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Postal News Roundup

Fierce Government: USPS Must Make Transformational Changes Take Advantage of e-Commerce Package Growth, IG Says
The growth of e-commerce has led to a dramatic increase in the number of packages shipped, and the Postal Service has an opportunity to both satisfy the new needs of customers and garner significant revenue, says a July 8 Postal Service inspector general report.

WWDB-AM: Today in Philly Labor [Podcast Audio]
Philly BMC Local President Vince Tarducci discusses the Postal Service’s dirty deal with Staples and reminds listeners not to buy school supplies at Staples. [At 35:55.]

Time: Hillary Clinton Faces Unrest Among Organized Labor 
Unhappy with the status quo and uncertain about the future of labor as union membership shrinks, union members across the country are restive over the possibility of their affiliates endorsing Clinton.