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Postal News Roundup

Board of Governors: Nominees confirmed, other candidates announced

USPS Link - “The U.S. Senate confirmed two nominations to the Postal Service Board of Governors, and President Trump announced his intent to nominate two other individuals to the board Aug. 28. The Senate confirmed Robert M. Duncan, a Kentucky resident, and David C. Williams, an Illinois resident. President Trump nominated Duncan and Williams last fall. On Aug. 28, President Trump announced his intent to nominate Ron A. Bloom, a New York resident, and Roman Martinez IV, a Florida resident”

Postal Workers Launch Campaign Against Anticipated USPS Privatization Scheme

Workday Minnesota - “Anticipating the White House will propose privatizing the U.S. Postal Service – eliminating services and displacing union jobs – the Postal Workers (APWU) launched a mass campaign to derail the privatization scheme. At a rally in downtown Pittsburgh on August 21, during the second day of the union’s convention there, APWU picked up strong support from Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ind.-Vt., who promised to introduce legislation to stop the White House’s plan in its tracks. Dozens of U.S. House members, from both parties, support a resolution – which doesn’t have the force of law – against privatization, too. The rally and the convention occurred just before a postal ‘reform’ commission, headed by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, sent its still-secret report to the president on how to privatize the USPS.”

Mercury spilled at USPS building in Norfolk; Mail delivery not suspended

WAVY-TV - “Mercury was spilled at a U.S. Postal Service building Saturday in downtown Norfolk, officials say. Jeff Caldwell, a spokesman with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, said a metal container that was supposed to be moved by hand was carried by a forklift instead. As a result, the container leaked. This happened at the USPS building on Church Street. Employees said after the spill they were told to give up their shoes, and hand over the clothes they had worn the night before. A bus took employees to Richmond to work following the spill.”

Trump’s Mexico Deal Gets Tentative Support From Key Labor Leader
Bloomberg - “President Donald Trump won support for his proposed trade accord with Mexico from an unexpected corner Wednesday: the head of the U.S. labor movement. Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO and a long-time opponent of the North American Free Trade Agreement, had kind words for the replacement that Trump announced this week with Mexico, which included higher wages for some Mexican auto workers to discourage U.S. car companies from relocating there.”

Canada and U.S. Express Optimism as Pressure Builds to Reach NAFTA Accord
The New York Times - “The United States and Canada are aiming to reach a deal by the end of the week that keeps the three-country North American Free Trade Agreement intact, as President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada expressed optimism that the two countries could resolve their differences.

‘I think Canada very much wants to make a deal,’ Mr. Trump said from the Oval Office on Wednesday, sounding far more optimistic than just days before, when he announced a deal with Mexico and threatened to leave Canada behind.”

Hurricane Maria caused an estimated 2,975 deaths in Puerto Rico, new study finds
CBS News - “Hurricane Maria killed far more people in Puerto Rico than initially thought, accounting for an estimated 2,975 deaths on the island from September 2017 through February 2018, according to a new analysis. The study found that those in low-income areas, and elderly men, were at greatest risk of dying.”

Unions seek to block new Missouri labor group restrictions
Associated Press - “Unions representing teachers and other public employees sued on Monday to try to block a new Missouri law that they claim imposes ‘a raft of harsh restrictions’ that ‘effectively eviscerates’ their right to organize and bargain on behalf of employees. A Missouri law set to take effect Tuesday will require most public sector unions to hold recertification votes to continue their representation, limit the topics on which they can bargain, and require annual employee permission to deduct dues from paychecks and spend money on political causes.”

Workers are ready to choose a better America by joining unions
The Hill - Op-Ed by Marc Perrone, President, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. - “As the wealthiest elites celebrate a booming stock market and corporate America rejoices in a tax cut windfall, millions of hard-working Americans are struggling to survive. If you aren’t personally feeling this way, then consider yourself lucky. The facts show that income inequality is not just threat to America, it is a brutal reality that endures.”

Postal workers issue warnings again – Sri Lanka - “Solutions given by the authorities for the issues of postal workers are not acceptable, says the Postal and Telecommunication Officers' Association.”

Post office closures: 'The only person I see most days is the postman'

Irish Times - Ireland - “Down at that post office I would meet all my friends and that sort of thing in the morning. It was a social hub and is. I'd meet people that I wouldn't meet ...