activist groups returned to the steps and sidewalks outside the Berkeley Main Post Office on Saturday to commemorate their 17-month demonstration and urged postal banking.

Postal News Roundup

Months before post office tragedy, employees complained about parking lot safety: union rep
Months before a Jersey City woman was fatally struck by a van at the post office where she worked, employee representatives had asked that safety improvements be made to the facility's parking lot.

The Nineteenth Century Idea That Could Keep the U.S. Postal Service Alive
What if we were to reconceive the postal system in light of its interconnected network of well-placed buildings and people to deliver groceries, social-services or basic financial services? 

Postal Costs
U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., last week suggested the U.S. Postal Service should consider a possible rate increase — but not on stamps for individual customers. A longtime advocate for the Postal Service in rural communities, McCaskill  questioned whether the agency is losing money by undercharging competitors such as FedEx and UPS for "last mile" delivery of the private firms' packages. 

Sanders snags another union endorsement
Bernie Sanders on Sunday announced that he had earned the backing of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, in the Democratic candidate's latest endorsement from a major national labor union as he looks to gain momentum ahead of Tuesday's five primaries. It is the latest endorsement from a national labor organization for Sanders, who previously picked up support from the Communications Workers of America, the American Postal Workers Union, the Amalgamated Transit Union, National Nurses United and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union.

Postal News Roundup

Here’s How USPS Cut $10 Billion in Labor Costs
The Postal Service has cut its labor costs by more than $10 billion since fiscal 2006, a path the agency’s auditor called unsustainable in a report released Monday.

OSHA Cites USPS for Unsafe Forklift Operations 
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued citations carrying $88,000 in penalties to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for unsafe forklift operations at its Urbandale, Iowa, distribution center.

Postal News Roundup

Is the US Postal Service the Next Target for Corporate Plundering?
Last week a series of speakers elaborated on the implications of postal cuts, including the closing of mail processing centers and the reduction of hours.

Every Voice Should Be Heard
A mass convergence on the nation’s capital set for April 16-18 reflects an unprecedented movement to demand a democracy that works for all Americans, one in which everyone has an equal voice and elected officials are accountable to the people, not just corporate interests or the wealthy.

Postal News Roundup

4 Weird Facts About the Post Office and 1 That Could Help Save the Economy 
Weird Fact that could save the economy: The post office used to be a bank ... and could be again.

Labor for Bernie Activists Take the Political Revolution into Their Unions
The candidate is a longtime advocate for postal services, which impressed the Postal Workers; he’s also a lifelong proponent of single-payer health care, NNU’s signature issue, and the issues that are so important to working people.

Postal News Roundup

Police Back at N.J. Postal Facility to Probe Crash that Killed Worker; OSHA Notified
Police were at the Dominick V. Daniels Processing and Distribution Center this morning, continuing their investigation into Tuesday's motor vehicle accident in which a postal worker was struck and killed. 

‘What if it had fallen on top of a child?’ Postal worker hurt by falling mailbox
A Canadian postal worker ended up in hospital on Wednesday after a community mailbox, which was originally designed for use in Arizona, toppled over onto her as she was delivering the mail.

International Longshore Warehouse Union Endorses Sanders
Bernie Sanders on Thursday welcomed the endorsement of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which represents approximately 50,000 women and men who work in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Worker Struck in Parking Lot of Kearny Distribution Center
A 54-year-old postal worker was fatally struck by a van yesterday morning in the parking lot of a United States Post Office distribution center, police said. 

Gas Leak Evacuates City’s Main Post Office
A gas leak Tuesday afternoon just south of downtown Omaha led to local evacuations and a temporary halt at the city’s main post office.

Imagining a Green, Sustainable U.S. Postal Service
While all this certainly could apply to the USPS, these proposals are from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, which faces similar pressures.

Chicago’s Massive, Vacant Post Office Being Fought Over
The well-known Old Main Post Office building that stands on 11 acres of land just west of Chicago’s Loop will not be handed over to the city without a fight, Fox 32 Chicago reports.

Postal News Roundup

Groups to Raise Concerns about Mailed Ballots
A coalition of groups opposed to cuts at the U.S. Postal Service will use a hearing in Baltimore on Wednesday to question whether slower mail delivery standards approved last year could delay absentee ballots in the forthcoming election.

USPS Inspector General Report Sees Trouble Ahead for 2016 Political Mailings
The Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General is saying that some mailers are so upset with how slow the mail has become that they are questioning the value of political mail.

Postal News Roundup

Slow Delivery Could Cost Postal Service Millions This Election Season
The U.S. Postal Service could be missing out on critical revenue during the election season as it continues to deliver mail more slowly, according to a new report.

Casey: Mail Complaints are Getting Congressional Attention
Complaints over late mail delivery have increased over the past year, said staffers for Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R) and Rep. Morgan Griffith (R)-Salem.

Postal News Roundup

Queens Residents Slam Postal Disservice
Cassagnol added that he noticed a spike in mail delivery delays when parcels and flats sent through the U.S. Postal Service started going through Brooklyn instead of Queens.

Report of 10,000 Severe Workplace Injuries Might be Only Half the Problem
The U.S. Postal Service also ranks high on the list, number five out of 25, of industry groups reporting severe injuries.

Postal Band-Aid Not Really Enough
If a post office closes, can the town the office existed in even be called a town anymore?

Postal News Roundup

FMCSA Denies Mail Carriers Request for Exemption to 14-Hour On-Duty Limit
The FMCSA sided with the APWU and denied a private contractor’s application for an exemption from the 14-hour limit of truckers’ hours-of-service regulations.

Membership in Federal Unions Shows Growth
Overlooked in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s annual release announcing union membership were data indicating that federal unions added approximately 40,000 members in 2015, the largest net increase since 2008.

Postal News Roundup

American Postal Workers Union Demands Answers After 5 Workers Die at Pontiac Facility in 14 Months [Video]
American Postal Workers Union leaders are demanding more answers and further investigation after five US postal workers at the mail center in Pontiac have died on the job. Area Local 480-481 Union President Roscoe Woods tells us there was concern over the methane detection system.

Possible Closure of Cherrybell Mail Center Has Tucson Voters Concerned
Many Tucson residents are concerned their votes in the upcoming Arizona presidential primary election will not be counted if the Cherrybell mail center closes.

Postal News Roundup

The Official Head Of The Democratic Party Joins GOP Effort To Protect Payday Lenders
Progressive Democrats, by contrast, have lined up behind a very different proposal for ensuring small-dollar credit remains available where banks fear to tread. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (D-VT), and others support the idea of postal banking, in which the U.S. Postal Service would begin offering a variety of basic financial services including microcredit equivalents of payday loans, all at prices that these customers can actually afford. 

Postal News Roundup

Postal Service Lost Money on Its Facility Closures Last Year
The U.S. Postal Service has long sold its decision to reduce the size of its physical footprint as a necessary evil, a painful cost-cutting measure required to adapt to the changing landscape of mail delivery.

One problem: It did not cut costs.

Bostonians Gather in Support of Bernie Sanders
Scott Hoffman, president of American Postal Workers Union Local 100, told the crowd that Sanders’ support for the working and middle classes is vital to protect individuals from corporate greed.

Postal News Roundup

Pittsburghers March, Hold Rally to Show Support for Bernie Sanders
A large crowd gathered downtown Saturday to rally support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, where APWU Eastern Region Coordinator Mike Gallagher spoke.

Two Words for Hillary if She Wants to Connect with the Financially Struggling: Postal Banking
Logistically and politically far easier than raising the minimum wage, postal banking could be key to both securing the nomination and improving the lives of millions of Americans.

Hollins Woman Wonders Where Her Mail is Going
James wondered if her problems are being caused by last year’s consolidation of Roanoke’s Rutherford Avenue processing center to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Postal News Roundup

U.S. Postal Service & Postal Workers Union Go to Arbitration [Video]
Erie Local President Joe Szocki told local TV news stations: “It doesn’t benefit the customer on having a lower-paid, lower knowledge, lower quality workforce to get the product out.” Another major concern is the possible closure of the mail processing facility. Erie’s mail is now postmarked in Pittsburgh then shipped back to Erie where it is  sorted out and delivered – a move that has caused delays in service.

Last Chance Ever to Pocket $5K Now
So, are you holding the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket? Two-person families can also save some premiums if they are in their plan’s family option, and they switch to its self-plus-one option. Those plans include the APWU (American Postal Workers Union).

Postal News Roundup

Why USPS Doesn’t Celebrate Rare Net Profit; and a Big Service Cut Plan Dies
After years of singing the blues, postal officials had reason for a praise song. For the first time in almost five years, they reported a U.S. Postal Service quarterly net profit.

Area Residents Note Slow Mail Delivery
Local residents have complained of delays with mail service since mail from the 16701 ZIP code was rerouted from Erie to Rochester NY for processing. 

Postal Service Revs Up Its Hiring
The agency hired 117,000 new workers during Fiscal Year 2015, virtually all of them into non-career positions. 

Contractor bribed USPS officer with college tuition, fitness equipment
A government contractor who bribed a U.S. Postal Service officer to earn mail delivery contracts pleaded guilty to federal charges on Feb. 10.

Postal News Roundup

USPS Consolidation Slows Down Mailing [Video]
Roanoke Local President Carlton Cooper, where the mail processing center was consolidations, told WDBJ-TV, “It makes me real angry as an employee to know that we’re a service-oriented business  to purposely and willfully delay the mail.”

How the Postal Service Sold Richmond’s Saunders Station for a Song
The sale price is considerably less than the property was appraised for.  

Postal News Roundup

Bernie Ad Touts Postal Workers’ Support

“From postal workers to nurses, he’s been endorsed for real change,” is the opening line of Sanders’ TV ads that has gotten heavy air play in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The APWU National Executive Board voted on Nov. 5 to endorse the Vermont senator for president.  


Bernie Ad Touts Postal Workers’ Support

“From postal workers to nurses, he’s been endorsed for real change,” is the opening line of Sanders’ TV ads that has gotten heavy air play in Iowa and New Hampshire.The APWU National Executive Board voted on Nov. 5 to endorse the Vermont senator for president.

Posted by APWU - The American Postal Workers Union on Monday, February 8, 2016

Postal News Roundup

More ‘Postal Support Employees’ Have Been Attaining Permanent Status at U.S. Postal Service
For Ashley Worthington, life as a Postal Service worker used to come with too much uncertainty.

Hillary Clinton is Not Telling the Truth About Wall Street
"Sanders is calling for a system in which financial firms are smaller, the government controls the interest rates that banks charge, certain fees are capped, the Postal Service becomes a viable competitor to banks and payday lenders [and] CEOs would be criminally liable if employees defraud customers.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Banking Worked – Let’s Bring It Back
Postal banking was the most successful experiment in financial inclusion in the United States—a problem in front of us once again.

Rural Blog: Having Post Offices Offer Banking Services Could Help USPS and Low-Income Residents, Advocates Say
If the U.S. Postal Service began offering services such as paycheck cashing, bill payment and free ATMs, it would help revive the Postal Service's dire outlook while also helping low-income residents who rely on high interest lenders, says consumer advocates, financial reform groups, postal labor unions and some leading liberals, such as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Jim Puzzanghera reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Ten Reasons to Be Optimistic About USPS in 2016
It is time to take a look at reasons to be optimistic about one of the most important and enduring elements of our national infrastructure.

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Sanders Promises to Break Up Big Banks, Tax Speculation and Establish Postal Banking
Promising to crack down on pay-day lenders that prey on the most vulnerable families in America, and to offer real alternatives for low-wage workers who do not have easy access to financial services, Sanders said he would fight to “allow the United States Postal Service to engage in basic banking services.”

Seniors Occupy Harlem Post Office to Demand Better Service
A dozen senior citizens, including State Sen. Bill Perkins and Assemblyman Keith Wright, marched on the Manhattanville Post Office on 125th Street to protest of their lack of dedicated senior windows and benches to sit on.

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Who Gets Excluded from the Modern Economy?
Reason for hope: Postal banking is an innovation that has a vibrant history here in the U.S. and is a major contributor to financial inclusion abroad.

Advocates Push for the U.S. Postal Service to Offer Basic Banking 
The Great Recession has led to calls for the revival of postal banks as many cash-strapped households have been forced to seek payday loans and other alternative financial products.


Postal News Roundup

Advocates Push for the U.S. Postal Service to Offer Basic Banking
There's a new push for the U.S. Postal Service to deliver basic banking services again. The effort is led by consumer advocates, financial reform groups, postal labor unions and some leading liberals, such as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

A Bank at the Post Office
You may not think about a bank when you’re at the Post Office–but there is a growing call for the people who handle your mail to add those services.

Why the Post Office Makes America Great
I came to this country expecting big cars and big houses and wide open spaces... But I didn’t expect the post office.

The Year in Review: Postal Service Submits its Annual Compliance Report for FY 2015
The ACR shows that the average wait time in line at the post office has increased for the first time in a few years, and on-time service performance for delivery has declined from last year.

Postal News Roundup

Sanders Picks Up Major Union Endorsement
“CWA members have made a clear choice and a bold stand in endorsing Bernie Sanders for President,” CWA President Chris Shelton said in a statement.

Citizens Deliver 150K Petitions Demanding Postal Banking
The US Postal Service (USPS) could provide an affordable, high quality “public-option” alternative right now. But in our rigged system, it doesn’t.

Coalition Calls for Banking Services at USPS
The Post Office is not generally where you go to get a paycheck cashed, but the Campaign for Postal Banking wants to change that.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Joins Coalition Leaders to Deliver More than 150,000 Petition Signatures to the Postmaster General in Support of Postal Banking

Postal News Roundup

FTC Sues to Block Staples-Office Depot Deal
The Federal Trade Commission filed suit on Monday to block the planned $6.3 billion combination of office supply companies, saying that it would significantly reduce competition.

U.S. Tries to Kill Staples-Office Depot Marriage. Again.
Staples shares tumbled nearly 15% in response to news that the FTC would try to block the merger.

A Bill of Rights for the Post Office
The right to good service is not something one generally associates with private businesses. Maybe our new Postmaster General should issue a Postal Customer's Bill of Rights. 

Delivering the Goods
“How to lose $5 billion” (November 21st) painted an unduly negative picture of the United States Postal Service’s finances.

Postal News Roundup

Welch Pledges Fight to Retain Full Service at U.S. Postal Service
Rep. Peter Welch said the agency battered by the 2008 recession, and a dramatic shift toward electronic mail, has now stabilized its finances. "The tug of war in Congress right now is that there are some folks who basically think it ought to be privatized."

Residents Claim Slow Mail Delivery
Gary Glazebrook, president of The American Postal Workers Union in Houston, says over the past few years, the Postal Service has shut down 82 major processing and distribution centers nationwide.

Postal News Roundup

Poll: Only 1 in 5 Americans Say They Trust the Government
But more than 80 percent of respondents were positive about the performance of the U.S. Postal Service.

Voters Distrust Government in General, But Like Many Specifics, Poll Finds
Large majorities gave positive marks to a long list of government agencies, starting with the Postal Service, which, despite being a butt of many jokes in popular culture, gets a positive rating from 84% of Americans.

Postal News Roundup

Turn Your Post Office into a Bank? The Idea is on the Table
From check cashing to small loans, Pavoggi said postal banking would also add revenue and not cost taxpayers money. 

Nearly 900 Absentee Ballots in Summit County Thrown Out for Lack of Postmark; Elections Board to Hold Hearing to Question Postal Officials About Issue
County Elections Board members think the increase in late ballots without postmarks was caused by the closure of Akron’s mail processing center earlier this year, which resulted in mail sent locally going to Cleveland before coming back to Akron.

Postal News Roundup

Rand Paul Suggests Doing Away with the Postal Service
In a radio interview yesterday, Sen. Rand Paul said that if he were to become president, he would pare down the federal government so much that he might even do away with the U.S. Postal Service.

Will ‘Postal Banking’ Keep More Post Offices Open?
Could local post offices diversify from mail delivery into banking services for Americans not served by conventional banks?

Ralph Nader: For America’s Unbanked: Re-Establishing The Postal Savings Bank – OpEd
The time is ripe to implement postal banking. What is needed is a rising rumble from the people focused on Postmaster General Megan Brennan―who has the authority to act now on implementing surcharge free ATMS, payroll check cashing, bill-paying services and electronic money transfers ―and on Congress to allow loans and other new services.

Bernie Sanders Has a Plan to Reinvent the Post Office. Hillary Clinton Should Steal It.
Up until now, this idea has been advocated mostly by liberals like Sanders (Elizabeth Warren is a big booster), but there's no reason why it couldn't have broad political appeal. If Hillary Clinton wants ideas to help expand economic opportunity for people who are struggling, the fact that tens of millions of Americans can't access banking services is a pretty good place to start.


Postal News Roundup

Postal union endorses Sanders, citing efforts to save USPS
The largest union for government postal workers in the United States has endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, giving a boost to the Democratic candidate’s slim labor endorsement list.

Postal Workers Endorse Austerity-Foe Bernie Sanders
The APWU endorsement recalls the historic “reward our friends” calculus, as Sanders has for years been an ardent congressional advocate for postal workers and the United States Postal Service. Long before he considered presidential politics, the senator from Vermont was arguing against the austerity economics that seeks to balance the books by cutting public services. An ardent foe of privatization, he as well has championed the expansion of its mission, backing innovative initiatives such as postal banking.

Postal News Roundup

The Postal Service’s ‘Retail Channel Strategy:’ A Blueprint for Privatizing the Post Office
It’s been clear for a long time that the Postal Service is in the process of privatizing itself by shifting processing operations to companies like Pitney Bowes 

Staples-Office Depot merger review could be delayed until March
Staples' and Office Depot's plan to merge will be put on hold until March as the European Union says it won't complete its antitrust review until then.

Postal News Roundup

Too Many Giant Mergers
“The trend toward bigger mergers can and should be stopped,” APWU President Mark Dimondstein writes in a letter to the New York Times. “Blocking the Staples/Office Depot deal is the right place to start.”

It’s Expensive to Be Poor
Senator Elizabeth Warren [and others], have recommended bringing the US Postal Service — an institution with a presence in every zip code — back into basic banking, something it did until 1967.

Youngstown Mail-Processing Center Still Processing
American Postal Workers Union Local 443 President Jim Varner remains optimistic about the Youngstown mail-processing center operations. 

Postal News Roundup

A new line of business for the post office: Banking?
The nation’s largest postal union is pushing the USPS to provide financial services to tens of millions of Americans who aren't served by the nation's conventional banking system.

Bernie Sanders’s Passion for the Prosaic – or Why the Postal Office is Part of What Makes America Great
In a race where many candidates for president are pressing flashy, headline-grabbing issues like immigration, the fight against terrorism, abortion rights and education, Bernie Sanders is offering a passionate defense of the prosaic.

Postal News Roundup

Postal worker union says prices will rise if Staples acquires Office Depot 
In a report released Thursday, the American Postal Worker Union argued that Staples' planned $6.3 billion acquisition of Boca Raton-headquartered Office Depot would hurt American businesses if regulators allow it to proceed.

How the US Post Office Can Save America – and Itself
Since the financial crisis, more than 4,800 bank branches have disappeared from the American retail landscape.

Postal News Roundup

Brookings Paper on the Postal Service Gets the Facts Wrong
Elaine Kamarck’s essay, “Delaying the Inevitable: Political Stalemate and the U.S. Postal Service,” grossly misstates the facts about the central cause of the Postal Service’s financial crisis… Unfortunately, that’s not all she got wrong.

How Bernie Sanders Plans to Transform the Postal Service and Help Millions in Poverty
Senator Bernie Sanders advocates that the postal service provide  financial services in low-income and rural areas that may not have banking institutions, or where residents are forced to use costly alternative financial services.

The Rushcard Fiasco Can Point Us to Good Policy for Serving the Unbanked and Underbanked, and Formerly Incarcerated
Public banking can work alongside the traditional banking system, similar to how Social Security exists alongside private retirement options.

Postal News Roundup

Long Island Postal Workers Rally Against Cuts to Benefits, Wages
Union postal workers on Long Island are trying to stop the push for cuts to benefits, service and starting wages.

Postal Workers Decry Cuts in Service, Wages at Melville Rally
More than 150 postal workers at a demonstration Sunday in Melville demanded a new contract, criticized a plan to lower wages for new hires and called for the restoration of service cuts.

Voting by Mail Has Advantages
Voting by mail has several advantages over traditional polling such as being cost effective, increased participation among voters and it is easier for election officials to conduct.

Postal News Roundup

Should the Post Office Also Be a Bank?
If there were more alternatives in neighborhoods lacking banks, payday customers might not be driven to lenders with a reputation for exploiting borrowers with high-interest loans that roll over and over and over. Cue postal banking.

Bernie Sanders Has a Pretty Revolutionary Idea to Change America’s Post Offices
Mark Dimondstein, the union's president, argued that the post office has been an important part of civic life in American towns for centuries, and postal banking would help sustain that tradition.

Postal News Roundup

RushCard Disruption Reveals Why Prepaid Debit Cards Should Not Exist at All
With a bricks-and-mortar infrastructure already in place in most of the neighborhoods already underserved by traditional banks, the post office wouldn’t have to develop a costly new infrastructure.

When Titans Collide: UPS Petitions PRC to Change USPS Costing Methodologies
The proposals presented by UPS would affect not only affect the price of nearly every postal product but also the future viability of the Postal Service.

Postal News Roundup

Let’s Make the Banks Serve Us: How the Government Subsidizes the Super Rich While We Pay the Overdraft Fees
Why should the poor pay for things that the rich just get for free, Mehrsa Baradaran asks?

How Bernie Sanders Wants to Save the U.S. Postal Service
The Democratic presidential candidate told Fusion he thinks postal banking is a "great idea" for reinvigorating the service.

Sanders Pushes Postal Banking
Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has once again added his voice to a growing movement to bring banking to the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Postal News Roundup

Bernie’s Brilliant Idea: Postal Banking
One of Sanders’ ideas would revolutionize the way people interact with our economy: postal banking.

Postal Union Warns Against New USPS Health Database
The APWU is warning its members against using a database created by the Postal Service to store health records, out of fear the information might not be safe from hackers. 

Maine Unions Reflect on Tumultuous Year, Prepare to Support Minimum Wage Hike
The president of the American Postal Workers Union, Mark Dimondstein, delivered Thursday’s keynote address, railing against the “one percent” and what he termed an “all-out war” on workers, unions and their rights.

Postal News Roundup

Bernie Sanders’s Highly Sensible Plan to Turn Post Offices Into Banks
In an interview Senator Bernie Sanders discussed the marquee features of democratic socialism he’s been tirelessly calling for during his presidential campaign: higher taxes for the wealthiest Americans, an increased minimum wage, and breaking up the biggest Wall Street banks.

Massachusetts Hits Staples for $10 Million on Sham Interest Deductions

Jeff Santos Show
Boston Metro Area Local President Scott Hoffman talks about the mission of the Postal Service and nominees to the USPS Board of Governors who stand in opposition to it in a radio interview. [At approximately 6:50.]

Postal News Roundup

Bernie Sanders Addresses Postal Union to Decry USPS Privatization
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has a louder megaphone than at any point in his political career, and he’s using it to amplify issues he has been talking about for decades.

Is Nevada’s Labor Movement Ready to Forgive Democrats?
Last week, Sanders met with postal workers.

If the U.S. Government Treat Poor People as Well as it Treats Banks
This is not merely an economic problem; it undermines democracy.

Postal News Roundup

5 Tough Questions for Tonight’s Democratic Debate
Let’s talk about making the “gig economy” fair, creating a postal bank, congressional authorization for war, and helping, rather than harming, immigrants.

APWU Joins Union Protest at Trump Hotel in Las Vegas
More than 500 workers from the Culinary Union, the American Postal Workers Union and the Trump International Hotel lined up on Fashion Show Drive to protest the hotel’s no-union policy.

Mail Contractor Group’s 14-Hour Exemption Request Under Fire From Postal Workers Union
The American Postal Workers Union, which represents U.S. Postal Service employees, said Thursday it’s opposed to an exemption request submitted recently by private, contracted mail carriers seeking an exemption from the federal 14-hour on-duty limit.

Tester Responds to Report on Postal Service’s Delivery Performance
 "Montanans tell me that there are serious delays in mail delivery, and yet time and time again the USPS tells me they're doing great," Tester said.

Selling Off the Postal Service Makes No Sense
The Oct. 5 Fed Page article purportedly was about a Brookings Institution paper on the U.S. Postal Service but astonishingly led with an unattributed policy prescription for downgrading service.

Mayors Continue to Fight for Pocatello Mail Center
The U.S. Postal Service mail processing center on Flandro Drive closed in April, but mayors Brian Blad of Pocatello and Kevin England of Chubbuck have not given up to the fight to see it reopened.

Are FedEx and UPS Padding Profits or Just Ticking Off Customers?
FedEx announced a new fuel surcharge which will be added to shipping costs, despite the 24% drop in diesel fuel over the past year.

Postal News Roundup

Book Review: How the Other Half Banks by Mehrsa Baradaran
The time has come, Baradaran argues, either to restore a postal banking system that ­offers greater accessibility or provide some ­other public banking option.

Right Wing’s Assault on Post Office – Smashing the Myth That It’s in Financial Trouble
The truth is that almost all of the postal service's losses can be traced back to a single change in the law made by the Republican Congress in 2006.

Don’t Put Privatizer and Payday Lender Lobbyist on the USPS Board
With corporate-conservative calls for full or partial privatization of the United States Postal Service (USPS) escalating, groups are sounding the alarm about new nominees to the USPS Board of Governors.

Postal News Roundup

The Mail Could Be Taking Even Longer to Be Delivered Than the Postal Service Is Saying
After years of cost-cutting to adjust to steep financial losses, the U.S. Postal Service is contending with angry customers whose mail is taking longer — sometimes much longer — to arrive.

Postal Workers Union Opposes Mail Contractors 14-Hour Exemption Request
The APWU said Thursday it’s opposed to an exemption request submitted recently by private, contracted mail carriers seeking an exemption from the federal 14-hour on-duty limit.

APWU Calls for Public Hearing on USPS Subcontractors Request for Safety Rule Exemption
The APWU has called for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to conduct a public hearing on the request from USPS subcontractors for an exemption from the "14-hour" Federal Safety Rule. 

Postal News Roundup

Another Attack on Our Postal Service
Kamarck recommends splitting the USPS in two. One part would be a public institution that delivers mail, and only mail, to everyone nationally. The other would be privatized parcel delivery, a business that would compete with  FedEx and UPS. Mail delivery would have to be cut way back.

Call and Check: Some Postal Workers Are Delivering More Than Just the Mail
Jersey Post's "Call and Check" program, run by the postal service on an island nestled between England and France, offers a creative approach to providing care to the frail elderly.

Postal Service on Rebound, Needs Help
USPS achieved an operational profit of $600 million in 2013, $1.2 billion in 2014 and stands at $1.2 billion so far this year. Those are amazing numbers, but carriers like Nickerson and others employed by the Postal Service need the public’s help. Smith, Fortenberry and Ashford need to support a House resolution to restore the service standards to put deliveries back on schedule.

Postal News Roundup

News-Press Now: 6-Day Delivery Gets a Reprieve
A majority of the U.S. House — a total of 218 members — have signed on as cosponsors of a resolution that instructs the Postal Service to do whatever it can to preserve six-day service.

Los Angeles County AFL-CIO: Say NO to Staples
Instead of having trained USPS employees, the knock-off post offices are staffed with low-wage, Staples employees. In solidarity, let’s pledge to not buy at Staples until the company gets its act together!

Postal News Roundup

Ed Discusses Keystone Pipeline, Bernie’s Position on the Postal Service and Current GOP Candidates
At Fighting Bob Fest over the weekend, Ed spoke with Mark Dimondstein, President of the American Postal Workers Union, about the fight to save the Postal Service, and the fact that Sen. Bernie Sanders has always been there for workers.

Postal Banking: A Lifesaver for America’s Poor
American banks long ago deserted their most impoverished communities, but post offices, even two centuries later, have remained — still rooted in an egalitarian mission.

Postal News Roundup

In an interview with Workers Independent News, APWU President Mark Dimondstein says privatizers have “created a crisis where they've undermined, de-funded, degraded [postal] service, and then say, 'See? It doesn't work. Let's turn it over to somebody else.'”

Misinformation Abounds About USPS
Postal Service operations are profitable, and increasingly so, NALC President Fredric Rolando points out in a Letter to the Editor.

Postal News Roundup.

Bernie Sanders on Rachel Maddow:
In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed opposition efforts to privatize the VA, Social Security and the Postal Service, and called them part of a  “concerted attack.” Click the video labeled Sanders: Public Institutions Under Attack by Conservatives. 

IG Reveals ‘Deplorable’ Conditions at Postal Service Office
U.S. Postal Service employees were forced to work in “deplorable” conditions for years at a facility in New Mexico, according to a recently released inspector general report.

Citation and Notification of Penalty in Greenville SC

Postal News Roundup

Democrats Should Be Fighting for Post Offices and Rural America
Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “it makes no sense to downsize the Postal Service by tens of thousands of workers, slow mail delivery service, and devastate rural communities by closing their post offices.”

Casey Expresses Concern Over Erie Mail Delivery Delays
Today, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) called on the United States Postal Service and Postmaster General Megan Brennan to look into the noticeable mail delivery delays since the consolidation of the Processing and Distribution Facility in Erie, Pennsylvania.


Postal News Roundup

Equality in All Aspects of Our Lives Is an Agenda Worth Fighting For
‘Until I joined the Army in 1983 I had never experienced prejudice or ever witnessed someone verbally attacked because of their race, gender or sexual preference.’

How an Area’s Union Membership Can Predict Children’s Advancement
Researchers at Harvard, Wellesley and the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, released a paper Wednesday showing that children born to low-income families typically ascend to higher incomes in metropolitan areas where union membership is higher.

Postal News Roundup

At Labor Day Rally, No Holiday for Politics
Members of the American Postal Workers Union and National Postal Mail Handlers Union marching in Monday's Labor Day parade. Unions came to the parade with their own causes and concerns.

How the Other Half Banks [Video]

Postal Workers Fight for Improved Service, Good Jobs
As the nation observes Labor Day, more than 200,000 members of the American Postal Workers Union are fighting for a good contract and improved service for postal customers―more than three months after their collective bargaining agreement with the U.S. Postal Service expired.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Workers Union Fighting to Keep Jobs
The USPS can do better — here in Wilkes-Barre and across the country. It’s time to stop closing offices, reducing service, cutting jobs, and lowering pay. The Postal Service can afford to provide better service to customers and treat workers fairly. John Kishel, President of Wilkes-Barre Area Local 175 APWU

FTC Continues Probing Staples-Office Depot Merger
Staples and Office Depot may soon get schooled by the Feds on their attempted merger. The Federal Trade Commission in the last several days has sent out a second round of subpoenas to Staples and Office Depot customers after already conducting a full review of the merger proposal, three sources close to the situation told The Post.

New Book Explains Why We Need a Postal Bank
The book explains how economic inequality in this country is caused largely by unequal credit.  A significant portion of the population has been deserted by the banking system and is consequently  forced to use payday lenders and check-cashing services to cover emergency expenses and pay for necessities."The post office has branches in many low-income neighborhoods that have long been deserted by commercial banks," writes Baradaran in her NYT piece.  "And people at every level of society have a certain familiarity and comfort in the post office that they do not have in more formal banking institutions."  

Contract Negotiations Between U.S. Postal Service and Union Remain at Standstill

Erie Facility Still Sorting Much of Its Mail 

Postal News Roundup

Postal Workers’ Dispute Boils Over Ahead of Labor Day
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is locked in a bitter labor dispute with hundreds of thousands of postal workers for a third consecutive month as Labor Day weekend approaches.

USPS Announces Plan to Dispose of Historic Post Office in Clarksburg, WV
Despite the efforts of several elected officials in Congress and the recommendations of both the USPS Office of Inspector General and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the Postal Service continues to sell off its legacy of historic post offices.

OPM, DoD Announce Identity Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring Contract
ID Experts will provide all impacted individuals and their dependent minor children (under the age of 18 as of July 1, 2015) with credit monitoring, identity monitoring, identity theft insurance, and identity restoration services for a period of three years.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Union Continues Effort to Stop Staples, Office Depot Merger
The APWU has opposed the proposed merger between Staples and Office Depot Inc. and has begun gathering electronic signatures on a petition to stop it. In a press release issued Thursday, the APWU said that it had gathered more than 5,000 signatures on its petition to stop the merger.

Pharmacists Say Post Service Closure Delays Medication
Local pharmacists said the closure of the U.S. Postal Service processing and distribution center on Flandro Drive has caused delayed delivery of medication for people in outlying counties.

Postal News Roundup

Bernie Sanders to Postal Service: Relaxed Mail Standards ‘a Disaster’
Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that the Postal Service caused a “disaster that is negatively impacting Americans all over this country” when it shuttered more than 140 mail-sorting plants and slowed delivery times to cut costs.

Post Office Can’t Even Meet Its Own Lower Standards as Late Mail Soars
Amid a significant downsizing of the money-strapped U.S. Postal Service, the number of letters arriving late has jumped by almost 50 percent since the start of the year. And that’s as measured against the agency’s own newly relaxed standards.

Standing Up for Rural Postal Delivery
The Center for Rural Affairs has signed letters of support for continuing reliable, affordable six-day mail delivery, and for HR 54, which would restore service standards to those in use before last January’s reductions.

AFL-CIO Blog: Back to School Shopping? Skip Staples and
It's important to choose wisely—and to boycott products from companies that seem to go out of their way to hurt working families.

Postal News Roundup

ECommerce Bytes: Despite Warnings Over Mail Delays, USPS Focuses on Same-Day
Online sellers who rely on the USPS to get their orders into the hands of customers may be concerned about a new report from the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General over delivery delays.

Postal News: What Do Those Four Charts Really Explain? 
Back in my previous life as a financial analyst, one book that was always on my shelf was “How to Lie With Charts” by Gerald Jones.

The Guardian: Where Did the Principle of Secrecy in Correspondence Go? 
America’s Constitutional Postal System, which preceded its declaration of independence by one year, was founded in large part as a reaction to the threat posed by British control over – and surveillance of – this crucial 18th-century communications network.

Postal News Roundup

Bronx News 12: Bronx General Post Office Remains Closed After Testing Positive for Legionella Bacteria
The Bronx General Post Office on the Grand Concourse has remained closed since last week after testing positive for Legionella bacteria.

CBS 19: Report Cites Unusually Slow Mail Delivery
It's no secret that the U.S. Postal Service has been consolidating and shutting down mail sites. But the agency had no idea that its cost-saving measures and other delaying complications would push the envelope. 

Save the Post Office: OIG Recommends Halt to Phase II Network Rationalization Until USPS Service Performance Improves
The USPS Office of Inspector General has just issued a management alert about the timeliness of mail processing after the changes in service standards went into effect on January 5, 2015. 

Linn's Stamp News: U.S. Postal Inspector General Reports First-Class Mail Slowdown
A new report by the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General confirms that a lot of first-class mail is taking more time than expected to reach its destination. The alert blames two factors for the problem: winter storms in January through March, and changes in the way the USPS mail-processing network operates. 

Daily Kos: Teachers! We Need Your Help and We Need it Now!
The US Postal Service—very like public education itself--is being attacked on many fronts, by privatizers, union-busters, those who would dismantle an essential public service out of greed, ideology and contempt for the everyday people our work serves. 

Postal News Roundup

North Platte Bulletin: Postal Service Needed in Rural Areas
The Center for Rural Affairs has signed letters of support for continuing reliable, affordable six-day mail delivery from the U.S. Postal Service.

ECommerce Bytes: USPS Carriers Are Like Uber Drivers for Amazon
Endicia says Uber and Amazon are making moves to enter the package-delivery space, reportedly testing crowd-sourcing services where "everyday folks" will deliver packages

Postal News Roundup

In These Times: Union Members Seem to Want Bernie Sanders Over Hillary Clinton. Will Labor Leadership Follow Them?
Sanders’ years of support for postal service expansion in the face of cuts brought glowing praise from American Postal Workers Union (APWU) President Mark Dimondstein after a meet-and-greet with the candidate in mid-July.

OIG: Election Mail Opportunities
The U.S. Postal Service has opportunities to increase voting by mail to grow mail volume and revenue,” the OIG found in a recent report, but USPS management disagreed with the recommendation.

Herald Media: Post Office Delivers 1,270 Ballots to Orem Day After Election
With the postal processing center now in Salt Lake City rather than Provo, all mail, even within the city, must go through Salt Lake before coming back to Orem.

Postal News Roundup

NBC News: Postal Service Sharply Reduces Loss in Most-Recent Quarter
The U.S. Postal Service on Monday reported a net loss of $586 million this spring, a big improvement for the cash-strapped agency compared to a nearly $2 billion loss during the same period last year.

NALC President’s Statement on USPS Quarterly Report
Results show the impressive Postal Service financial turnaround continuing in full force.

Linn's Stamp News: Quarterly USPS Financial Statement Shows Growth in Package Shipping
Every quarter a small drama plays out over the latest United States Postal Service financial numbers that come out of USPS headquarters at L’Enfant Plaza in Washington. Postal officials bemoan the size of the U.S. Postal Service’s growing deficit, but postal labor officials argue the actual numbers that matter aren’t that bad.

Postal News Roundup

Tucson Weekly: Raul Grijalva: Hey Postal Service Consolidation & Closure of Cherrybell Mail Center is Bad News, Don’t Do It
U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva wants the U.S. Postal Service to acknowledge that back-scaling operations (and ultimately closing) at the Cherrybell mail center has had a terrible effect on the Tucson community.

Yakima Herald:Postal Service Processing Leads to Late Ballot Updates in Yakima
Auditor Charles Ross said he was told the late delivery was the result of an error in how the Postal Service processes the mail.

Postal News Roundup

Napa Valley Register: Postal Service Agrees to Sell, Not Demolish, Downtown Building
The (USPS) has announced it will sell, rather than demolish, the historic Franklin Station Post Office in downtown Napa, but it won’t remain a post office.

The Inquisitr: Antitrust Chatter Continues to Dog Staples Office Depot Deal
Chatter about possible intervention on the part of the Federal Trade Commission in the proposed merger between Staples, Inc. and Office Depot, Inc. continues.

Postal News Roundup

The Journal News: U.S. Postal Service Thrives in the Internet Age
The Postal Service’s red ink stems not from the mail or the Internet, but from Washington politics, so degrading profitable postal networks is illogical. 

Washington Examiner: Moving Beyond the ‘Conventional Wisdom’ About the U.S. Postal Service
Some in Washington hope to use the artificial financial crisis to achieve something they’ve long sought – the dismantling, even privatization, of a popular public agency.

Postal News Roundup

Post & Parcel: Bill to End Ban on Shipping of Alcohol vs Postal Service is Back on the Agenda
The USPS Shipping Equity Act – which seeks to end the ban on U.S. Postal Service (USPS) shipping of alcoholic beverages – is back on the US Congressional agenda.

Morris Sun Tribune: Fredric Rolando: Washington Politics Have Cause “Crisis” in Postal Service
As mail processing centers are closed or consolidated, mail has to travel further to be sorted, and this means delays of the mail in parts of the country where mail service is critical to residents and businesses.

Postal News Roundup

The Hill: Dems Seek Answers on Rural Postal Delivery
Two Democratic senators want a federal watchdog to examine whether there's a link between access to broadband and poor service from the U.S. Postal Service.

The Joplin Globe: Our View: Thank Blunt for Championing Rural Mail Service
Did you get your mail on time Monday? Soon the U.S. Postal Service is going to be asking that question, particularly on behalf of our readers who live in small towns and rural areas.

Superior Telegram: Mail Issues Linger in Northland
"Right now it’s in Congress’ hands," APWU member Kurt Waite said. "If they voted to restore service, they would have to return all processing of outgoing and incoming mail to Duluth."

Save the Post Office: Help Save Napa’s Historic Post Office from the Wrecking Ball 
The National Trust for Historic Preservation is once again taking on the Postal Service.  

Postal News Roundup

The Sun Sentinel: Antitrust Institute Challenges Staples’ Merger with Office Depot
Antitrust Institute has asked the Federal Trade Commission to take a deep and critical look at the proposed $6.3 billion merger between Office Depot and Staples. 

Fierce Government: IG: Lack of Cybersecurity Staff, Technology Left USPS Vulnerable to 2014 Attack
Without a comprehensive, risk-based strategy, USPS was unprepared to manage the quickly changing cyber environment, the IG said.

Postal News Roundup

Dodge City Daily Globe: U.S. Postal Service Negotiating New Union Contract
Do, along with other union members and chapter presidents is trying to get the word out on what is going on with the post office on a national scale as well as in the local areas. The APWU states that contrary to what the public has heard, the US Postal Service is not losing money.

NYS Public Employees Federation: Roots of Struggle: Postal Workers Prove the Value of Collective Bargaining
As with other labor unions across the nation who face and fight against all facets of privatization, the APWU is demanding an end to the closing of all mail-processing centers in its new pact. The ability to address these issues is mainly due to the vision, determination and unity of the APWU forefathers. They realized the most important achievement of their 1970 strike was winning the right to bargain collectively.

Save the Post Office: $1 Billion to Restore USPS Service Standards? Did the CBO Get it Wrong?
If you look at what’s happened over the past few months, the $1 billion doesn’t seem credible, and one wonders if the CBO has misunderstood what the amendment is all about.

Postal News Roundup

Fierce Government: USPS Must Make Transformational Changes Take Advantage of e-Commerce Package Growth, IG Says
The growth of e-commerce has led to a dramatic increase in the number of packages shipped, and the Postal Service has an opportunity to both satisfy the new needs of customers and garner significant revenue, says a July 8 Postal Service inspector general report.

WWDB-AM: Today in Philly Labor [Podcast Audio]
Philly BMC Local President Vince Tarducci discusses the Postal Service’s dirty deal with Staples and reminds listeners not to buy school supplies at Staples. [At 35:55.]

Time: Hillary Clinton Faces Unrest Among Organized Labor 
Unhappy with the status quo and uncertain about the future of labor as union membership shrinks, union members across the country are restive over the possibility of their affiliates endorsing Clinton.

Postal News Roundup

Duluth News Tribune: Postal Delivery Issues Linger in Northland
Waite cited hope for the Duluth mail processing center in the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations, which in June voted in favor of restoring first-class delivery standards to previous levels.

Eureka Times Standard: Eureka’s Mail Sorting Facility Gets a Temporary Reprieve
Mike Hetticher, the president of Eureka’s branch of the American Postal Workers Union, said the delays are just a first step and that people cannot turn complacent.

Postal News Roundup

Crooks and Liars: Help Save Our Public Postal Service
The Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service is calling for support of two House resolutions that urge restoration of overnight mail service standards and a continuation of six-day delivery.

Fierce Government: USPS-Staples Deal Draws Ire of Labor Group
APWU charges that allowing Staples retail stores to handle Postal Service products will degrade the integrity of USPS customer service and move the agency toward privatization.

Los Alamos Daily Post: NLRB: Postal Service Deal with Staples Violates U.S. Labor Law
The U.S. Postal Service illegally subcontracted work to Staples, according to a complaint issued June 26 by Region 5 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Lost Coast Outpost: Did You Notice Our Mail Isn’t Being Diverted to Medford as Planned?
The American Postal Workers Union was also vocal in its objections, and Mike Hetticher, president of the Local 1056 in Eureka, told the Outpost today that the decision to delay closure was good news.

Postal News Roundup

USPS’s Controversial Deal with Staples Headed to Showdown Over Legality
Now, one of the biggest labor battles in recent years is headed to Washington, where the National Labor Relations Board will rule in August on whether the Staples deal violates the Postal Service’s collective bargaining agreement with the American Postal Workers Union.

Shrewsbury Postal Center to Remain Open After All
John H. Flattery, president of the American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO Local 4553, which represents workers at the plant, said he was notified of the change last month. The Blunders of USPS Agreement with Staples and Its Repercussions
The case against the Postal Service seems to be strong, owing to which NLRB is making another move.

Government Executive: USPS Contracted Services to Staples Illegally, Board Says
The regional director called the subcontracting issue a “mandatory subject for purposes of collective bargaining.”



Postal News Roundup

24/7 Wall Street: Staples Deal with USPS is Illegal: NLRB
"The Postal Service should settle this case and dump its failed privatization scheme," said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. 

MLive: Congressman Dan Kildee ‘Very Concerned’ About Potential Downtown Post Office Closure
"The downtown post office provides an essential service to businesses and residents and I am very concerned about its potential closure," said U.S. Rep. Dan Kildee. 

Erie TV News: U.S. Postal Service Contract Talks with Union Continue
APWU President Joe Szocki told the TV station that the union "could not accept" management's contract proposal to "create another entry-level position at lower wages." 

ECommerce Bytes: Postal Union Scores a Win in War Against Staples Counters
Whether you find postal counters at retail chain stores to be convenient or ill-conceived, it's not a sure thing they will continue.


Postal News Roundup

Waynesville Daily Guide: McCaskill Seeks Review of Postal Service’s Ability to Meet Delivery Standards
In an effort to better understand the ability of the Postal Service to meet stated delivery times, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is requesting that the federal government’s top watchdog review the Postal Service’s calculation of delivery times and standards.

Napa Valley Register: USPS Proposes Demolition of Historic Napa Post Office
"I know they have been selling off high-value properties to private developers to balance their budget, but these are public buildings, built with public dollars and we deserve to know what is going on.”

Bangor Daily News: Cutting Back Postal Service Hits Bangor, Everywhere Else
When mail-processing facilities close, people face delays in mail they’ve sent or are expecting.

RT: The Big Picture [July 2]
Thom discusses the continued attacks on the US Post Office with American Postal Workers Union president Mark Dimondstein.

Postal News Roundup

Save the Post Office: APWU Takes PRC to Court Over Service Standards
The American Postal Workers Union has taken the Postal Regulatory Commission to court over its decision to dismiss the union’s complaint that the Postal Service is failing to meet its service standards.

Government Executive: Size of OPM Hack Quadruples to 18 Million
Hackers may have pilfered the personal data of as many as 18 million individuals from Office of Personnel Management records—four times as many as OPM originally estimated, according to a CNN report late Monday.

Postal News Roundup

South Florida Business Journal: American Postal Workers Union Hopes to Nix Office Depot Acquisition
The APWU is taking a strong stance against the Office Depot and Staples acquisition because it would be detrimental to consumers, said Richard Shelley, at a briefing following the meeting of Office Depot’s shareholders.

North Platte Bulletin: Regulators: ‘No Jurisdiction’ to Overturn Post Office Move
One commissioner strongly disagreed with the majority decision, saying dismissal of the appeal without more information from the postal service is unfair and contributes to public mistrust.

Los Angeles Daily News: Editorial: California Should Endorse Vote by Mail Plan
No long lines, or scarily nonexistent lines, at the polling place. But a proposal last week to go to postal voting here made by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is not based primarily on either time or money. Instead, Padilla’s plan is to get more of us voting in the first place.

Postal News Roundup

Government Executive: House Panel Backs Faster Mail, More USPS Facilities
A House committee on Wednesday advanced a measure to reinstate U.S. Postal Service delivery standards from 2012, which would effectively halt any of the agency’s desired facility closures.

City of Tucson: Postal Opinion Surveys
Two surveys - one for businesses and one for the community - are online to gauge reaction to the second phase of the mail processing consolidation, which would move most of Tucson's main postal operations on South Cherrybell Stravenue to Phoenix.

The Arizona Republic: Actually, Taxpayers Don’t Pay for the Postal Service
@NALC President Fredric Rolando rebuts privatizing the U.S. Postal Service.

The Virginian Pilot: Letter to Norfolk Boy Will Have You Believing in Doggie Heaven
The boy is too young to be truly impressed. The rest of us are not.

Postal News Roundup

Southeast Missourian: Op-Ed: The Reason for Poor Postal Service
Plants like the one in Cape Girardeau may stay open until 2016. If this happens, the good news is that even worse mail service will be delayed. The bad news is that the current poor service will continue as is for a while and then get worse. The erosion of fast, reliable mail service can be reversed.

WDIO Eyewitness News: Senator Franken Sends Letter to Postmaster General to Discontinue Rerouting of Northland Mail
Minnesota Senator Al Franken has sent a letter to the Postmaster General to discontinue the rerouting of mail parcels from northeast Minnesota to the Twin Cities.

Save the Post Office: USPS, APWU and Mailers Respond to Court’s Ruling on Exigent Case
This week the Postal Service, APWU, and several associations of mailers filed briefs with the Postal Regulatory Commission responding to the DC Court of Appeals’ June 5th ruling on the case of the exigent rate increase.

Postal News Roundup

Post & Parcel: U.S. Postal Workers Unions Urge Congress to Reject TPA Legislation
US postal workers’ unions have written a joint letter to Congress, expressing their concerns that Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation currently working through the political system could have “disastrous” consequences for their members and the U.S. Postal Service.

The Villager: They Give Staples-P.O. Deal Stamp of Disapproval
John Dennie, a member of Mail Handlers Union, Local 300, “It’s all part of a grand overall plan to privatize the post office.”

Postal News Roundup

Interview with Liz Powell on Contract Negotiations [Audio]
APWU Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell appeared on Arise! with Bill Fletcher, Friday, June 5, at 9 a.m. Scroll down to that selection to listen to or download the interview.

Erie Times-News: Letter to Editor: Mom, 102, Stopped from Casting Vote
Postal consolidation stops 102-year old woman from voting for the first time. Her absentee ballot was delayed 10-days. 

Huffington Post: Will TPP Kill the Post Office?
Will TPP enable the privatizers to declare things like our beloved U.S. Postal Service, schools and roads to be "commercial activity" that competes with private companies?

The American Legion: Post Office Cuts Threaten Veteran Job Viability, Impacts Consumers
Veterans and disabled veterans collectively make up over 24 percent of the USPS workforce. Due to the closing of more than 140 mail-processing facilities since 2012, however, they and those who seek future postal-service employment face obstacles and uncertain futures."

Government Executive: Postal Service Cannot Keep Emergency Price Hike Forever, Court Rules
The U.S. Postal Service cannot indefinitely continue the emergency price increase that has been in place since January 2014, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

Postal News Roundup

Workers Independent News: Postal Union: Postal Service Is Not A Union Issue, It’s A People’s Issue
“These are the good jobs that they’re gonna want their grandkids to be able to have an opportunity to get,” APWU Executive Vice President said about the threat to postal jobs posed by management’s contract demands.

Digital Journal: Mail Processing Centers Close and Put Strains on Businesses
Mail delivery is lagging and many businesses and consumers depend on the timely delivery of their mail, but the trend in a slowdown continues.

The Missourian: A Battle Won in the Postal Service
NNA President John Edgecombe, Jr., publisher of a newspaper in Nebraska, said due to the consolidation and closing of postal processing plants across the country, service to rural America “has dramatically worsened.” 

Postal News Roundup

Linn's Stamp News: Should Post Offices Offer Banking Services?
A May 21 report by the United States Postal Service Inspector General has reignited the question of whether the nation’s post offices should offer banking services.

Sanders Welcomes Postal Service Decision to Back Off Plans to Close Plants This Year
“I am pleased that the Postal Service has decided not to shut down virtually all of the 82 mail-processing plants this year,” Sanders said, “but much more needs to be done to ensure that Americans throughout the country receive their mail in a timely manner.” 

Boston Globe: Staples CEO Pay Climbs While Retailer Business Struggles
One person who has prospered through the rocky reshaping of the business is chief executive Ronald Sargent. His annual total compensation has nearly doubled to $12.4 million over the past three years.

Southeast Missourian: Cape Mail-Processing Center May Keep Some Tasks for a While
Local postal workers opposed to consolidation have claimed the postal service is profitable despite reports of financial loss. They also worry shifting operations caused delayed delivery times and misplaced mail.

Postal News Roundup

The Register Guard: Fix the Postal Service 
It’s hard to get excited about the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement Wednesday that it will delay closing postal processing facilities in Springfield and Bend until 2016. That’s a little like hearing that the death penalty for a valued and wrongly accused friend won’t be carried out for another year. 

WDBJ7: Union Leader Sheds Light on Delay of Postal Consolidation Plan
A local union leader says the facility in Greensboro that was slated to process Roanoke's mail cannot handle the increase.

Conversation with APWU Local 32 President William Flanagan [Audio]
American Postal Workers Union Local 32 President William Flanagan explains the negative consequences of a for-profit corporation like Staples setting up postal facilities in their stores, staffed by low-wage workers.

Postal News Roundup

Washington Post: USPS Contract Talks Stall; Federal Unions Have Little to Say on Pot Policy
Dimondstein called “management’s economic demands and proposed changes to the workforce structure … completely unacceptable.”

India Notes: Contract Talks Between American Postal Workers Union and U.S. Postal Service Hit Impasse
During this round of contract talks, the APWU made the unprecedented move of bringing consumer issues to the bargaining table, insisting that quality service is crucial to maintaining a strong, public Postal Service. 

Post & Parcel: Regulator Rejects Union Complaint Over USPS Mail Delivery Standards
America’s postal regulator has thrown out a formal complaint by a trade union about the US Postal Service failing to meet its service standards. The complaint by the American Postal Workers Union was rejected by the Postal Regulatory Commission despite the fact that the Commission itself confirms that the Postal Service failed to meet its service targets in its most recent full financial year (2014).

Duluth News Tribune: Postal Workers, Elected Officials Rally for Duluth Mail Processing Center
Fifty people gathered in front of the post office on West Michigan Street in a rally to save the Duluth mail processing center.

The Roanoke Times: USPS Says it Will Delay Roanoke Plant Consolidation
The consolidation was fought heavily by postal worker lobbyists and union representatives. Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem, and Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Roanoke County, are also opposed to it and so are Virginia’s two Democratic senators, Tim Kaine and Mark Warner. Griffith and Goodlatte sent out a joint news release Wednesday praising the decision to delay consolidation.

Tester, Heitkamp Request Postal Study and Improved Mail Delivery Standards
As the U.S. Postal Service continues to face a budgetary shortfall, Senators Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) want better postal data so policymakers can make informed decisions on how to improve service in rural America.

Save the Post Office: Commissioner Goldway Issues Scathing Dissent on PRC’s Decision to Dismiss Careywood Appeal
Unlike the majority opinion, the dissent is consistent with Commission precedents, cognizant of the Postal Service’s obligations to the rural public, and respectful of the Commission’s own statutory responsibilities.  

Postal News Roundup

Salon: Why Turning the Postal Service Into a Bank Isn’t Nearly as Ridiculous as it Sounds
This remains a tremendous idea to relieve economic inequality and preserve an important public-sector ladder into the middle class; and continued agitation just might get it done.

South Florida Business Journal: American Postal Workers Union Urges Feds to Reject Staples-Office Depot Deal
The American Postal Workers Union filed a formal report this week asking federal anti-trust regulators to strike down Staples' $6.3 billion deal to purchase Office Depot.

Palm Beach Post: Postal Workers Union Pans Office Depot/Staples Merger
As the Federal Trade Commission weighs the proposed merger of Staples and Office Depot, the American Postal Workers Union is urging trust busters to nix the deal.

The Hill: Senate Dems Grill USPS Over Mail Delays 
Senate Democrats say they are concerned about significant mail delays in rural America.

The Florida Times-Union: Snail Mail Slows Down Even More
Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union, said the delays are avoidable. “We should be boosting service and returning to prompt mail delivery,” he said. “Closing more postal sorting facilities will only make things worse.” 

The Register Guard: Congressional Delegation: Postal Service Will Keep Springfield Processing Plant Open
The mail processing center in the Gateway area — and its workers — have received another reprieve. 

Postal News Roundup

Boston Globe: Postal Workers Union Files Report Opposing Staples/Office Depot Merger
A union representing postal workers has urged federal regulators to block a proposed $6.3 billion merger of Staples Inc. and Office Depot Inc.

ECommerce Bytes: Should the USPS Expand Postal Banking Services?
While the USPS is best known for delivering the mail, it's also the number one seller of the most widely used type of alternative financial service in the United States: the Postal Service sold 97 million money orders with a face value of $21 billion in fiscal year 2014.

Postal News Roundup

Wall Street Journal: Coming to a Post Office Near You: Banking?
The Postal Service’s inspector general, in a report issued Thursday, said the agency should enter or boost offerings in certain parts of the banking business.

HousingWire: USPS Now One Step Closer to Providing Financial Services
Now, a new white paper from the USPS’ Office of the Inspector General lays out a series of distinct paths that would allow the post office to enter the banking and financial services sector.

Politico: Postal Service Settles Data Breach Labor Case
The U.S. Postal Service agreed to settle an NLRB complaint alleging it refused to bargain with its unions over how to rectify a data breach that compromised personal information for hundreds of thousands of employees.

The North Platte Bulletin: First Class Mail Runs Late
The U.S. Postal Service reported serious deterioration during the first quarter for First-Class Mail that should have been delivered within three days, according to a USPS report.

Berkeley Daily Planet: A Victory in the Fight to Save Our Historic Post Offices
This victory serves as a precedent and example for other communities who want to save their Post Offices. The case also may save union jobs by requiring the USPS to follow the law.

Postal News Roundup

Government Executive: Amid USPS Calls for Pay Cuts, Unions Let Deadline Pass for New Labor Contract
USPS’ contracts with both the American Postal Workers Union, and the National Rural Letter Carriers Association were set to expire Thursday. APWU and postal management decided to extend negotiations for one more week in hopes of reaching a deal. The NRLCA, however, reached an impasse with the Postal Service, and a mediator will now step in. 

OIG Report: The Road Ahead for Postal Financial Services
Based on ongoing interest and inquiries, we further assessed ways for the Postal Service to expand its financial services offerings.

Wall Street Journal: USPS Could Boost Revenue by Expanding Banking Services, Report Says
The agency could easily expand those offerings without needing new legal approvals, the report suggests. For example, it could add the option to wire money electronically between post offices, as well as ATMs for customers.

Des Moines Register: Postal Workers Protest Poor Service, Staff Cuts
The workers were picketing for their rights, the rights of their customers and to raise awareness of changes the United States Postal Service is undergoing – including staff cuts and newly relaxed service standards – and to inform the public that USPS does not receive taxpayer dollars, said Lonnie Matticks, former USPS employee and member of the union.

Postal News Roundup

Post & Parcel: US Newspaper Publishers Urge Congress to Fix Rural Mail Service Decline
The Association’s chief executive Tonda Rush told the Senate’s Government Affairs committee yesterday that the ongoing consolidation of the US Postal Service mail network is now accelerating the problems, leading to “enormous complaints” from rural publishers.

Superior Telegram: Towing the Party Line
The American Postal Workers’ Union Auxiliary advocates: "We believe delivery standards need to be returned to those in place in July 2012. The denigration of these standards impairs our communications within our communities while hampering businesses ability to conduct timely daily activities."

Postal News Roundup

The Union Edge: APWU Rallies for Postal Customers [Audio]
APWU Eastern Region Coordinator Mike Gallagher joins us to talk about why Postal Workers are rallying, and about new reports that reveal long delays in mail delivery, reduction in service standards and the pain felt by consumers, seniors, and businesses.

The Business Journal: Postal Union Chief, Ryan Press Case for Mail Center
Since announcing the postponement of the closure, the Youngstown processing facility has proven just how vital a cog it is in the wheel of the national mail processing network,” Varner says.

Postal News Roundup

The Vindicator: Ryan Rallies to Save the Youngstown Postal Center
U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, voiced his support for the workers at an American Postal Workers Union Local 443 media event this afternoon outside of the processing center.

Plainsman: Postal Workers Union Local 7141 Hold Rally
Members of American Postal Workers Union Local 7141 rallied outside the Huron Post Office on Thursday concerning news that the Dakota Central mail processing plant in Huron is planning to be closed June 1.

The Rick Smith Show: APWU Holds Day of Action Protesting Privatization of the USPS [Audio]
Omar Gonzalez, Western Region Coordinator for the American Postal Workers Union joins Rick to talk about the APWU National Day of Action to Save the Post Office.

Public News Service: Clock is Ticking: Contract Expires This Week for Postal Workers 
Florida postal workers have more on their minds this morning than the heavy load of Monday mail. The American Postal Workers Union contract is set to expire this Wednesday.

Postal News Roundup

MSNBC: For Danny Glover, Standing with Postal Workers is Personal
Chris Hayes talks with actor Danny Glover about preserving the American institution that is the post office. U.S. Postal Service Delivery Times Lag More than Expected
Here and across the country, union officials are calling to reverse the closing of mail-sorting centers under the recent system overhaul.

CNN: Dozens Sickened at New Jersey Postal Annex Amid Report of Sweet Odor
A dozen people felt dizzy, lightheaded and nauseated at a postal annex in western New Jersey on Friday, sicknesses that authorities haven't been able to explain yet.

Postal News Roundup

National Day of Action News Clips

Washington Post: Danny Glover Leads Postal Worker Rally in Downtown DC 
The “Lethal Weapon” star, looking rally-chic in a pair of cargo pants, a union-logo T-shirt, and a sport coat, joined members of the American Postal Workers Union on their national "day of action" to protect jobs and protest reduced mail services.

Campaign for America's Future: National Day of Action to Save the Postal Service
According to Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, “If the prepayments required under PAEA were never enacted into law, the USPS would not have a net deficiency of nearly $20 billion (2011), but instead be in the black by at least $1.5 billion.”


Postal News Roundup

The Edmond Sun: Postal Workers, Customers to Hold Nationwide Protests May 14
“U.S. Postal Service executives and the agency’s Board of Governors are using a manufactured financial crisis to justify their strategy of reducing service, delaying mail delivery, and dismantling a great national treasure,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein.

ECommerce Bytes: US Postal Service Workers Protest USPS Service Cuts
Postal workers will urge customers to sign postcards to the Postmaster General declaring, "I Stand with Postal Workers" and in support of improved postal services.

Idaho State Journal: Officials Say Mail Has Slowed After Center Closed
People in the Gate City are beginning to notice a slowdown in mail delivery since the U.S. Postal Service’s mail processing center on Flandro Drive began its phase out on April 18.

Postal News Roundup

The Hill: Postal Workers Rallying for Longer Service Hours
“U.S. Postal Service executives and the agency’s board of governors are using a manufactured financial crisis to justify their strategy of reducing service, delaying mail delivery, and dismantling a great national treasure,” said Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union. Postal Workers, Supporters in Omaha to Protest Thursday
Members of the American Postal Workers Union will rally at the Congressman Brad Ashford's office at 7126 Pacific Street in Omaha on May 14 at 4:00 p.m.. The event is part of a National Day of Action by APWU members and supporters across the country to demand improved postal services and to protect good, living-wage jobs. Stand with Postal Workers in National Day of Action: Guest Viewpoint
A cabal of corporate predators, congressional anti-government ideologues and pusillanimous postal officials are dismantling this invaluable public service, piece by piece—an agency that literally has delivered for America from the very start of our country.

Direct Marketing News: Postal Workers to March for Expanded Hours, Services
Members of the American Postal Workers Union will hold rallies in more than 85 cities this Thursday in a “National Day of Action” to call for expanded hours and the offering of new services such as banking to preserve jobs.

Postal News Roundup

South Florida Business Journal: Broward Could Buy Site from USPS for $18M
The Broward County Commission will consider purchasing a 27-acre site in Pembroke Pines from the U.S. Postal Service. Stop Postal Executives From Destroying Our Postal Service
Fed up with the deliberate degradation of their vital public service, postal workers themselves are putting forth a vision and innovative plan not merely for USPS to survive, but thrive. With more than 70 other national groups, they’ve forged “A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.”

Postal News Roundup

The Hill: Postal Revenues Bump Up in 2015
The U.S. Postal Service’s package business spiked by more than 10 percent in the first three months of the year. 

Center for Effective Government: During Public Service Recognition Week, Remember the Unsung Heroes of Hurricane Sandy: Postal Workers!
About a hundred postal workers had made their way through the storm, some walking from outer boroughs to get there. No one demanded that they come. The mayor told everyone to stay off the streets.  No one expected them to appear, but they did. 

Gallup: Americans’ Views of Government Handling of Healthcare Up Sharply
Of 20 different areas included in this year's survey, satisfaction with mail delivery came out on top with 90% of Americans satisfied – which reinforces the U.S. Postal Services' No. 1 ranking among major government agencies in November 2014. 

Washington Post: Senators Press New Postmaster General on Troubled Rural Mail Service
Slow mail delivery and poor service are hitting rural America hard, and the U.S. Postal Service needs to pay attention, a bipartisan group of senators from rural states told Postmaster General Megan Brennan this week.

Save the Post Office: Historic Houston Post Office Headed for Demolition
It’s a historic building, eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, but it looks as though it is headed for demolition. 

Postal News Roundup

The Intercept: Government Says Company Part-Owned by Feinstein’s Husband Abuses Post Office Contract
CBRE, a giant real estate company partially owned by Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, is costing the U.S. Postal Service millions of dollars a year in lease overpayments, and its exclusive contract should be immediately canceled, the service’s inspector general has found.

WYTV News: Closing of Youngstown USPS Processing Center Put on Hold
Although the USPS has temporarily delayed the closure of the processing center in Youngstown, Postal Service officials stress that plans to consolidate the Youngstown operation with Cleveland has not changed.

Federal News Radio: Thank a Government Employee This Week
This is Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) — a week set aside to recognize the work done by government employees at local, state and federal levels. Thank you to the United States Postal Service. People seem to like to criticize the Post Office, but I do not know why. I've never had a letter or package I sent via USPS lost or damaged. They can deliver a letter anywhere in the country for pennies and do it quickly. Last year, they delivered over 155 billion packages and pieces of mail to almost 154 million delivery points. They have competitive prices, great service, and do not refuse to deliver mail to locations just because those locations are not profitable. Thank you postal workers.

Postal News Roundup

The Hill: Postal Service Urged to End Deal with Real Estate Broker
But in separate statements, both USPS and CBRE shot back that the inspector general’s report missed the mark. Mark Dimondstein, the union’s president, said the report was a reminder that APWU and other interested parties shouldn’t let USPS sell off at times historic real estate, and should join the call for the agency to fire CBRE.

The Spokesman Review: Letter to Editor: Let USPS Make Loans
Congress could make up for the punishing burden placed on the USPS by facilitating what post offices in New Zealand, Brazil, India and China do, and the USPS inspector general estimates would generate $9 billion annually for USPS: making small, low-interest loans to local residents.

Federal Times: House Passes Budget Without Federal Benefit Cuts
House and Senate Republicans have been working to reconcile budget proposals that included significant benefit cuts, but the unified version passed by the House and to be voted on in the Senate dropped a plan to increase federal employee pension contributions to six percent or more of salaries.

Postal News Roundup Inspector: Conflicts of Interest Taint CBRE’s-Post Office Sales
Since CBRE represented both sides in deals, "this arrangement allowed CBRE to negotiate with no parties present, representing both the lessor and the Postal Service and being paid by both," according to the report. 

Cronkite News: Mail Closure in Tucson Could Save Postal Service, But Cost Region Millions
Although Cherrybell would still offer postal services – like accepting packages and delivering mail – it would stop processing mail, much of it originating in southern Arizona. The pieces would have to travel 112 miles to Phoenix, or farther, for processing.

Postal News Roundup

Washington Post: As USPS Slows Down Mail Delivery, Some Letters Are Taking Even Longer to Arrive than the New Rules Allow
Preliminary internal data shows that the Postal Service did not meet even its lower targets for first-class mail during the first seven weeks of 2015, with letters that are supposed to take three days (and four or five days if they’re headed to Alaska or Hawaii) arriving on time just 54 percent to 63 percent of the time.

Contra Costa Times: Berkeley Post Office Worthy of Passion, Protest
The Berkeley post office stands for something that would be missed if it were gone, Carol Wolfley, told the Contra Costa Times.

Postal News Roundup

Wisconsin State Journal: Key Votes from Wisconsin Congressional Delegation This Week
A yes vote endorsed steps to improve the postal service in its present structure. 

WMBF News: USPS Finalizing Relocation of Florence Processing Center
However, union workers are still trying to use politics to get USPS to reinstate the Florence facility.

Erie TV News: Expect Delays in Erie’s Mail Service
But Pittsburgh offices contacted Erie last week, saying they aren't prepared to handle the extra volume of mail. 

Postal News Roundup

The Roanoke Times: USPS Roanoke Operations Expected to Begin Move to N.C. on Saturday
Carlton Cooper, president of the local chapter of the American Postal Workers Union, believes that this move will slow down mail in the Roanoke Valley by up to 10 to 12 days for first-class mail.

RTT News: Staples CEO Ronald Sargent’s 2014 Total Compensation Up 15%  to $12.39 Mln
Sargent received a total compensation of $12.39 million, including base salary, stock grants and incentives in 2014, compared to the $10.77 million he received in 2013, and $6.47 million he got in 2012.

Postal News Roundup

Southeast Missourian: McCaskill, Others Request One-Year Moratorium on Consolidation Efforts 
U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill and others have asked a congressional subcommittee for time to pass federal legislation that could create efficiency for the financially ailing U.S. Postal Service.

Save the Post Office: The Surprise Behind Today’s Doodle Google Does Its Part to Save the Post Office
Check out the ending of this video about the making of today's Doodle celebrating the anniversary of the Pony Express.  Looks like even Google wants to help save the post office.

Postal News Roundup

Confusion Over Plan for Petaluma Mail Facility
A controversial plan to shutter the U.S. Postal Service’s North Bay mail processing facility in Petaluma is on hold, but local postal workers and the area’s congressional representative continue to express strong opposition to the plan.

Local Postal Workers Get Reprieve – St. Clair Street Facility Will Keep Sorting Mail for a Time
Arnie Cowell, president of American Postal Workers' Union Local 170, said the postal service has told employees, including 20 workers who were to be transferred to a Detroit area mail sorting facility, that they will continue working in the sorting facility on St. Clair Street.

Postal Service Confirms Some Mail Sorting Will Remain in Duluth
Union officials told the News Tribune on Thursday that employees had been informed of a change in plans for the Duluth mail processing center, which had been slated to close on April 18 with operations transferred to the Twin Cities.

Postal News Roundup

How Long Does the Mail Take? Let the Postal Service Count the Days
The Postal Service is proposing to change the way it measures the on-time service performance of First Class Mail.  Instead of contracting a third-party to evaluate how long it takes for the mail to be delivered, the Postal Service wants to count the days itself.

NLRB Hits Postal Service Over Response to Cyber Breach
The National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint calling on the U.S. Postal Service to negotiate with employee groups over how quickly to tell personnel about cyber attacks that affect their personal data.

Postal News Roundup

Save the Post Office: Alas, Poor Post Office: Newsweek Broods on the Demise of the Postal Service
The existential threat to the Postal Service comes from those who don’t want it to exist — conservatives who don’t want anyone to see a successful government-run entity, anti-union politicians and business interests who think paying workers a decent salary is “inefficient,” and corporations in the mailing industry who want to skim the cream off the postal business.

Postal News Roundup

Gallup: Four in 10 Americans Look Forward to Checking Their Mail
In a world of email, texts and social media, 41% of Americans nevertheless look forward to checking what is in their mailbox each day.

Martinez: Council Steps in to Address Local Mail Problems
Local leaders want to talk with Postal Service officials face to face about delivery concerns, long post office lines and other mail-related issues that have generated dozens of formal complaints and hundreds of bitter social media posts.

Postal News Roundup

Boston Globe: Postal Workers’ Ad Assails Faust for Ties to Staples
How do you get the attention of the president of Harvard University? A full-page attack ad in a student newspaper will probably do it. The American Postal Workers Union is taking out an advertisement in the Harvard Crimson later this week telling readers that president Drew Faust is “smearing Harvard’s good name” by sitting on the board of directors at Staples Inc. 

Postal News Roundup

Southeast Missourian: Mail-Processing Change Could Create Delays, Postal Employees Say
Customers in Southeast Missouri already have noticed slowdowns in mail delivery, APWU Local President Greg Davidson said, and with processing scheduled to go  away, he said, additional delays are likely.

Go Erie’s Mail Sorting Plant Set to Close April 18
A letter or bill you mail across town in Erie will soon take a longer trip to reach its destination.

Action News Now: Redding Mail Processing Center Still in Limbo
"The uncertainty is crazy, and it's also the uncertainty of the public's mail," said Larry DeNayer, treasurer for the APWU local in Redding, CA.

Postal News Roundup

North Coast News: Congressman Speaks Out Against Postal Service
Congressman Jared Huffman spoke out against the United States Postal Service and the plans to shut down Eureka’s processing center.

Washington Post: GOP Budget Plan Has a Surprise Among List of Cuts for Federal Employees
Among the policy retreads, there was a surprise in the House package. Republicans want to make the most popular employee investment fund in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) worthless. 

Postal News Roundup

Rep. Huffman to New Postmaster General: Don’t Close Petaluma and Eureka Mail Processing Centers
Congressman Jared Huffman (D-CA) sent a letter to the new Postmaster General reiterating his strong opposition to the USPS' plan to close both the North Bay Processing and Distribution Center in Petaluma and the Eureka Customer Service Mail Processing Center.

Northland News Center: USPS Officials Confirm Mail Delays Starting in April Due to Consolidation
Expect delays in your mail delivery, starting as soon as next week, as the United States Postal Service begins consolidating the Duluth mail processing facility.

Government Executive: House Approves Budget That Cuts Agency Spending and Employee Compensation
The House on Wednesday evening approved 228-199 a budget resolution that would phase out the FERS annuity supplement, limit the rate of return on the Thrift Savings Plan’s G fund, make changes to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program,and increase federal employees’ contributions to their pensions, effectively resulting in a pay cut of between 2 percent and 5 percent. The plan suggests eventually phasing out the defined benefit program entirely in favor of just a defined contribution system.

Postal News Roundup

Government Executive: Future of the Postal Service: End the Monopoly or Grew New Business?
Postal experts and economists sparred at a panel discussion Wednesday over whether the cure to what ails the U.S. Postal Service is more competition or new streams of revenue.

Federal News Radio: Should the Postal Service Go Into Banking?
Consider this: Post offices sell money orders and conduct international transfers. Would it be such a big step to expand into the banking world via debit or prepaid cards?

Postal News Roundup

Common Dreams: How Privatization Degrades Our Daily Lives
The Project on Government Oversight found that in 33 of 35 cases the federal government spent more on private contractors than on public employees for the same services.

Washington Post: Federal Workers Could Pay More for Health Care, Get Less for Retirement Under GOP Plan
The federal budget proposed by House Republicans would reduce the amount of money that government employees earn through a popular retirement fund and potentially increase the amount they have to contribute to their health-care plan, according to newly released details. 

Postal News Roundup

Save the Post Office: Epic Fail for the Postal Service: Wrong Model and Wrong BOG
What if the problem with the Postal Service isn’t a failed business model at all?

Siskiyou Daily News: Local Fights Against Mail Facility Closure
American Postal Workers Union member Larry Nayer stood outside the Yreka Post Office on Friday, asking people to sign a petition that opposes the proposed closure of the mail processing center in Redding.

Postal News Roundup

WMUK: Kalamazoo Mail Plant to Close, Expect More Delays
“The postal service really is not doing as bad as they say, if it weren’t for that mandate," says Linda Sarratt, president of the Southwest Michigan local of the American Postal Workers Union.

Save the Post Office: Congresswoman Barbara Lee Proposes Moratorium on Sale of Historic Post Offices
Congresswoman Barbara Lee 
of California (13th District) has introduced legislation to halt the sale and consolidation of historic Postal Service facilities.

Postal News Roundup

Huffington Post: An Expanding U.S. Postal Service is Possible
Recently 64 organizations, led by the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), came together in what is being called the Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service. The alliance is advocating for increased services, including banking service.  

NPMHU: NPMHU Urges Participation in the Grand Alliance
The NPMHU is pleased to be working with the APWU, NALC,  NRLCA, and a number of like-minded organizations to establish “A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.”

NBC News: Middle-Class Betrayal? Why Working Hard Is No Longer Enough in America
Steve, a member of the postal workers union, has a clear sense that the situation his kids are in is a result of long-term economic shifts. But that does not mean he's any less rattled by the consequences.

Postal News Roundup Can One Union Save the Slumping U.S. Postal Service?
With new leadership, the APWU could turn the tide if they build an effective national movement. 

New Pittsburgh Courier: The Value of a Government-Owned Postal Service
As we can see from other experiments in privatization, in order to prepare the public for privatization it is important to discredit the public delivery of a specific service.

Idaho State Journal: Meeting on Mail Processing Center Closure Set for Monday
Mayor Blad said the closure of the mail processing center on or about April 18 will have an adverse impact on Pocatello and the surrounding region.



Postal News Roundup

Bidness Etc: American Postal Workers Union Stands in the Way of Office Depot-Staples Merger
The announcement sent a wave of concern amongst investors holding positions in both Office Depot and Staples stocks, with stocks of both the office equipment suppliers going down following the news.

New Haven Register: Forum: America Needs Congress to Act Now for Real Reform of Postal Service
The Postal Service’s current policy to dig the agency out of a hole by closing post offices and mail processing facilities is not a solution to its financial crisis, writes APWU Northeast Region Coordinator John Dirzius. Eleventh-Hour Effort to Save Postal Centers Merits Support
It’s crunch time for efforts of 82 hit-listed U.S. Postal Service processing centers to dodge the bullet of permanent closing.The APWU last week launched a one-stop website,, on which postal consumers can vent their opposition to the closures and can send letters and emails to federal lawmakers in support of legislation to stop the closings and improve mail delivery standards across the United States.

Postal News Roundup

In These Times: With Corporate Profits Soaring, AFL-CIO Unions Say, ‘It’s Our Turn’
Union leaders are approaching negotiations in a way designed to win maximum support from both other unions and the general public. American Postal Workers Union president Mark Dimondstein is pushing for improving postal service quality and expanding its mission to help average Americans, especially low-income people with few available banking services, by creating a postal bank or financial service center. Union Launches Late Hour Push to Save Akron Mail Center
A postal workers union is making a late-hour push to prevent the planned April shutdown of four mail-sorting operations in Ohio. This week, the American Postal Workers Union launched the My Mail, My Ohio website (, a Twitter feed and a Facebook page all aimed at encouraging people and organizations to speak out against the closings.

ECommerce Online Selling and the Future of Package Delivery
PostalVision 2020 conference organizer John Callan, says that  "what USPS does best suits both mail and parcels both and that's deliver to households," while at the same time praises the effectiveness of centralized "cluster-boxes." 

Postal News Roundup

Al Jazeera America: Contracts for 5 Million Workers to Expire in 2015
Millions of unionized workers in the U.S. will see their contracts expire over the next year, and labor leaders say that even non-union workers should hope those contract negotiations go well for the labor movement. American Postal Workers Union president Mark Dimondstein noted his union’s advocacy for a plan that would allow the post office to provide financial services in low-income communities. “We’re approaching our negotiations as bargaining for the public good,” Dimondstein said.

Let's Talk About It: USPS Counters at Staples  [Audio]
Public Service Program with guest Cynthia Heyward of the American Postal Workers Union.

Postal News Roundup

ABC News: Why Danny Glover is Trying to Save the Postal Service
An unlikely candidate has volunteered his services to help save what has been called the dying U.S. Postal Service.

Wall Street Journal: Union Pushes Post Office to Offer Financial Services
The American Postal Workers Union is making a big ask as part of contract talks it kicked off Thursday with the U.S. Postal Service: It wants the post office to expand customer offerings to include financial services.

Campaign for America's Future: Postal Workers and the Public Want a Postal Banking Public Option
Contract talks between the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and the U.S. Postal Service for a new contract start Thursday. Along with asking for fair wages and benefits, the APWU wants improvements in customer services, including postal banking.

Postal News Roundup

Washington Post: Union Enters Talks with Star Power to Expand, Not Cut, Postal Services
Contract talks began Thursday between the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and a reenergized union that seeks to broaden the field of play well beyond the negotiating room.

Washington Post Blog: Danny Glover, the Postal Workers’ Lethal Weapon
Actor-activist Danny Glover’s mother and father were USPS workers, his brother was a letter carrier, his sister worked there to pay for college, and Glover himself spent three Christmases working at the post office to earn extra cash. “I’m concerned that the post office will not be available for my grandson,” says Glover in his signature gravelly baritone

Postal News Roundup

MSNBC's The Ed Show: Danny Glover Fights to Save US Postal Service
U.S. Postal Workers gained a star partner in their fight to save the national mail carrying institution. Ed Schultz, actor Danny Glover and Mark Dimonstein, President of the American Postal Workers Union, discuss upcoming contract negotiations and the Grand Alliance.

Target Marketing Magazine: Cash-Strapped USPS to Become a Bank?
Postal banking can help make the U.S. Postal Service more viable, say representatives of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) who plan to put the banking proposal on the bargaining table on Thursday during the opening day of union negotiations with the USPS.

Ecommerce Bytes: Union Says USPS Should Exploit Ecommerce Opportunity
One year ago, the USPS Inspector General said offering financial services could help generate $8.9 billion in new revenue per year for the Postal Service. Apparently postal workers agree, and their union said Wednesday the Postal Service should also capture a greater share of the growing ecommerce market. 

American Urban Radio Networks: Actor Danny Glover: Save the Post Office 
Actor/activist Danny Glover has joined a coalition of non-profits known as the Grand Alliance, in an effort to "Save the Post Office."  Kim Lampkins has the story.

Postal News Roundup

Times Herald Record: USPS May Finally Close Stewart Plant in July
The U.S. Postal Service’s processing plant at Stewart Airport could finally close for good later this year. The APWU is hoping for Congress to stop the closing of this and other plants, and is asking area municipalities to back them.

Save the Post Office: Beware of False Assumptions: OIG Looks at Postal Service’s Unfunded Liabilities
The OIG’s report provides a refreshing reminder that the Postal Service is actually in very good long-term financial condition and certainly not in the dismal shape that critics claim — or, for that matter, as maintained by the new Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, who said recently, “Our current financial situation is untenable when you consider that we have 35 cents in assets for every dollar of liability." USPS Expands its Reach at Private Sector Expense
The debt-ridden U.S. Postal Service is looking to expand its service footprint from well beyond its core mail-delivery operations — everything from grocery delivery to payday loans. But the quasi-governmental agency’s hunt for badly needed revenue streams is coming at the expense of private-sector competitors, undercutting the basic principles of the American free-market system, critics contend. Actor-Activist Danny Glover in Solidarity with Postal Workers as Labor Talks Begin
The American Postal Workers Union starts talks on a new contract with the U.S. Postal Service today with actor/activist Danny Glover in their corner. These postal labor talks come
​as management is carrying out a policy of slashing jobs, closing mail facilities and dismantling the vast postal network with piecemeal privatization.


Editorial Response: Real Postal Reform Will Save Jobs and the Service

The Bulletin: Real Postal Reform Will Save Jobs and the Service
“The U.S. Postal Service’s current policy to dig the agency out of a financial hole by closing post offices and mail processing facilities is not a solution,” APWU Northeast Region Coordinator John Dirzius wrote in response to an editorial. “The postal service is an essential part of the American economy and its vast network is an integral part of our national infrastructure.” 

Processing Plant Closures Loom

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth Postal Center Moves Toward Closure
Todd Fawcett, representing the American Postal Workers Union encouraged residents to contact their congressional representatives about the processing center in Duluth.

Go Postal Service Moves to Close Erie Mail Sorting Facility
Joe Szocki, president of the American Postal Workers Union in Erie, has said that there's a price to be paid for closing plants. He said in a previous interview that closing the local facility would effectively end next-day delivery in Erie.

USPS OIG Blog: Be Careful What You Assume
What if your credit card company told you: “You will charge a million dollars on your credit card during your life; please enclose the million dollars in your next bill payment. It’s the responsible thing to do.” Doesn’t seem quite right, does it? Well, that’s what the U.S. Postal Service’s requirement to prefund its long-term pension and healthcare liabilities is like. 

Grand Alliance Garners Headlines

Huffington Post: A “Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service”
The Conservative/Wall Street/1 Percent/Republican anti-government strategy is to set government up to fail (usually by starving it of funding). Then they point to the resulting "crisis" they created and say it proves that government doesn't work so we should "privatize" it - in other words, rig the system against We the People by handing our common wealth over to a few wealthy people to harvest for personal profit. Now they're coming for the U.S. Postal Service. …

In These Times: Banking Goes Postal - Sixty-Four Unions and Community Groups Are Demanding a Banking Public Option – At the Post Office
American Postal Workers Union (APWU) president Mark Dimondstein has an offer that should be hard to refuse, especially for the 10 million American households, mostly low-income, that do not have a checking account or other basic banking services. … Postal workers would also win: Expanding postal services would create more jobs. 

Corporate Crime Reporter: Alliance Fights Back Against Corporate Attack on Postal Service
An alliance of unions and public interest groups has come together to fight back against the corporate attack on the United States Postal Service. At the press conference, Alliance organizers played a video featuring actor Danny Glover, who says that his parents were postal workers.

Postal News Roundup

Washington Post: Postal Unions, Advocacy Groups Join Forces to ‘Save USPS’
The American Postal Workers Union will join other labor and advocacy groups Thursday to announce a new coalition designed to “save” the U.S. Postal Service from service cuts and efforts to privatize the mail system.The coalition of 63 religious coalitions, retiree organizations, educational and postal unions, lawmakers and progressive advocacy groups is calling itself  “A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.”

​Daily Kos: The Push for Postal Banking is Headed to the Bargaining Table
The campaign for postal banking could get its next boost next week when the American Postal Workers Union goes into contract negotiations planning to push the idea.

Antioch Herald: Postal Workers Stage On-Going Protest at Staples at Antioch Stores, Want Postal Workers Handling Mail
Holding signs that read “Don’t Buy Staples” and “The U.S. Mail is NOT for Sale” members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) were protesting in front of the Antioch Staples store, on Friday, January 30, as part of an ongoing effort to stop the office products chain from handling mail.

Postal News Roundup

Huffington Post: How The Post Office Could Take On The Payday Loan Industry
With the idea of postal banking becoming more mainstream in the U.S., the head of the largest union of postal workers says he plans to make a revived banking service part of his union's upcoming contract talks with the U.S. Postal Service.

Reuters: Obama Slams Staples, Big Companies on Healthcare: ‘Shame on Them’
U.S. President Barack Obama singled out office supply giant Staples Inc as undercutting his healthcare reform law and said large corporations should not use the health insurance issue as an excuse for cutting wages, the news website BuzzFeed reported. 

Fox News: Customers Upset with Area Post Office for Unpredictable Midday Closures
Customer complaints and FOX 4 inquiries have prompted policy change at a northland post office.

Postal News Roundup

Buzzfeed: Staples Threatens to Fire Staff for Working More than 25 Hours a Week
In 2015, an Affordable Care Act provision requiring large employers to offer health insurance to staff working more than 30 hours a week kicked into effect. Now, some part-time staff at Staples say management has become extra vigilant about limiting their hours.

Washington Post: Can the Postal Service Cling to the Hope that People Still Want Paper Bills?
Many Americans still opt for paper billing despite a preference for online payments, according to a study commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general’s office.

The Hill: Federal Union Workers Rally for Good Government
Federal union workers gathered in Washington on Tuesday to rally for higher wages and fewer federal spending cuts.

Postal News Roundup

CNN Money: Staples and RadioShack Deliver Big Hit to Jobs
RadioShack's bankruptcy will put thousands of workers out of work, but Staples' plan to buy rival Office Depot could cost even more jobs. The two office supply companies have about 4,000 stores and nearly 150,000 employees between them. 

Local News 8: Pocatello Postal Workers Face Involuntary Reassignment
Several postal workers at Pocatello's Flandro Drive processing center tell Local News 8 they received letters Thursday warning of possible “involuntary reassignment” to other positions within the postal service. Local News 8 has been unable to confirm how many workers this will affect, but the Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers said it's part of a plan to close the processing center and redirect mail to Salt Lake City

Postal News Roundup

The Journal Gazette: Staples Set to Buy Office Depot – Opposition Starts EarlyStaples Set to Buy Office Depot – Opposition Starts Early
“A Staples takeover of Office Depot would lead to higher prices for consumers and store closings that would affect employees and customers alike,” Dimondstein said in a statement.  Another concern cited in the news release is the mail services that Staples offers, using employees who are paid less than postal workers whose hours have been reduced.

Arizona Daily Star: Mail Delays Detrimental, Tucson Business Leaders Say
In a press conference with a Tucson councilman, union members and area chambers of commerce, Tucson business leaders said they are experiencing significant delays in mail delivery since the U.S. Postal Service changed its service standards Jan. 5.

Union Opposes Staples Takeover of Office Depot

“The [merger of Staples and Office Depot] is strongly opposed by members of the American Postal Workers Union, who say it would lead to higher prices for consumers and layoffs for employees,” CNN Money reported. “The union called on the FTC and the Justice Department to block the merger,” it said.

​“The American Postal Workers Union says it ‘will vigorously oppose’ the ‘monopolistic and unlawful’ Staples-Office Depot merger before the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission,” wrote.

NH Labor News reported, “We call on Congress to weigh in with the FTC and the Department of Justice to stop it. “A Staples takeover of Office Depot would lead to higher prices for consumers and store closings that would affect employees and customers alike,” Dimondstein said. “There are new grounds to block this combination as well,” he added.

Postal News Roundup

North Coast News: Closure of Mail Processing Center Creates Concern
The possible closure of a Eureka mail processing center has officials worried about how it will impact local jobs and the community.

Linn's Stamp News: No Speedy Delivery for Letter to Brennan
Poor Express Mail service delayed delivery of a critical letter from three former members of the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee to Postmaster General Megan Brennan.

Postal News Roundup

WMBF News: Politics Delaying Consolidation of Florence Mail Processing Plant
The Florence mail processing and distribution facility is scheduled to be relocated to Columbia in three months – but that could change, thanks to protests by APWU members and pressure from elected officials. 

Fierce Government: IG: USPS Could Lose Nearly $300 Million This Year Due to Poor Customer Service
The Postal Service risks losing nearly $300 million this fiscal year due to unsatisfactory treatment of retail customers, says a Jan. 29 USPS inspector general report.

Postal News Roundup

DelMarVa Now: Privatization Won’t Improve Your Mail Service or Costs
In an Op-Ed column in his local newspaper, APWU Retiree Roland Scheck writes that outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe was "caught with his hand in the privatization jar.” Had his scheme been finalized, in a couple of years you have might read how he was hired by these same corporations as a multimillion dollar consultant. 

Journal Times: Mail Seem Slow? Postal Service Change is Likely the Cause
If you’ve recently suspected that letters and bills have been bit slower in arriving in your mailbox, you’re not imagining it. Last month, the United States Postal Service implemented changes to the way it processes all First-Class Mail that isn’t big enough to be considered a parcel. 

Postal News Roundup

Workers Independent News: Postal Banking 
Thirty-eight percent of zip codes have no bank, but they have a post office, Eastern Region Coordinator Mike Gallagher tells a radio audience. Postal banking would generate revenue for the Postal Service and serve the millions of families for whom traditional banking is out of reach.

Union Edge: Postal Banking Would Help Low-Wage Workers While Preserving Postal Services and Jobs
The American Postal Workers Union is on a crusade to both preserve postal services and to save good middle class jobs in the process.

TWC News Buffalo: Schumer Urges New Postmaster General to Keep William Street Processing Center Open  
Senator Charles Schumer is urging the new postmaster general to keep the William Street processing and distribution center in Buffalo open until at least the end of 2015.

Postal News Roundup

The Register-Herald: McKinley Introduces Resolution to Return USPS to Prior Service Standards
District 1 Congressman David B. McKinley, R-W.Va., introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for an end to the postal slowdown and a return to prior service standards.

Green Valley News and Sun: Postal Service Goes Wrong Way 
The U.S. Postal Service is obviously on the wrong track in pursuing profitability with slower service, according to a recent editorial. 

FedWeek: USPS Should Get Into Banking Business, Union Says
The Postal Service could put its infrastructure to better use and better serve the public by getting into the banking business, especially in areas lacking full financial services close by, according to the American Postal Workers Union.

Postal News Roundup

Upper Michigans Source: Sen. Stabenow Introduces Measures to Stop Postal Service Closures
Senator Debbie Stabenow introduced an amendment that would stop the Postal Service from continuing the closure of facilities for two years and re-establish overnight delivery standards for first-class mail.

Missoulian: Post Office Alters Delivery Standards, Could Delay First-Class Mail
"What it boils down to is management at the highest level decided the sorting standard is less important,” said Suzanna La Grange, president of the local APWU.

KOAM TV: McCaskill: Postal Service ‘Essential to Rural America’
U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill used a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee meeting to discuss the urgent need for reforms to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to help protect delivery service for Missourians in rural communities.  Watch the video here

Postal News Roundup

Salon: “We Know Exactly Who Today’s Dream Killers Are”: Why Postal Banking Is So Needed — And on the Rise
Postal banking — allowing the post office to serve over 67 million Americans with little or no access to financial services, providing low-cost alternatives that would both promote financial inclusion and shore up the finances of the nation’s second-largest employer — has enjoyed a bit of institutional support, from Senator Elizabeth Warren to the Postal Service’s own Inspector General. But it hasn’t had the benefit of an activist movement pushing for it, until now.

Postal News Roundup

The Boston Herald: Sanders Proposes Moratorium on Postal Service Cuts
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed legislation to impose a two-year ban on the U.S. Postal Service's plan to cut up to 15,000 jobs, close more mail-sorting plants and stop overnight delivery of first-class mail and periodicals. 

Kokomo Tribune: Coalition Looking to Spread Awareness of Postal Service Consolidations
When the United States Postal Service announced in November it was consolidating the Kokomo processing center into Indianapolis, Nancy Fowler sprang into action. A member of the American Postal Workers Union, she spearheaded the creation of the Consolidation Coalition.

Postal News Roundup

Rep. Clyburn on the Ed Show: Subterfuge on Social Security Disability Insurance is Like Tactics Used on the Post Office
Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) appeared on the Ed Show on Jan. 13, where he said opponents of Social Security are using  tactics similar to those used to used to undermine the Postal Service.

Portland Press Herald: Postal Service Change Leaves Some Portland Boxes Empty
About a dozen post offices in southern Maine received a late delivery of mail Wednesday because of operational changes at the Scarborough distribution center. 

Postal News Roundup

Anti-Union Washington Post Praises PMG’s Attack
Yet again, the Washington Post - owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos - has published an editorial that blames postal unions and mailers for management’s failures. 

The Hill: Goldway: Postal Service Cuts Ill-Considered
“This latest round of operational cuts, however, threatens the very integrity and concept of Universal Service -- the Postal Service’s primary obligation under the law,” Postal Regulatory Commissioner Ruth Goldway wrote in a column for The Hill, a publication widely-read by members of Congress.

The Press Democrat: New US Postal Service Standards to Add Delivery Time to Mail 
If plant consolidation is carried out, “Our entire community will lose business opportunities associated with e-commerce, which relies on the speedy delivery of goods ordered online,” Valerie Schropp, vice president of the Redwood Empire Area Local, told  the paper.

Postal News Roundup

ABC News: Fayetteville Postal Workers Protest Downtown Facility Closure
Marching through a downpour, about 30 postal workers made their way from the Airborne Special Operations Museum to the Green Street Post Office Monday morning, protesting the loss of 400 jobs and the degradation of postal service.

Worcester Telegram: Shrewsbury Postal Workers Say Their Lives Are in Limbo
Elimination of hundreds of jobs at the postal service's Central Massachusetts Processing and Distribution Center will cause major disruption in lives and possibly lead to entire families being uprooted, some workers said Monday.

Postal News Roundup

Save the Post Office: How New Service Standards May Slow Down Much More Mail Than the Postal Service is Saying
The mail is slowing down again, but it's not clear how much.  There's good reason to be believe, though, that it will be more than the Postal Service is saying.

TWC News: Postal Workers Union to Rally Against Proposed Closure
Local union workers plan to hold an informational rally Monday to show the community how that would affect the city.

Postal News Roundup

MSNBC: A Viewer Asks Ed: Will the President Stand Up for the Postal Service Before It’s Too Late? [Video]

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Shrewsbury Postal Workers Brace for Cuts
At least 383 jobs at the Central Massachusetts Processing and Distribution Center will be reassigned when services at the facility are consolidated with two others, John H. Flattery, president of the APWU told reporters in Shrewsbury.

KPVI: Group Works to Keep Pocatello’s Mail Processing
Right now Pocatello leaders and community members are working on a plan to save Pocatello's mail processing plant. 

Billings Gazette: Rural Customers Suffer the Most with USPS Cutbacks
The USPS inspector general last October chastised the agency for not fully analyzing the impact from its proposed plant closings and the Postal Service said it would do so —but only after its slower service standards go into effect. In other words, it will consider whether it can reach its goals after it has lowered them.

PMG Blames Union, Mailers in Farewell Address

In a “farewell address” at the National Press Club on Jan. 6, outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe blamed postal unions and mailers for Congress’ refusal to enact his legislative proposals. But union leaders accused Donahoe of launching an all-out assault on the Postal Service and hiding the truth about widespread mail delays caused by his policies. “He’s not telling the truth on delivery standards,” American Postal Workers Union President Mark Dimondstein said in an interview with the Washington Post. “Instead of cutting back hours of service, they should expand hours of service,” he said. APWU President Mark Dimondstein told USA Today Donahoe was "the worst Postmaster General the Postal Service has ever seen.” NALC President Fredric Rolando told the Washington Post that "the postmaster general’s tone in his remarks with regard to the employees — and to other stakeholders, including businesses and lawmakers — is insulting." Donahoe “is mired in blaming everyone but himself,” he said.

Postal News Roundup

MLive: Michiganders Can Expect Mail Delays from Planned Closures, Postal Unions Warn
Michigan residents can expect mail delays due to the closure of the Lansing processing plant. postal unions warn, due to the closure of the Lansing processing plant which also affects about 175 jobs. A plant in Kalamazoo is slated to shut down in April.

Washington Post: Do workers want flexibility? Depends on how you define it. 
On Monday, the U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general
 posted a report with a seemingly innocuous title. “Flexibility at Work,” it read. As it turns out, however, “flexibility” means different things to different people. And the unions that represent the Postal Service’s workers saw in the report an immediate threat.

Postal News Roundup

Ridenbaugh Press: Two Economies
The looming closure of Pocatello’s regional mail distribution center, which would have a deep, widespread impact not only on greater Pocatello, but all of eastern Idaho.

Government Executive: USPS Delays Scheduled Consolidations at Many Facilities
Postal customers will, in many cases, see their mail delivered more slowly when the consolidations are completed, with overnight delivery reduced the most dramatically.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Clerks Protest Extending Services to Staples Stores - Post office clerks rallied outside a Staples office supply store in Center City [Philadelphia] on Tuesday. They were complaining that the U.S. Postal Service's plans to install in-store postal counters where lower-wage Staples employees would sell stamps and accept packages would hurt postal jobs and jeopardize the safety of the mail.

Post Office Cuts Deemed ‘Mindless,’ ‘Nonsensical’ - Area businesses will pay more to receive a lower level of service if a Post Office cost-cutting plan is implemented, several speakers said at a Monday rally to save the regional U.S. Postal Service distribution center in Duluth. Gov. Mark Dayton chastised the Postal Service for considering a plan that he deemed “nonsensical.” “I don’t really understand this theory that if you’re having a competitive challenge, you improve your situation by making your services worse,” he said.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Service to Add Thousands of Union Jobs in 2014 - The U.S. Postal Service will soon add thousands of union jobs to its rolls, a major postal labor group announced Monday.

Unions Protest Postal Service Processing Plant Relocation from Industry to Santa Ana - More than 50 people picketed a U.S. Postal Service facility in Industry where union members say plans to relocate first-class mail processing to Orange County will result in big delays to San Gabriel Valley customers.

Union, along with Community Protest USPS Relocating Florence Processing Facility - People of different walks of life, bonded by one issue gathered in front of post office in Florence Saturday morning to protest the departure of the postal service's processing facility.

Postal News Roundup

Standing up to Post Office Privatizers“Boss,” spelled backwards, is double-S-O-B, and that’s how most of the employees of the US Postal Service feel about their top boss.

With a Win on the Line in Colorado, Democrats Hope to Mail It In - Here in the Senate battleground of Colorado, the latest front in the voting wars is  the mailbox.

Cherrybell Post Office Processing Center to Close in April - As new digital technology takes over, the U.S. Postal Service continues shrinking its operations. It's been happening here in Tucson for some time now with the partial shut-down of the Cherrybell mail processing center in 2011. Now the post office will cease all letter sorting, handing the job off to Phoenix.

Postal News Roundup

Why Do You Have to Buy an iPhone 6 to Get a Working Digital Wallet? Think Different - Apple’s new payments system seems promising, but why is it limited only to the elite? The postal service can serve everyone.

Representatives, County Council Support Keeping USPS Mail Facility Open - Eighty-two USPS mail sorting facilities across the US are scheduled to close in in 2015, including Erie's on E. 38th Street. But now, Erie, PA's representatives and local politicians are working with the postal workers union, to delay this process by one year.

Postal News Roundup

Reid Joins Effort to Stop Postal Closures - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has joined an effort to block the U.S. Postal Service from closing dozens of processing centers, increasing the odds of a congressional debate over postal operations this month.

Postal Union to Staples: U.S. Mail Not for Sale - The Postal Workers’ Union, the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the Boston Teachers Union have a message for Staples: The U.S. mail is not for sale.

CBRE Arranges Sale of Bronx GPO to One of Its Clients - The New York Daily News is reporting that the Postal Service has sold the Bronx General Post Office to Youngwoo & Associates.

Union Wins Documents in Row Over Staples-Post Office Deal

The Wall Street Journal - A postal workers union has won the latest round in its fight with the United States Postal Service over a program to offer postal products in Staples Inc. stores. Earlier this month, an administrative law judge in Washington, D.C., ruled that the postal service must provide the union with a copy of a confidential agreement with the retailer as well as hundreds of emails between the two groups. The union had filed charges with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that the agreement violates a subcontracting provision and other terms of the union’s contract with the postal service.

How to Save the Postal Service and Boost the Savings Rate

Bloomberg Businessweek - It’s high time for the U.S. to emulate the century-plus experience of postal banking elsewhere in the developed world. America’s vast number of post offices offers an opportunity to make savings convenient and low-cost to the unbanked and underbanked, a far better alternative than the current ubiquity of payday lenders and other high-fee, high-rate creditors in lower-income markets. Better yet, the U.S. can take advantage of the long experience of other countries to design a state-of-the-art postal banking service.

Protesters Picket Appearance of Deputy Postmaster General in Vancouver

The Oregonian - A group of postal workers and supporters set up a picket line Thursday outside the Vancouver Hilton, where Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman was attending a mailer's expo. They chanted and circulated flyers to call attention to the U.S. Postal Service's plans to consolidate distribution centers in Oregon, potentially costing the jobs of several hundred workers.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Workers Staples Boycott Comes To Boston - The boycott campaign against Staples organized by the American Postal Workers Union was supported in Boston Wednesday by teachers who delivered a “don’t buy school supplies at Staples” message. Staples is being boycotted for taking postal jobs in a deal with the U.S. Postal Service to provide mail services at Staples stores.

Postal workers protest Staples - Protesters from the local American Postal Workers Union No. 32 gathered Aug. 12 at the corner of McGinnis Ferry Road and Peachtree Parkway in Johns Creek. They were out in opposition to a program started in conjunction with Staples to allow the retailer to handle some U.S. Postal Service functions.

American Postal Workers Union Pickets Closing of Processing Center - An informational picket took place outside of Congressman Bob Goodlatte's office Wednesday as a way to let the public know what's coming once Roanoke's mail processing center closes.

Postal News Roundup

USPS Moves Ahead on Plant Consolidations, Lawmakers and Unions Speak Out - The Postal Service will move ahead with its consolidation of processing facilities--after the second phase of the project was postponed earlier this year--despite postal unions and some lawmakers coming out against the plan.

A Short History of Postal Banking - As the debate over reinstituting postal banking heats up, we should know we had it. And it worked.

Postal News Roundup

Teachers and Postal Workers to Protest STAPLES in Boston - The ‘Don’t Buy Staples’ campaign, organized by the American Postal Workers Union (APWU), will come to the Boston area – home of the troubled retailer – with two events on Wednesday, August 20, the same day the company will release its second quarter results.

Postal Workers to Picket New Delivery Standards - An informational picket is planned outside Congressman Bob Goodlatte's office this week as a way to let the public know about coming proposed USPS changes that will end the overnight delivery standard.

More Workers Report Delays in Mail OperationsMore employees of the Richard G. Wilson Processing and Distribution Facility in Cape Girardeau have come forward and said they have noticed a delay in local mail operations and delivery.

Postal News Roundup

Half of Senate Calls for End to Proposed Postal Cuts - Half of the Senate on Thursday called for a one-year hold on the U.S. Postal Service’s plans to close mail-processing plants, saying the move should come as part of any legislation to avoid another government shutdown. Fifty senators signed a bipartisan letter to top members of the House and Senate appropriations committees opposing USPS plans for closing up to 82 plants and eliminating up to 15,000 jobs starting next year.

Senators Seek to Block USPS Facility Closures - Exactly half of the Senate is calling on Congress to block the U.S. Postal Service from shuttering dozens of processing centers, saying such a move would hurt consumers that rely on the mail. In a letter to appropriators, a bipartisan group of 50 senators said that any deal struck to fund the government this September should place a one-year moratorium on the service’s plans for consolidating its processing network.

Postal News Roundup

Stop Postal Service cuts, Vermont senators say - U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) organized an effort joined by 49 other U.S. senators who called today for a one-year moratorium on plans by the U.S. Postal Service to close mail processing plants and slow first-class mail delivery.

Postal Service pension requirement threatens to break the bank - The real threat to USPS comes from within, thanks to a 2006 law passed by Congress that includes a curiosity: It requires the Postal Service to pay about $5 billion into a retiree health care fund, which is a financial back-breaker.

Jim Hightower: Standing up to post office privatizers - "Boss," spelled backwards, is double-S-O-B, and that's how most of the employees of the US Postal Service feel about their top boss.

Postal News Roundup

More on the Postal Service as financial service provider - A majority of consumers support the argument that providing financial services at USPS branches would expand access to safe financial products for low- and middle-income Americans while providing a new sources of revenue for the Postal Service.

Senators worried about reduced post office hours - New Mexico’s U.S. senators are expressing concern about the Postal Service’s plans to reduce hours at thousands of postal facilities across the United States, including nearly 150 in New Mexico.

Congress needs to preserve and strengthen USPS while fixing pre-funding - Statement from National Association of Letter Carriers President Fredric V. Rolando, on today’s U.S. Postal Service report for the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2014

Postal News Roundup

Will Labor Solidarity Save the Post Office? - Huffington Post
The United States Postal Service (USPS) management just ran into a possible game-changing obstacle to its shameful pursuit of a fully privatized post office: labor solidarity.

If the Post Office Wants Business, Try Postal Banking - Labor Notes
Postal unions are arming for battle as Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe resumes his attack on mail processing plants. He’s put another 82 plants on the chopping block for 2015, claiming this will save $750 million a year. But you know what could bring in 12 times that much money? Postal banking.

Postal News Roundup

House Panel Requires USPS to Keep Saturday Mail Delivery - Government Executive
A key House committee has once again voted to block the U.S. Postal Service from eliminating Saturday delivery, attaching an amendment to a spending bill that would require the agency to deliver mail six days per week. 

Postal Reform Would Save USPS $236 Billion Direct Marketing News
Providing the bulk of those savings would be two of the most controversial measures in the bill introduced by California Republican Darrell Issa: eliminating Saturday delivery and wholesale reduction of direct-door delivery.

Postal News Roundup

Postal Banking to the Rescue in Both Canada and the U.S. - CNW
A study of banks and payday lending companies in the United States and Canada shows a real need for a postal bank exists, especially in areas where post offices abound but few banks offer their services.

Bad Fuel Calculations Cost Postal Service Millions, Investigation Says - Washington Times
An OIG investigation had led the watchdog to think the USPS is paying contractors for more gas than they use. “This can create an environment for fraud, waste, and abuse,” the IG said. “The risk is that suppliers may use excess gallons for non-Postal Service operations, which is prohibited.” Using more up-to date calculations and putting the excess fuel to better use could save the Postal Service nearly $200 million over the next two years, investigators said. Postal Service officials disagreed with the IG’s concerns over waste.

Postal News Roundup

Postal service blows it! Why Wal-Mart and Google are cleaning its clock - Salon
Citing Postmaster General Donahoe’s refusal to embrace postal banking, Salon writer David Dayen suggests he should be relieved of his position. “Some of the largest corporations in America have figured out that expanding banking access for underserved communities makes sense, and have taken steps to fill the need. T-Mobile, Wal-Mart and Google have all begun to move into the financial services arena, with prepaid debit cards to which customers can add money. These companies are threatening to pass by the postal service – which can still get into the mix, but the clock is ticking fast,” he notes. “Donahoe has continued his ‘innovations’ for dealing with the post office’s Congressionally-created budget deficit through branch closures, proposed service disruptions and privatization. The good news is that the regime can be changed.”

Postal News Roundup

Editorial: Welcome to the Real World - Foster's Daily Democrat

While claiming to offer a glimpse into the 'real world', the Foster's Daily Democrat opinion editor proves that supporters of the Staples deal with the USPS are living in a fantasy land. Clearly, the 'Stop Staples' campaign is building momentum and the right-wing proponents of postal privatization are starting to take notice!

Postal News Roundup

Here are some articles we're reading today:

Highway-Funding Crisis Has Lawmakers Scrambling - National Journal
The Senate Finance Committee will meet behind closed doors Wednesday on the heels of a House Republican proposal to shore up the highway fund for a year by allowing the U.S. Postal Service to end Saturday deliveries and putting the “savings” into infrastructure projects—a plan ridiculed and dismissed by two Senate committee leaders.

U.S. Postal Service Fighting for Survival [Video] - Ring of Fire
RFK Jr. and Seder Discuss Privatization and APWU’s Staples Campaign

Build the Backlash!

Postal Union Targets Staples Over Mail Services Program - The Boston Globe

“Doody, the Staples executive, said the company does not want to get in the middle of the fight between the post office and its union, but acknowledged the issue could become a problem if more unions backed the postal workers. He said the retailer will continue to evaluate the situation to determine whether the negative backlash is worth the benefits of the partnership.”

Postal News Roundup

Postal Union Targets Staples Over Mail Services Program - The Boston Globe

A priceless example of USPS double talk:

"The Postal Service said it is not trying to privatize the US mail with the Staples contract. Spokeswoman Reid said customer traffic to post offices is declining and it makes sense for the agency to be located within retail stores that have small-business customers. At the same time, she said the postal service is looking to close some post offices."

Postal News Roundup

Check out these articles in today's news:

The Privatization Scam: 5 Horror Stories of Government Outsourcing to Greedy Private Companies - AlterNet
For decades we’ve been subjected to constant propaganda that government is inefficient, bureaucratic and expensive. Here are 5 privatization horror stories, where government outsourcing has gone terribly wrong. 

Staples in Bears’ Grip as Amazon Rivalry Curbs Growth Options - Bloomberg Businessweek
Wall Street analysts are predicting Staples Inc.’s best days are behind it.

Editorial: Postal Prognosis - Providence Journal
Casual observers may be excused for regarding the U.S. Postal Service as a basket case. But if they looked closer, they’d see there’s life in the post office yet. And there are levers that can be pulled to restore some of its vigor.

Postal News Roundup

Here are some articles we're reading today:

California House Delegation Urges USPS to Nix Staples Deal, L.A. Times
Under the leadership of California House member Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach), 30 members of Congress from California urged Postmaster General Donahoe to reject a pilot program with Staples. Lowenthal believes the Staples partnership "is a clear and unmistakable attempt at union-busting, as well as the privatization of critical public services."

California Federation of Teachers Votes to Boycott Staples,
Standing in solidarity with the APWU and furthering their opposition to privatization, the California Federation of Teachers voted to boycott using Staples for office and school supplies. “By this simple act—asking our members and educators across the country to buy their school supplies elsewhere—we put USPS management and a profit seeking corporation on notice that the quality of mail delivery is not for sale,” CFT President Joshua Pechthalt said.

USPS Piles on Shift to Low Wage Economy with Staples Deal, Next New Deal
The USPS deal with Staples puts middle-class jobs at risk by replacing higher wage opportunities with lower wage jobs.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein Discusses the Stop Staples Campaign, Ed Schultz Radio Show
APWU President Mark Dimondstein sheds light on the internal USPS coorspondence citing low wage jobs as part of the deal with Staples.

Old Ed: Save our Post Offices From Service Cuts, The Hill
Private interests are putting the American postal system at serious risk. Postal employees provide a wealth of services to our country and it is up to Congress and the customers to help save our system.

Secret Negotiations Threaten Public Services in 50 Countries, Canadian National Union of Public and General Employees
With the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) negotiations underway again, public services are in great danger of being at the hands of profit-driven corporations.