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Postal News Roundup

Shortpaid PC Postage Parcels

OIG - “PC Postage is a service offered by the U.S. Postal Service that allows customers to print U.S. postage stamps with their own printers. Customers access PC Postage through or PC Postage vendors licensed by the Postal Service…The Postal Service has implemented limited controls for identifying and collecting shortpaid PC Postage parcels since our September 2013 audit. Such efforts have included information sharing between the Postal Service and the PC Postage providers and manual assessments by the Postal Service. These efforts, however, have had very minor impact, as estimated shortpaid postage for these parcels has grown to $ million in FY 2016…”

Internal Controls over Post Office Postage Meter Use – Unadilla, NE, Post Office

OIG - “Remotely managed post offices (RMPO) offer part-time window service hours and are required to have a post office postage meter (meter) due to limited stamp stock requirements. Postage meters print a postage label, indicating payment, that is affixed to a mail piece. The Unadilla, NE, Post Office, is a four-hour RMPO that did not report any meter sales on its daily financial reports since the meter was activated in January 2014. However, National Meter Accounting and Tracking System records indicate about $1,234 in meter sales between January 6, 2014, and March 14, 2017…Internal controls for meter use at the Unadilla Post Office needed improvement…”

Global Positioning System Trailer Visibility

OIG - “The U.S. Postal Service has spent about $7.6 million since fiscal year (FY) 2010 on its Logistics Condition Reporting System (LCRS). The system was intended to collect and report Highway Contract Route (HCR) Global Positioning System (GPS) data and monitor HCR performance. Because of inaccurate data reporting and system compatibility issues the Postal Service is replacing the LCRS and the GPS devices…We recommended that management suspend GPS implementation…”

As Trump moves to privatize America’s national parks, visitor costs may rise

The Guardian - “Some are concerned that the proposed privatization of some public park services would drive up costs for visitors and fail to raise enough for repairs…”

Lots of factory jobs, but low wages

La Crosse Tribune - “For a metropolitan area of about 1 million people, Grand Rapids has retained the open, friendly feel of a small town, with the tree-lined streets and well-kept houses common in the Midwestern heartland…”