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Postal News Roundup

The miracle of the United States Postal Service

The Week - “Postal service has been absolutely central to the history and development of the United States, and the USPS continues to provide fast and efficient service despite being beset by enormous problems. If everything worked as well as the Post Office — and there's certainly room for improvement — this country would be a much better place. The Post Office is by far the oldest federal agency in America, and the only one explicitly authorized in the Constitution.”

Short-staffed, Truckee Post Office struggles to deliver on time

Sierra Sun - “In the past few months some Truckee residents may have noticed that their mail is not showing up on time, sometimes being delayed for days. Since November of last year, the Truckee Post Office has been attempting to recruit employees with little success, officials said, causing a delay in delivery to certain parts of town.”

The Postal Service is asking some developers to install centralized boxes - “In the Hardin Valley area, the Postal Service asked one developer to install central mail boxes…”

Campaign Champions Bronx Postal Banking System

Norwood News - “While the proposals are being championed by the postal union and federal legislators representing the Bronx, Community Board 7's district manager...”

Amazon forms US Postal Service lobby group with other companies

Reuters - “ Inc (AMZN.O) and other retail and logistics companies said on Wednesday they had started a new group to lobby to keep the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) package delivery services ‘reliable and affordable.’ The announcement comes days before a task force set up by President Donald Trump is due to recommend postal reforms to the White House. Trump has said without evidence that the world’s largest online retailer is making the postal service incur losses, mandating the task force review USPS pricing on package delivery. While Amazon has steered clear of any quarrel with the president, the Package Coalition is now poised to take the company’s case to the public as the government weighs changes affecting USPS.”

Why Amazon And Rival Retailers Are Uniting To Defend The U.S. Postal Service

Forbes - “Concerns about potential package delivery rate hike and reduction in USPS service has united Amazon with other rival retailers.”

Postal Worker Saves 16-Year-Old From Sex Trafficking In Oak Park

CBS Sacramento - “A 16-year-old girl is home safe with her family after an unlikely hero — postal carrier Ivan Crisostomo — saved her…” See also: Postal Worker Reunited with Girl He Rescued from Human Trafficking

A New Union Contract At UPS Shows How Online Shopping Is Dragging Down Delivery Jobs

Huffington Post - “Pretty soon there may be a new kind of delivery driver working alongside Ken Smith at his UPS facility in Tempe, Ariz. ― drivers who do pretty much the same work, only for less pay and over the weekend. Smith’s union, the Teamsters, is negotiating a new five-year collective bargaining agreement with UPS that will cover a whopping 260,000 workers. The tentative agreement that’s been reached would create a new class of ‘hybrid’ drivers who would have two duties: sorting packages at UPS facilities and delivering them out on the truck. Their work week would include Saturdays and likely Sundays as well.”

AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka offers qualified support for Trump's trade policies

USA Today - “The head of the country’s largest federation of labor unions offered qualified praise Wednesday for President Donald Trump’s trade policies but questioned the administration’s approach to levying tariffs. ‘I think he’s going in the right direction on trade,’ said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.”

How Companies Large and Small Pay Their Workers

Wall Street Journal - “Half the workers at Third Point Reinsurance, with just two dozen employees, made more than $580,000 last year. At Walmart, with 2.3 million workers, ...”

Royal Mail workers have gone on strike in parts of Plymouth today

Plymouth Herald – United Kingdom - “Royal Mail workers have gone on strike in parts of Plymouth today…”

Italian watchdog fines Amazon for unauthorized postal services

Reuters - Italy - “Italy's communications regulator AGCOM said on Thursday it had fined Amazon a total of 300,000 euros ($348,360) for offering ...”

Migrant Workers & Children Exploited in Kazakhstan

Solidarity Center – Kazakhstan - “Workers who migrate from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan for jobs often do not receive their wages, are forced to work in unsafe and abusive conditions and even are kidnapped and held against their will in forced labor, according to a new report.”