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Next in Postal Privatization: Goin’ Postal Counters in 2,000 Walmarts

Save the Post Office  - The Goin’ Postal pack-and-ship company has signed a deal to put small postal stores inside of 2,000 Walmarts.  While the Postmaster General will probably say it's all about customer convenience, the deal represents yet another step in the privatization of the Postal Service.

These postal stores, it should be noted, aren’t exactly the same as the mini-post offices at 82 Staples stores.  The Staples counters are more like contract postal units in that they sell only USPS products and services and they charge regular USPS prices.  The Goin’ Postal stores are part of the USPS Approved Shippers program, which consists of stores that can also offer FedEx, UPS, DHL, and anything else they want.  They make their profit by charging a fee on top of the USPS pricing.