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Postal News Roundup

Postal worker illnesses spark investigation near Albany

WHEC News - 10NBC - “Postal officials are investigating after employees at an Upstate New York facility were sickened by an unidentified substance on Sunday night. Three employees were hospitalized after coming in contact with a package containing an unknown hazardous substance at a mail-sorting facility in the Albany...”

Fire official: Box of lithium batteries explodes in Uptown post office

ABC Chicago 7 - “A box of lithium batteries exploded in an Uptown post office Friday afternoon, Chicago fire officials said. No one was injured in the explosion in the 4800-block of North Broadway Street, officials said. Traffic was blocked around the building for a time, though Broadway has since reopened. The post office remains locked and closed. No one is being allowed in or out.”           

Exploding package kills teen, injures woman in Texas

WNCN - “Police are on scene and investigating another suspicious package. They cleared media and others away from the area and are using CapMetro buses to evacuate those in the area. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as well as the postal inspector, will also help investigate.” See also: Police warn residents not to open suspicious packages

Dem unity shatters with debate on banks

The Hill - “The Senate Democratic Conference is splitting apart in an angry debate over a banking reform bill that has ended months of party unity in opposition to President Trump’s agenda. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the Senate’s most vocal Wall Street watchdog, is taking a hard line against the bill and drawing complaints from moderate Democratic colleagues who support the bill and worry she’s putting them in a tough political position.”

US records biggest budget deficit since 2012

The Hill - “The Treasury Department announced on Monday that it had recorded its largest monthly budget deficit in six years in February. The deficit came in at $215 billion for the month, which came as revenue declined. The department said fiscal income decreased to $156 billion, which marked a 9 percent drop from last year, while spending came in at $371 billion after it rose 2 percent.”           

The West Virginia Teachers Strike Shows That Winning Big Requires Creating a Crisis

The Nation - “Dignity and respect are the root cause of every serious labor struggle. This was certainly the case in West Virginia’s unprecedented nine-day statewide education strike. When the workers won this past Tuesday, singing and dancing erupted among the thousands who packed the state capitol. Their final chant before leaving the building was, “Who made history? We made history!” The strike produced a string of significant victories, not all of which are immediately tangible. Perhaps most significantly, it restored the dignity of 34,000 workers, rebuilding the pride of West Virginia’s working class and reinforcing one hell of a union that will carry the struggle forward.”

Brazilian Postal Workers Remain on Strike in Rio and Sãn Paulo

Rio Times – Brazil - “Postal workers from several Brazilian states, including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, have decided to remain on strike despite the labor court’s approval of the state-owned company’s plans to change the health plans of its employees. The nationwide strike on Monday had the objective of putting pressure on the courts to rule against the changes…”