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MSNBC's The Ed Show: Danny Glover Fights to Save US Postal Service
U.S. Postal Workers gained a star partner in their fight to save the national mail carrying institution. Ed Schultz, actor Danny Glover and Mark Dimonstein, President of the American Postal Workers Union, discuss upcoming contract negotiations and the Grand Alliance.

Target Marketing Magazine: Cash-Strapped USPS to Become a Bank?
Postal banking can help make the U.S. Postal Service more viable, say representatives of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) who plan to put the banking proposal on the bargaining table on Thursday during the opening day of union negotiations with the USPS.

Ecommerce Bytes: Union Says USPS Should Exploit Ecommerce Opportunity
One year ago, the USPS Inspector General said offering financial services could help generate $8.9 billion in new revenue per year for the Postal Service. Apparently postal workers agree, and their union said Wednesday the Postal Service should also capture a greater share of the growing ecommerce market. 

American Urban Radio Networks: Actor Danny Glover: Save the Post Office 
Actor/activist Danny Glover has joined a coalition of non-profits known as the Grand Alliance, in an effort to "Save the Post Office."  Kim Lampkins has the story.