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Mark Dimondstein: The U.S. Postal Service is owned by the people — let's keep it that way

Madison Cap Times – Op-ed by President Dimondstein - “As the tax deadline looms and millions scurry to get their forms sent on time, Tax Day is a good time to dispel the myth that the U.S. Postal Service is funded by tax dollars. In fact, the Postal Service receives zero tax dollars for its operations. Without taking a dime in taxes, the Postal Service maintains the lowest prices for mail services in the industrialized world and delivers to 159 million addresses, six — and now often seven — days a week — all funded by revenue from the sale of stamps and other postal products.”

"Keep It, It's Yours." Postal Workers' Message to Public Denounces Trump Privatization Plan

Common Dreams - "’Don't sell this national treasure to private interests that will charge more for less service,’ union says ahead of Tax Day events…U.S. Postal Service workers will hold a day of action Monday to reject a Trump White House proposal to privatize the service.”      

Fighting Back Against Trump Administration's Plan to Privatize the Postal Service.

Workday Minnesota - “The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) held over 100 rallies on Tax day to fight attempts to privatize the postal service privatization.”

APWU fights Trump's plan to privatise the United States Postal Service

Post and Parcel - “APWU President Mark Dimondstein said in a statement: “Our message to the public is quite simple. 'USPS keep it. It's yours.'”

USPS Workers Push Back Against Attacks And Threats Of Privatization - “On Tax Day – April 15 – Postal Workers to Deliver Two Messages at More than 100 Locations in Nearly Every State and Through a National Television…”

Humorous Postal Worker Video Makes Serious Point - “The American Postal Workers Union has produced a humorous new commercial (see video) that reminds the public that the postal service is supported by postage and charges for package delivery and not tax dollars, called ‘We Deliver Almost Anything.’”

Postal Workers Rally in Erie and Across the United States - “On tax filing deadline day, U.S. Postal workers gathered in Erie and across the Country to rally against the idea of privatizing service.  Pete Singler organized the local rally for Union 269. Union members carried signs along East 38th Street, sending the message of zero tax dollars go toward post office service operations. Union members call it a public service, which was never designed to make a profit. Joe Szocki, President of the local American Postal Workers Union, said ‘postal service is not for sale.’”

Dozens rally against privatizing US Postal Service notion on tax filing deadline day

KYW Newsradio 1060 - “On tax filing deadline day, postal workers gathered in front of Philadelphia City Hall to put out a "Not For Sale" sign. They're opposed to a notion floated in Washington by Trump administration officials to privatize the US Postal Service. The legislative director of the American Postal Workers Union Local 89 in Philadelphia, Cynthia Heyward says the Post Office dates back to the Founding Fathers, who established it in the US Constitution. She calls it a public service which was never designed to make a profit. ‘Zero tax dollars go toward supporting the Postal Service,’ she said.”

Post Office workers protest in Macon against privatization of USPS - “Postal workers protested in Macon on Monday about the privatization of the U.S. Post Office.”

Postal Reform: Nothing Will Come of Nothing

The Berkshire Company – Op-ed by Mark Fallon, President & CEO of The Berkshire Company, a consulting firm specializing in mail and document processing strategies. - “Any hopes of meaningful legislative reform in this Congress disappeared while watching the Senate hearing on the Presidential Task Force on the United States Postal System. Then the outlook got dimmer during the confirmation hearings for the President’s latest nominees to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Board of Governors.  Throughout the hearings, the senators’ lack of knowledge about the USPS was on full display. Members confused ratepayers with taxpayers, claimed losses on systems that were making money, and repeatedly admitted they wish they had more information. They do have staffs that could do research, but that would take real commitment to solving the problems. A cynic might think that our senators are intentionally doing nothing to manufacture a crisis…Postal reform is needed. Without a champion in Congress that can effectively get a bill to the floor of both houses for a vote, that is unlikely for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the rank and file of the USPS will continue delivering the mail.”

Mold discovered in ceiling of Muscle Shoals Post Office

Times Daily - “The presence of mold in the ceiling of the U.S. Post office on Avalon Avenue was the reason the facility was closed abruptly in March after being shuttered for several months last year. It's still unclear why the post office closed in August, but Kreg Kennedy, the district field representative for U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, said USPS officials told him Friday the mold was discovered when contractors were investigating a leak in the roof.”

Report: Package containing motorcycle battery explodes at post office northeast of the QC - “Report: Package containing motorcycle battery explodes at post office ... inside exploded at a United States Post Office northeast of the Quad Cities.”

Modifying MODS

USPS OIG - “Data use is critical for all aspects of the U.S. Postal Service’s operations, including determining costs and setting prices. That’s why data systems need to be accurate and reliable. Our recent audit report looked at the Postal Service’s Management Operating Data System (MODS), a web-enabled application that gathers, stores, and reports data on workload, workhours, and processing-machine use by operation and facility type…We found opportunities for the Postal Service to improve the accuracy and reliability of MODS data for costing.”

PRC Assess USPS Pricing and Service in 2018 Annual Compliance Determination: Directs Postal Service to Address a Number of Outstanding Compliance Issues

Postal Regulatory Commission - “Today the Postal Regulatory Commission (Commission) issued its Annual Compliance Determination (ACD) assessing the pricing and service performance standards of the U.S. Postal Service (Postal Service) in fiscal year 2018. This ACD marks the 11th Compliance Determination issued since the enactment of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. The following is a summary of the Commission’s findings, recommendations, and directives.”

Amazon is delivering packages out of 'carnival' tents in a mad race to catch up to UPS and FedEx

Business Insider - “Amazon is delivering packages out of "carnival" tents in cities across the US as it races to catch up with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. The tent stations started popping up last year after Amazon announced a massive campaign to grow its last-mile logistics network by recruiting more delivery service partners, or DSPs, to hire and manage teams of drivers.”

Federal agency to examine privatized Medicaid systems including in Iowa

KGAN TV - “In a letter to the OIG, Democrats are hoping to get answers to key questions including whether Medicaid operators, or MCO's, knowingly deny care…”

Massive Stop & Shop Strike Raises the Stakes for 2020 Democrats

New York - “Organized labor is already poised to play a significant role in the Democratic primary. But now Stop & Shop workers have raised the stakes to new heights, launching the largest private-sector strike since 2016. On Friday, 31,000 workers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are on strike for a second day. A speedy resolution appears unlikely, and some 2020 candidates are already wading into the dispute.”

The largest private sector strike in years is playing out at supermarkets across the Northeast

Vox - “More than 30,000 grocery store employees in the northeastern US are refusing to return to work for the second day in a row. Cashiers and deli workers at Stop & Shop supermarkets walked off the job Thursday afternoon at 240 stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, saying the supermarket chain is trying to slash their pay by hiking health insurance premiums and lowering pension benefits for new employees.”