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Postal News Roundup

Sickness blamed for no home mail delivery in Dayton area

Dayton Daily News - “Some people in the Dayton area say they are not getting mail delivered to their homes. People were coming to pick up their mail Wednesday afternoon at the U.S. Post Office at 1490 Forrer Blvd. in Kettering. Customers said they were told a number of letter carriers had called off sick. However, staff inside the post office did not confirm this and referred questions to a communications team…When the mail is delivered, it has not been at it usual time. ‘I just know the mail runs late. You see them at night with headlights on their head walking around, and I though it was somebody trying to break in,’ she said.”

USPS Begins Deliveries in California Town with All-Electric Vans

Energy Manager Today - “The United States Postal Service (USPS) will begin using seven Ford E-450 based all-electric step vans for deliveries in California.”

Is USPS Effectively Managing the Postal Vehicle Service Zero Base Reviews?

USPS OIG - “The Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) Zero Base initiative is one way the Postal Service is evaluating, right-sizing, and equipping the transportation network to increase operating efficiency, reduce costs, and improve reliability. As part of the initiative, PVS Zero Base reviews are conducted annually at the P&DCs with PVS operations. During a Zero Base review, management examines staffing, scheduling, and vehicle usage to improve transportation efficiency.”

Transportation Companies Dominate 2018 List of Top U.S. Postal Service Suppliers

Husch Blackwell - “The Postal Service spent $15.9 billion on all outside purchases in FY 2018, of which $9.8 billion went to the agency’s Top 150 suppliers. The Top 150 received $540 million more than last year’s Top 150 group, and $1.5 billion more than those in FY 2016.”

New York Labor Didn't Shrink from Confronting Amazon

The American Prospect - “First, labor is eager to unionize Amazon, or at least parts of Amazon, a fiercely anti-union company that doesn't have a single unionized facility in the ...”

This grievance board for federal workers has one person left — and he’s about to leave

The Washington Post - “Mark Robbins soon will pack up his belongings from his sixth-floor corner office, ride the elevator to the lobby on M Street in downtown Washington for the last time, and leave behind 240 employees and a federal agency that could be leaderless. His departure as acting chairman of the Merit Systems Protection Board, which serves as a personnel court for federal employees, raises an existential question: Can the board still live and function with no one at the top? The answer could determine whether thousands of federal workers will have their grievances heard.”

A record number of US workers went on strike in 2018

Vox - “Last year’s labor unrest started with a teachers strike in West Virginia and ended with Marriott workers picketing across four states. A record number of US workers went on strike or stopped working in 2018 because of labor disputes with employers, according to new data released Tuesday by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. A total of 485,000 employees were involved in major work stoppages last year — the highest number since 1986, when flight attendants, garbage collectors, and steelworkers walked off the job. The increasing number of workers involved in labor strikes suggests that average Americans are not experiencing the “economic miracle” that President Donald Trump has described. They see the economy expanding and profits growing, but this doesn’t extend to their paychecks.”

Second Postal Strike to go ahead

Manx Radio – Isle of Man - “It would appear there is no love lost between the board of the Isle of Man Post Office and the Communication Workers' Union…”

Workers issue 21-day ultimatum to NIPOST management

The Punch  - Nigeria - “Workers of the Nigerian Postal Service have issued a 21-day ultimatum to the management of the organisation to address lingering staff welfare issues or face nationwide protests. The threat was contained in a memo issued jointly by the National Union of Postal and Telecommunications Employees and the Senior Staff Association of Statutory Corporation and Government Owned Companies.”