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Grand Alliance Garners Headlines

Huffington Post: A “Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service”
The Conservative/Wall Street/1 Percent/Republican anti-government strategy is to set government up to fail (usually by starving it of funding). Then they point to the resulting "crisis" they created and say it proves that government doesn't work so we should "privatize" it - in other words, rig the system against We the People by handing our common wealth over to a few wealthy people to harvest for personal profit. Now they're coming for the U.S. Postal Service. …

In These Times: Banking Goes Postal - Sixty-Four Unions and Community Groups Are Demanding a Banking Public Option – At the Post Office
American Postal Workers Union (APWU) president Mark Dimondstein has an offer that should be hard to refuse, especially for the 10 million American households, mostly low-income, that do not have a checking account or other basic banking services. … Postal workers would also win: Expanding postal services would create more jobs. 

Corporate Crime Reporter: Alliance Fights Back Against Corporate Attack on Postal Service
An alliance of unions and public interest groups has come together to fight back against the corporate attack on the United States Postal Service. At the press conference, Alliance organizers played a video featuring actor Danny Glover, who says that his parents were postal workers.