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Postal News Roundup

Washington Examiner: The Postal Service is a Success. Here’s What Congress Can Do to Make it Better
“Overall, the Postal Service delivers to 155 million residences and businesses six and increasingly seven days a week, providing them with the industrial world's most affordable delivery network. Consistently rated the public's most trusted federal agency, the USPS is particularly critical to small towns and rural areas as well as to small businesses. It is also the nation's largest civilian employer of military veterans…”

The FedEx to Rely on Robots, Autonomous Trucks & Drones for Delivery
“Multi-billion dollar companies like FedEx and Amazon are actively looking into the possibility of utilizing futuristic technologies like robotics, autonomous driving, and drones to facilitate the delivery of goods and packages. Earlier this year, the US$50 billion shipping giant FedEx secured investments in startups focusing on the development of delivery robots and autonomous trucks to ensure the company has a clear vision and roadmap for future operations going forward. There exists a variety of operations and processes which are better handled by robots and artificial intelligence (AI), particularly those that require absolute precision and accuracy...” Cluster Boxes – USPS not delivering to some residents in Bonaire neighborhood
“But a dispute and continued confusion between a developer, builder, and the U.S. Postal Service means the mail isn't getting delivered in one Bonaire neighborhood…Unless developers install a cluster box for new residential developments, residents will have to pick up their mail at the local post office, the statement says...”

Pentegram: Veterans without a place to call home: VA’s 60-day plan to combat homelessness
“The American Postal Workers Union comprised of United States Postal Service, current and former employees, were just one of a long roster of partners at the stand down. ‘We provided survival items to not only homeless veterans, but to at-risk and transitional veterans as well,’ said Susan Carney, National Human Relations director for the American Postal Workers Union…’Anyone can end up on the receiving end of this situation,’ said Elizabeth Powell, American Postal Workers Union secretary and treasurer. ‘It can happen to any one of us at any time…’”