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Postal News Roundup

Interview with Liz Powell on Contract Negotiations [Audio]
APWU Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell appeared on Arise! with Bill Fletcher, Friday, June 5, at 9 a.m. Scroll down to that selection to listen to or download the interview.

Erie Times-News: Letter to Editor: Mom, 102, Stopped from Casting Vote
Postal consolidation stops 102-year old woman from voting for the first time. Her absentee ballot was delayed 10-days. 

Huffington Post: Will TPP Kill the Post Office?
Will TPP enable the privatizers to declare things like our beloved U.S. Postal Service, schools and roads to be "commercial activity" that competes with private companies?

The American Legion: Post Office Cuts Threaten Veteran Job Viability, Impacts Consumers
Veterans and disabled veterans collectively make up over 24 percent of the USPS workforce. Due to the closing of more than 140 mail-processing facilities since 2012, however, they and those who seek future postal-service employment face obstacles and uncertain futures."

Government Executive: Postal Service Cannot Keep Emergency Price Hike Forever, Court Rules
The U.S. Postal Service cannot indefinitely continue the emergency price increase that has been in place since January 2014, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.