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Postal News Roundup threw USPS under the bus and cratered 50% because it's betting big on Amazon shipping

CNBC - “ threw USPS under the bus, dissolving the companies' longtime partnership, because it's betting big on Amazon's success in shipping and logistics.”

USPS warning about change of address scams

WILX-TV - “WILX The United States Postal Service is warning people to be aware of websites offering to help change your address because third-party websites ...”          

Forget the Last Mile, Now Wants to Own the First Mile, Too

The Motley Fool - “ (NASDAQ:AMZN) changed the retail landscape with its obsessive focus on delivering products from its distribution centers to the customer's doorstep as quickly and efficiently as possible. Amazon Prime's two-day delivery guarantee became the most visible element in the battle for the last mile of the supply chain.”

Labor Secretary Faces Heat Over Plea Deal for Financier Accused of Serial Sex Abuse

New York Times - “Labor Secretary R. Alexander Acosta is facing rising pressure — and a possible summons to testify before Congress…”

U.S. Is a Rich Country With Symptoms of a Developing Nation

Bloomberg – Op-ed by Noah Smith - “These little examples are the kind of incidents that one might expect to see in a developing country where things are built cheaply or badly. But California has ruinously high construction costs; Governor Gavin Newsom recently canceled most of the state’s high-speed rail plan after the price tag ballooned from $45 billion to $75 billion. And these problems aren’t limited to California; across the country, construction costs for both the public and private sectors have swelled as productivity has stagnated or fallen. It costs  much more to build each mile of train in the U.S. than in heavily unionized France.”           

Why teacher strikes are touching every part of America

CNN - “Urban, rural, suburban, red, blue and purple, American teachers from across the United States have been on strike. So far this year, teachers have picketed in one of the wealthiest states -- California, which has strong protections for public unions -- and one of the poorest: West Virginia, which has rolled back union protections in recent years.”           

The Key to Genuine Equality? A Union Card

The Root - “This Black History Month, we should remember the bloody, painstakingly secured victories our community has won through the labor movement.”

Black Women in the Labor Movement Have Long Defended American Workers

Teen Vogue - “Black leaders, activists, and organizers formed the backbone of the U.S. labor movement. Even when the forces of structural racism and segregation sought to stifle their contributions, their resolve to fight for workers’ rights alongside the cause of civil rights remained unshakable. Black women, in particular, have played an enormous role in the movement’s legacy and development.”