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Postal News Roundup


Ice jam floods Johnson Post Office - “Ice jams and flooding damaged the Johnson Post Office this weekend. Crews were working Sunday to clean it up before mail service on Tuesday. "It backed up over here on one of the corners and the ice jammed up," said Jane Draper the Johnson Postmaster. She got the call from one of her employees around 7am Saturday that the waters were rising all the way around the building. By the time she arrived it was too late.”           

Police: suspicious man drops off two packages, one with wires seen

WBAY - “Sgt. Dave Lund from the Appleton Police Department says around midnight, a postal worker were approached in the parking lot of the West Franklin Street post office by a suspicious man. The workers told police the man was wanting to mail two packages to Denver.”

Garrett cosponsors USPS reform bill as local deliveries lag

Daily Progress - “Rep. Tom Garrett, R-5th, said his Charlottesville office has been receiving an increasing number of complaints about the USPS for years, beginning around the time the USPS moved sorting from a local facility to Sandston, near Richmond, in 2010… To address issues with both USPS operations and employee benefits, Garrett signed on as a cosponsor of H.R. 756, or the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017. While the bill has bipartisan support, as well as support from the American Postal Workers Union, it has not been brought before Congress.”

Trumka: Key battle ahead is the 2018 elections

People's World - “Saying when an economy “doesn’t support the majority of its citizens, it needs to be fixed,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says the 2018 elections are key.”