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Postal News Roundup

Are Contracting Officers Improperly Extending Contracts?

USPS OIG - “The U.S. Postal Service has contracts for goods and services that are managed in three systems – the Contract Authoring and Management System, the Transportation Contracting Support System, and the electronic Facilities Management System. The contracting officer (CO) is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Postal Service and its suppliers comply with contract terms and conditions, including clauses in the contract, determining and ensuring best value, and deciding to renew or extend a contract.”

Postal Regulatory Commission in the Move Update price change filed on June 30

USPS - “The Postal Service hosted a public off-the-record technical conference via webinar on July 7, 2017, to discuss workpapers filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission in the Move Update price change filed on June 30.”

Congressional Bill Would Raise Postal Rates for Political Parties

Ballot Access News - “The Postal Service Reform Act of 2017, HB 756, would raise postage rates for political parties that are recognized by the Federal Election Commission as “national committees” and “state committees.” The bill passed the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on March 16, 2017. It had been introduced on January 31, 2017, by Congressman Jason Chaffetz, and has seven Republican co-sponsors and eight Democratic co-sponsors.”

As US Postal Service struggles, fortunes rise

The Washington Post - “The boom in Internet retailing has provided a rare bit of good news to the beleaguered U.S. Postal Service, which is delivering packages at a historic pace — and reaping revenue that helps offset billions of dollars of losses elsewhere in the agency’s budget. But the Postal Service isn’t the only one making money when a mail carrier brings a new pair of shoes or a school backpack to your door. Private companies compete fiercely to sell postage, prepare labels and help retailers find the best deals for shipping their products. And several of them argue that a single company,, is getting unusually good deals from the Postal Service, allowing it to undercut the prices of rivals and reap profits that should be going to the government.”

Cincinnati Post Office closed due to building issues

Daily Iowegian - “The city of Cincinnati’s post office has been closed down as of Aug. 4 due to what Wendy Berg, Manager of Post Office Operations, called building issues, in a letter sent out to Cincinnati residents dated Aug. 3. The post office building was “emergency suspended” due to those issues, but the letter does state that the change will be temporary.”

Thousands line up to work for Amazon: ‘I just need a job’

Washington Post - “Amazon’s one-day plan to hire 50,000 warehouse workers could shake up the labor market, economists say.”

Amazon is the new Walmart: the e-commerce giant is increasingly becoming a symbol for everything wrong with big business

Business Insider - “Walmart was once stereotyped as everything that was wrong with the retail industry. Now, Amazon is stepping into that undesirable role.”