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Postal News Roundup

ECommerceBytesCould Ads on Packages Subsidize Shipping Costs? 
“Shipping boxes may be a good place to sell advertising, and the USPS and Amazon have already tried out the concept. In a recent article, RetailWire said beauty brand Revlon paid to have 10 million Amazon shipping boxes branded with its name as part of a campaign dubbed ‘the Love Project.’ The marketing experts with whom the publication spoke thought it was great idea, as long as it wasn't done to the point where customers begin to tune out the ads."

Digital Skills Critical For Last-Mile Delivery Companies: Accenture 
“Posties have some work to do when it comes to digital. According to a report from Accenture, shipping and delivery of goods purchased online is not nearly as digitally enabled as in other industries and lacks the investment required to keep up with the changing consumer. The report, The Value Game-Changer: Digital Performance in the Post and Parcel Industry, examined the digital performance of 31 post and parcel organisations to understand how digital technologies could help generate revenue on pace with a booming ecommerce marketplace. It found improving digital performance at post and parcel organisations is critical to successfully capturing the revenue potential created by the explosive growth of ecommerce and to compete effectively in an increasingly crowded delivery landscape…”

Baltimore Post-ExaminerTrump looking to dump Dodd-Frank
“Is another 2008 financial crisis in our future? President Donald Trump met Tuesday at the White House with top CEOs from some of America’s leading corporations. He boasted: ‘We are doing a major elimination of the ‘horrendous’ Dodd-Frank regulations. Keep some obviously, but getting rid of many.’ The cozy CEO clique of twenty honchos belong to something called ‘The Strategy and Policy Forum.’ Tax reform was also on their agenda. You better believe that any so-called ‘tax reform’ will benefit the 1% Gang more than any member of loser Hillary Clinton’s long forgotten and unfairly-maligned ‘deplorables…’”

International Business Times: Airbus signs deal with Singapore Post to trial drone package delivery in 2018 
“Singapore's postal service has signed a major deal with French aerospace manufacturer Airbus to trial drone package deliveries in 2018. Singapore Post (SingPost) and Airbus' civil and military helicopter manufacturing arm Airbus Helicopters have formed a partnership to research and develop the safe use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for delivering and dropping off packages and parcels in urban environments…”

Millennials and Their Love for Direct Mail  (Intl Article from UK) 
“Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are the group of people born between the periods of roughly 1982 to 2004. This means that they are more prevalent with their use of sending tweets and using hashtags for marketing rather than direct mail, right? Millennials actually have a great love for direct mail…”