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Postal News Roundup

Why USPS Doesn’t Celebrate Rare Net Profit; and a Big Service Cut Plan Dies
After years of singing the blues, postal officials had reason for a praise song. For the first time in almost five years, they reported a U.S. Postal Service quarterly net profit.

Area Residents Note Slow Mail Delivery
Local residents have complained of delays with mail service since mail from the 16701 ZIP code was rerouted from Erie to Rochester NY for processing. 

Postal Service Revs Up Its Hiring
The agency hired 117,000 new workers during Fiscal Year 2015, virtually all of them into non-career positions. 

Contractor bribed USPS officer with college tuition, fitness equipment
A government contractor who bribed a U.S. Postal Service officer to earn mail delivery contracts pleaded guilty to federal charges on Feb. 10.