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Postal News Roundup

Southeast Missourian: Op-Ed: The Reason for Poor Postal Service
Plants like the one in Cape Girardeau may stay open until 2016. If this happens, the good news is that even worse mail service will be delayed. The bad news is that the current poor service will continue as is for a while and then get worse. The erosion of fast, reliable mail service can be reversed.

WDIO Eyewitness News: Senator Franken Sends Letter to Postmaster General to Discontinue Rerouting of Northland Mail
Minnesota Senator Al Franken has sent a letter to the Postmaster General to discontinue the rerouting of mail parcels from northeast Minnesota to the Twin Cities.

Save the Post Office: USPS, APWU and Mailers Respond to Court’s Ruling on Exigent Case
This week the Postal Service, APWU, and several associations of mailers filed briefs with the Postal Regulatory Commission responding to the DC Court of Appeals’ June 5th ruling on the case of the exigent rate increase.