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Postal News Roundup

Times Herald Record: USPS May Finally Close Stewart Plant in July
The U.S. Postal Service’s processing plant at Stewart Airport could finally close for good later this year. The APWU is hoping for Congress to stop the closing of this and other plants, and is asking area municipalities to back them.

Save the Post Office: Beware of False Assumptions: OIG Looks at Postal Service’s Unfunded Liabilities
The OIG’s report provides a refreshing reminder that the Postal Service is actually in very good long-term financial condition and certainly not in the dismal shape that critics claim — or, for that matter, as maintained by the new Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, who said recently, “Our current financial situation is untenable when you consider that we have 35 cents in assets for every dollar of liability." USPS Expands its Reach at Private Sector Expense
The debt-ridden U.S. Postal Service is looking to expand its service footprint from well beyond its core mail-delivery operations — everything from grocery delivery to payday loans. But the quasi-governmental agency’s hunt for badly needed revenue streams is coming at the expense of private-sector competitors, undercutting the basic principles of the American free-market system, critics contend. Actor-Activist Danny Glover in Solidarity with Postal Workers as Labor Talks Begin
The American Postal Workers Union starts talks on a new contract with the U.S. Postal Service today with actor/activist Danny Glover in their corner. These postal labor talks come
​as management is carrying out a policy of slashing jobs, closing mail facilities and dismantling the vast postal network with piecemeal privatization.