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Postal News Roundup

Trump's Postal Task Force Has Recommendations Ready for the President

Government Executive - “…deadline was set for Aug. 10. The task force plans to deliver the report to the White House this week, a Treasury Department spokesperson told Government Executive, and will provide the president with a briefing next week when he is expected to return from New Jersey. ‘The task force on the United States Postal Service has conducted outreach and engaged experts and stakeholders to evaluate the operations and finances of USPS, including with USPS personnel, customers and suppliers; economists; and corporate finance analysts,’ the spokesperson said. ‘We have prepared our recommendations for reestablishing a sustainable business model for USPS.’”

Trump’s privatization plan would destroy the Postal Service

The Washington Post – Op-ed Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher - “The post office has been woven into the fabric of American society since 1775, when the Second Continental Congress appointed Benjamin Franklin as the first postmaster general. Today, the U.S. Postal Service is the most popular government agency in the country, with a favorability rating of nearly 90 percent. But now, President Trump is apparently bent on destroying it.”

Millions of Americans Can't Afford a Checking Account. The Post Office Could Fix That

TIME - “Leonard Edwards, 57, doesn’t have a checking account. He can’t afford one. Once a month, the Social Security Administration adds money to his Direct Express Card. Though it looks like a typical debit card, he isn’t allowed to deposit money to it and can’t write checks from it…He’s not alone in his struggles. Nine million households — 7% of households in the United States — are unbanked, or are not served by typical financial institutions, according to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. survey from 2015. Now an old idea has resurfaced that would help those households with help from an unlikely source: the post office. The government would allow anyone to open small checking and interest-bearing savings accounts administered by the U.S. Postal Service.”

EVO's Thunder Ridge Transport Awarded $9 Million in USPS Contracts

Nasdaq - “This is in addition to the nine other states it services through 13 contracts with the USPS. EVO acquired Thunder Ridge last June”

Stark County mail hauler stole almost $2 million from Postal Service, authorities say

Peoria Journal Star - “ A Wyoming man who owns a trucking business stole almost $2 million from the U.S. Postal Service…”

Future of USPS, Vital to Ecommerce, to Be Determined

eCommerce Bytes - “This is a big week for retailers and online marketplaces that rely on the postal service to get ecommerce packages delivered. The President’s task force on postal reform will publish its recommendations on Friday – the day after the USPS publishes financial results for the most recent quarter.”

Missouri voters just blocked the right-to-work law Republicans passed to weaken labor unions

Vox - “Missouri voters made history on Tuesday, blocking the state’s Republican lawmakers from enacting right-to-work laws to cripple labor unions. The state’s primary voters rejected Proposition A, which would have made it illegal for unions to charge fees to workers they represent who don’t want to pay them, by a two-to-one margin when the vote was called by Decision Desk around 10 pm Eastern.”

Missouri’s Labor Vote Was a Historic Win for the Little Guy

Rolling Stone - “Voters in Missouri, a deep-red state that’s anything but a ‘labor stronghold,’ not only vetoed the GOP’s union-busting, wage-slashing law, they did it by a mind-bending two-to-one margin. In the process, they changed the narrative of labor’s long slide toward irrelevance. As state AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer Jacob Hummel, a Democratic state senator from St. Louis, tells Rolling Stone, ‘The corporations and Chambers of Commerce have the money. They don’t have the people.’”  

Baltimore set to be first major US city to ban water privatization

Think Progress - “In a near-unanimous vote on Monday, members of the Baltimore City Council approved a resolution banning water privatization in Charm City.”

Ten Years After the Crash, We Are Still Living in the World It Brutally Remade

New York Magazine - “Sometimes you don’t know how deep the hole is until you try to fill it. In 2009, staring down what looked to anyone with a calculator like the biggest financial crisis since 1929, the federal government poured $830 billion into the economy — a spending stimulus bigger, by some measures, than the entire New Deal — and the country barely noticed.”