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Postal News Roundup

ECommerce Bytes: eBay Creates Petition to Keep Postage Prices Low
“eBay is urging users to sign its petition requesting the Postal Regulatory Commission not to raise shipping costs. eBay sent an email this week to members of its Main Street grassroots lobbying program with the title, ‘eBay Says Keep USPS Prices Low.’ Why is the Postal Regulatory Commission reviewing postage rates? It's the law, as the USPS explained in a post this week. In the petition, eBay tells the PRC that the USPS is a ‘key package delivery service’ for eBay's top sellers, and says higher postage results in abandoned online shopping carts…”

ECommerce Bytes: USPS Explains the Postage Pricing Review
“The PRC is reviewing the system used to regulate Postal Service rates and classes. When PMG Megan J. Brennan testified this month about postal reform legislation, she discussed the importance of a 10-year pricing review being conducted by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC)… The goal is to determine if the current system is meeting its objectives, which include enabling USPS to be financially stable and ensuring the organization has adequate resources to offer high-quality services…”

ABC News: UPS tests out drone delivery service
“FORT MYERS - Keep your eyes to the sky because one more shipping giant is setting its sights on delivery by drone. UPS on Monday tested new drone delivery technology in Florida. Fort Myers is home to a large service center for UPS customers, and ABC7 wanted to know how residents feel about the new technology. Delivery via drone is already a reality for retailers like Amazon, but now UPS is jumping on the bandwagon and is close to perfecting the technology to get packages to your doorstep with a drone…”