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Conway post office celebrates historic milestone: 125 years in business

KOMO News - “The tiny post office in the Skagit County town of Conway hit quite the milestone this week. The post office, which its in the shadow off the sun along Main Street, has now been open for 125 years. ‘It’s a small post office. You come in and everybody knows what’s going on,’ said sales associate Alison Pietrone.” Sister Pietrone is a member of the Washington Postal Workers Union.

Tribune enters agreement with US Postal Service for delivery

Grand Haven Tribune - “Beginning July 26, the Grand Haven Tribune will enter into a partnership with the U.S. Postal Service to carry out the daily delivery of the newspaper.”

AFL-CIO Chief Warns Red to Blue Candidates That Being a Democrat Isn’t Enough
Roll Call - “House Democratic candidates in town this week for training at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington got a visit from AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka for some tips on how they can win back working-class voters. ‘I don’t have to tell you that you can’t count on the D next to your name to gain our support,’ Trumka told Democratic leadership and a room full of candidates on Red to Blue, the DCCC’s program for its strongest candidates.”

Political mailer that pretends to be pro-union is really from the Koch brothers
Kansas City Star - “Political mailers are so often misleading that they should probably go straight into the recycling bin. The latest egregious example is a large color postcard that on first glance, or even second, seems to be pro-union. It’s not. Paid for by the Koch brothers’ libertarian advocacy group Americans for Prosperity, it features a white-haired man in a denim jacket and a beat-up ball cap saying, ‘Right-to-work ensures that my union keeps working hard to support me.’”

Thousands rally for private pension fix

Toledo Blade - “Thousands rallied on the lawn of the Ohio Statehouse Thursday in advance of a congressional hearing Friday seeking a way to save private pensions considered to be on the brink of failure. If pensions that have not recovered from the 2008 recession should go under, some 1.3 million retirees nationally, including some 66,000 in Ohio, could lose their benefits entirely or see them cut.”

How Many Workers Must Live In Poverty For McDonald's CEO To Make $21.8 Million?
Forbes - “According to an AFL-CIO analysis of public filing data, last year the average S&P 500 CEO made 361 times more than the average U.S. worker. Compare that to pay ratios in Europe, where a CEO-equivalent in the U.K. makes 94 times the compensation of the average employ, and that's the high end. In Sweden, home to some large companies, the ratio is 40. These countries also have public accessibility to healthcare and post-secondary education.”

Unions recruit Danny Glover as lethal weapon in work rules campaign

The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia - “Actor Danny Glover is in Australia to mobilise workers in a fight for job security and a fight against international trade deals including the North American Free Trade Agreement.”