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Postal News Roundup

Urge against USPS job cuts this Thursday in Burien

The Stand - “The U.S. Postal Service is operating in the black, having posted three straight years of operating profits totaling $3.2 billion since 2013. But you can expect longer lines and service cuts anyway because the agency has plans to eliminate 12,000 clerk jobs in Washington state and across the nation. In the Seattle installation alone, 86 jobs already have been lost and more cuts are planned. TAKE A STAND! — As part of a nationwide resistance to these job cuts, the Greater Seattle Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union will conduct an informational picket Thursday, Aug. 10 from 2 to 3 p.m. at the Burien Post Office…”

Compensation, Benefit, and Bonus Authority in Calendar Year 2016

USPS OIG - “The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA) amended 39 U.S.C. by revising the limits on salary and total compensation paid to U.S. Postal Service employees. For calendar year (CY) 2016, basic annual salary for each employee was limited to $205,700. Under a bonus or reward program approved by the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors, the Postal Service could compensate senior executive or equivalent positions up to $237,700 in total compensation. For individuals designated as critical senior officers, total compensation could reach up to $285,240. Total compensation includes salary, federal annuity, merit lump sum, incentive, recruitment and executive detail bonus payments. Our objective was to determine whether the Postal Service complied with the applicable maximum total compensation provisions of the PAEA in CY 2016, related Postal Service policies and guidelines, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations…. The Postal Service complied with most provisions of the PAEA, related internal polices and guidelines and IRS regulations for CY 2016 compensation. We did not identify any officers that exceeded the maximum total compensation provisions of the PAEA. However, we determined the Postal Service did not fully comply with a reporting provision of the PAEA.”

Postal Service bets on higher stamp prices to fix woes

WTOP - “Buffeted by threats from Amazon drones to deliveries by golf cart, the beleaguered U.S. Postal Service is counting on a different strategy to stay competitive: more freedom to raise prices on mailing letters. After a 10-year review, the Postal Regulatory Commission appears likely to move to grant the Postal Service power to increase stamp costs beyond the rate of inflation, marking the biggest change in its pricing system in nearly a half-century. A decision is expected next month… The Postal Service is trying to stay financially afloat as it seeks to invest billions in new delivery trucks to get packages more nimbly to American homes…. Congress’ failure to address its underlying financial woes, such as onerous requirements to pre-fund retiree health benefits, has left the commission more likely to embrace the Postal Service’s request for complete freedom to set prices. The Postal Service has already ruled out closing post offices and ending Saturday delivery to reduce costs.”

Postal Service looks to autumn for stamp price flexibility, more leadership - “The U.S. Postal Service reported the latest in a series of financial setbacks on Thursday, but the agency may see some big changes coming this fall.”