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Postal News Roundup

MSNBC: A Viewer Asks Ed: Will the President Stand Up for the Postal Service Before It’s Too Late? [Video]

Worcester Telegram and Gazette: Shrewsbury Postal Workers Brace for Cuts
At least 383 jobs at the Central Massachusetts Processing and Distribution Center will be reassigned when services at the facility are consolidated with two others, John H. Flattery, president of the APWU told reporters in Shrewsbury.

KPVI: Group Works to Keep Pocatello’s Mail Processing
Right now Pocatello leaders and community members are working on a plan to save Pocatello's mail processing plant. "A lot of people depend on the timely delivery of their mail," said John Paige, a letter carrier/ He says closing the facility could have a ripple effect through the surrounding community, from jobs, to delaying mail delivery."

Billings Gazette: Rural Customers Suffer the Most with USPS Cutbacks
The USPS inspector general last October chastised the agency for not fully analyzing the impact from its proposed plant closings and the Postal Service said it would do so —but only after its slower service standards go into effect. In other words, it will consider whether it can reach its goals after it has lowered them.