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Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 federal budget targets postal union benefits

Linns Stamp News - “Forty-eight years after President Richard M. Nixon pleaded with postal unions to support his plan for an independent postal service, another Republican president appears to be saying those unions might have achieved too many benefits with their collective-bargaining rights. That seems to be what Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget for fiscal 2018 is saying. The president wants to roll back some of the gains the postal unions have made in the almost five decades since Nixon gave them bargaining rights in return for their support of his plan for a new United States Postal Service…”

Walmart is asking employees to deliver packages on their way home from work

Washington Post - “Walmart’s newest tactic in its fight against online giant Amazon: enlisting its employees to deliver online orders on their way home from work. The idea, Walmart executives said Thursday, is to cut costs on the so-called last-mile of deliveries, when packages are driven to customers’ homes, often the most expensive part of the fulfillment process… Employees will be paid extra for the voluntary program, and offered overtime pay as necessary to make the deliveries… The company is billing the program as a way for employees to earn extra money, although there were few details on how they would be paid.”

The Entire Public Sector is About to Be Put on Trial

In These Times - “Within the next year, the Supreme Court is likely to rule on the latest existential threat to workers and their unions: Janus v. AFSCME. Like last year’s Friedrichs v. CTA—a bullet dodged with Justice Antonin Scalia’s unexpected death—the Janus case is a blatant attack on working people by right-wing, moneyed special interests who want to take away workers’ freedom to come together and negotiate for a better life. For years, the Right has been hammering through state-level “right-to-work” laws in an effort to kill public sector unionism; it would see victory in the Janus case as the coup de grace…”

Labor Secretary and Unions Opposed on Paris Climate Agreement

Inside Sources - “Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and the labor movement came to vastly different conclusions over how withdrawing from a recent multinational climate agreement will impact jobs. The Paris Climate Accord seeks to address environmental issues mankind might be contributing to. The agreement specifically sought to address greenhouse gas emissions, which many believe are responsible for climate change. President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement arguing it wasn’t a good deal for the United States…”

Postal workers go door to door to remind Calgarians of Liberal election promise - Canada 

Global News -  “Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) went door to door in Calgary on Saturday but they weren’t delivering the mail. They were distributing cards asking people to send them to the Prime Minister’s office to get him to restore door-to-door delivery service. ‘Our focus here is to bring back services to those that have lost it and expand the post office. The post office is a public sector success story,’ said CUPW Saskatoon Local president Julie Sanderson. Four years ago, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government announced it was going to end door-to-door mail delivery to reduce costs. But in 2015, the Liberals promised to stop the conversion to community mailboxes. Now a Commons committee has called on the government to reinstate door-to-door delivery where it was converted and to maintain a freeze on the installation of the super mailboxes…”

The CWU Is Calling on Postal Workers to Use Their Community Influence This Election - United Kingdom 

Huffington Post UK - Op-ed by Dave Ward, General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union - “CWU Calls on Postal Workers to use community influence in General Election. The Communication Workers Union has today taken the unprecedented step of writing to all members asking them to use their influence, trust and bond with local communities across the country. Our Postal Workers go to 26 million addresses, 6 days a week and are amongst the most trusted figures in the UK… We now have less than a week before one of the most important general elections we can remember.  On 8th June everyone in this country will have a clear choice about the future - this time around it can’t be said that all politicians are the same or that it doesn’t matter who you vote for…”