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Postal News Roundup

Florida Postal Workers Protest Staffing Shortages

US News & World Report - “U.S. Postal Service workers and American Postal Workers Local 620 union members are protesting staffing shortages resulting in mail delays and an overextended workforce. The Key West Citizen reports Monday's protesters collected signatures near two different USPS offices in Key West while waving signs reading "Cutting Service Is Not The Answer" and "Keep High Delivery Standards," among other phrases.”

Postal Service trucker shot and killed on Dallas interstate

CBS News - “A United States Postal Service truck driver was killed in a shooting early Monday morning along Interstate 30 in Dallas, reports the CBS station here. A postal service worker told the station the driver of the USPS big rig died at the scene. His rig crashed into a guardrail after he was hit.  Two other postal service trucks pulled up shortly after the shooting. It wasn't known if the victim was targeted or was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. A traffic camera in the area shows the USPS big rig and two Postal Service box trucks at the scene.”

Tony Mosby was a MVS member of the Dallas Area Local.

Woman threatens to ‘blow off’ head of Dayton postal worker

Dayton Daily News - “Federal postal workers in Dayton were threatened by a woman whose mail they will no longer deliver. Dayton police are investigating an aggravated menacing complaint from 1:45 p.m. Friday at the U.S. Postal Service office in the 4300 block of West Third Street.”

Facebook plans to use U.S. mail to verify IDs of election ad buyers

Reuters - “Facebook Inc will start using postcards sent by U.S. mail later this year to verify the identities and location of people who want to purchase U.S. election-related advertising on its site, a senior company executive said on Saturday. The postcard verification is Facebook's latest effort to respond to criticism from lawmakers, security experts and election integrity watchdog groups that it and other social media companies failed to detect and later responded slowly to Russia's use of their platforms to spread divisive political content, including disinformation, during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

Gorsuch deciding vote in key labor union funding case

WTOP - “America’s union leaders are about to find out if they were right to fiercely oppose Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court as a pivotal, potentially devastating vote against organized labor. The newest justice holds the deciding vote in a case to be argued Feb. 26 that could affect the financial viability of unions that are major supporters of Democratic candidates and causes. The unions represent more than 5 million government workers in 24 states and the District of Columbia who could be affected by the outcome. The other eight justices split 4 to 4 when the issue was last at the court in 2016. The court is being asked to jettison a 41-year-old ruling that allows states to require government employees who don’t want to be union members to pay for their share of activities the union undertakes on behalf of all workers, not just its members. These so-called fair share fees cover the costs of collective bargaining and grievance procedures to deal with workplace complaints.”       

Unfulfilled promises: Amazon fulfillment centers do not generate broad-based employment growth

Economic Policy Institute - “What this report finds: When Amazon opens a new fulfillment center, the host county gains roughly 30 percent more warehousing and storage jobs but no new net jobs overall, as the jobs created in warehousing and storage are likely offset by job losses in other industries. Why it matters: State and local governments give away millions in tax abatements, credits, exemptions, and infrastructure assistance to lure Amazon warehouses but don’t get a commensurate “return” on that investment. What we can do about it: Rather than spending public resources on an ineffective strategy to boost local employment (luring Amazon fulfillment centers), state and local governments should invest in public services (particularly in early-childhood education and infrastructure) that are proven to spur long-term economic development.”

Posties set to strike on Friday - “Portugal’s CTT postal workers are set to strike this coming Friday, and the trade unions representing them said they expect a "good turnout" for the general strike. Around 4,000 workers are expected to take part in a demonstration in Lisbon. The protest is due to begin at the Marquês de Pombal square in Lisbon at 2.30pm.”          

$47 million boost for the postal service

Loop Jamaica - Jamaica - “The postal service is to receive a boost of $47 million for the financial year ahead. The money has been set aside in the 2018-2019 Estimates of Expenditure that was tabled in the House of Representatives last Thursday. According to the estimates, the funds will be used to upgrade the nation’s postal service. It says the funds will go towards strengthening Jamaica Post’s ability to control and improve mail processing and handling…. The project is funded by the Universal Postal Union, an international organisation which helps to ensure a universal network of up-to-date products and services.”     

Japan Post union to lobby for temp workers

NHK WORLD - Japan - “Workers at Japan Post will use annual wage talks to seek extra pay and other privileges for temp workers. They say that will likely make it easier for management to hire more people to address a staff shortage. Officials at the group's labor union plan to request additional pay for non-regular workers…”