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Postal News Roundup

Bank of America Just Reminded Us of Why We Need Postal Banking

Slate - “This week offered a small but vivid reminder that we can’t expect banks to serve anybody except their shareholders. On Monday, Bank of America ended a free checking service used by some of its lower-income depositors called e-banking, which it had been gradually winding down for several years. The final customers were transferred to new accounts that will require them to keep a minimum balance of $1,500 or agree to have $250 from their paycheck directly deposited into their account every month. Otherwise, they will have to pay a $12 monthly fee... Instead, it’s probably time to stop hoping that profit hungry banks will provide affordable services to unprofitable customers. There’s been a long-running conversation about whether the United States should bring back the sort of postal banking system common across much the rest of the world, and that the U.S. had up until the mid 20th century. The U.S. Post Office could offer basic financial services, including bank accounts, to needier customers who aren’t being served today...”

7 On Your Side: Are whistleblowers being targeted at a Manassas post office?

WJLA - “ABC 7 News is talking to the U.S. Postal Service driver whose delivery truck caught fire in Manassas, Virginia. It sparked a 7 On Your Side I-Team investigation that exposed several workers complaining about major issues at the post office on Euclid Avenue. Postal Worker Tariq Delong says "I started seeing flames. At that point I panicked. I tried to exit the vehicle. The door was jammed." Delong, who works at the Manassas Post Office on Euclid Avenue, was trapped inside. Delong adds "I thought I was going to die." Quick thinking saved his life. Delong says "There was a guy. He said he was a cop. An ex-marine. He came out of nowhere and he was able to get the door open. When he finally got me out the whole truck went up in flames." Last month, multiple post office workers including Shante Whitmore told 7 On Your Side about equipment malfunctioning, working long hours and non-payment of over time.”

Thinking Strategically About PVS

USPS Office of Inspector GeneralReport - “While the Postal Service’s Postal Vehicle Services (PVS) fleet is a small part of the entire fleet — about 4,300 vehicles made up of cargo vans, tractors, and smaller tractor-trailers known as spotter vehicles — it is a crucial part. PVS vehicles move mail between processing facilities, inner-city delivery offices, and local businesses and mailers. Their usual travel distance is about a 50-mile radius.”

How the Right's War on Unions Is Killing the Democratic Party

The Nation - “In recent years, Republicans have dramatically intensified their war on organized labor. The battle plan was simple: Pass laws that limit union political spending and make it more difficult to collect dues. Since 2010, six states have passed “right-to-work” laws, meaning that workers can benefit from union representation without paying to keep the union funded. In other states, Republican legislatures have hamstrung public-sector unions by denying them collective-bargaining power.”