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Postal News Roundup

The Postal Service: A service Americans should appreciate

The Hill, Op-Ed Fredric Rolando, President NALC - “A good deal of misinformation circulates about the U.S. Postal Service; some unfortunately contained in two Jan. 2 commentary pieces published on these pages. I appreciate the opportunity to provide some facts and context. First, the broad picture. The Postal Service, which doesn’t use a dime of taxpayer money for its operations (by law it earns its revenue) provides Americans and their businesses with the industrial world’s most-affordable delivery network. Based in the Constitution, USPS delivers to 155 million addresses six and even seven days a week, delivering 47 percent of the world’s mail. An average of 3,748 new addresses are added daily to the country’s only universal delivery network.”

Protect Us From Voter Purges

US News & World Report, Op-ed Richard Trumka, President AFL-CIO - “This week, the United States Supreme Court will hear lawyers for the A. Philip Randolph Institute argue that Ohio's purge process violates the National Voter Registration Act, which makes it clear that states cannot remove voters from the rolls "by reason of" their failure to vote. On the surface, the questions before the Court in Husted v. APRI may seem like dry matters of statutory interpretation, but their impact is far-reaching. Since 2010, 23 states have imposed new restrictions on voting such as making registration harder for citizens, cutting back early voting and imposing strict ID requirements. Such restrictions disproportionately affect people of color and a purge procedure only makes matters worse, further preventing eligible voters from participating in our democracy.”

Exclusive: Danger on the job? Number of workplace safety inspectors declines under Trump

NBC News - “The number of federal workplace safety inspectors has fallen under the Trump administration, according to new data obtained by NBC News, raising questions about the government's efforts to protect workers and the long-term impact of the White House's move to slow hiring. In the months after President Donald Trump took office, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration lost 40 inspectors through attrition and made no new hires to fill the vacancies as of Oct. 2, according to data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.”

Democrats prepare for battle on entitlements

Politico - “Who knows if GOP hopes to “reform” welfare and entitlements programs will go anywhere in 2018. President Trump himself seems unconvinced as does Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But Democrats are preparing to go to war on the issue. We spent some time with Jack Lew on Monday to record a Politico Money podcast that drops tomorrow. And he spoke repeatedly both during the interview and after about how Democrats have to be ready to do serious battle on entitlement issues both in Congress and on the campaign trail in 2018. Generally he said he might prefer to keep a low profile these days but he doesn’t think he has the option.”

Amid the National Conversation About Sexual Harassment, "Rape on the Night Shift" Examines Abuse of Women in the Janitorial Industry

PBS - “An Updated Version of the Groundbreaking 2015 Investigation from Frontline...Every night, as most of us head home, janitors across America, many of them women, begin their night shift…”

Royal Mail talks deliver "substantial progress" with hopes raised of Friday breakthrough ...

City A.M. – United Kingdom - “The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has been locked in top-secret discussions with top execs from Royal Mail since October, in the latest round of talks to avert Britain's first post-privatisation postal strike.”           

Norwegian postal service commits to Tesla Semi order in effort to electrify fleet

Teslarati - Norway - “The Tesla Semi continues to get the attention of companies beyond the United States. Posten Norge, a Norwegian postal service that's otherwise known as Norway Post, recently placed its order for the Tesla Semi, bolstering its commitment to electrify its fleet of long-haulers.”