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National Day of Action News Clips

Campaign for America's Future: National Day of Action to Save the Postal Service
According to Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, “If the prepayments required under PAEA were never enacted into law, the USPS would not have a net deficiency of nearly $20 billion (2011), but instead be in the black by at least $1.5 billion.”

KTVU News Oakland Danny Glover Talks About Day of Action Planned by Postal Workers [Video]

Fox 40 Sacramento: Workers Protest Negative Changes in Postal Service
Chuck Locke, a lifetime postal worker, said that if the USPS continues to reduce services and corporate America takes over the industry, a lot of people won’t get mail service.

Public News Service Colorado: Postal Workers Rally for Improved Customer Service
"The mail is being delayed," said John Ancona, president of the Denver Metro Local. "A letter that used to take overnight to get across town now is taking 3-to-5 days or even longer."

Bradenton Herald: U.S. Postal Service Workers Protest Loss of Services in Bradenton
"By outsourcing a little bit here, a little bit there, downgrading over time -- I mean, you used to be able to get a letter in Bradenton, you could mail it today and get it tomorrow," sad Deborah Smith, president of the Manatee-area local of the American Postal Workers Union. "Now that's taking two or three days because that mail is having to travel because of this downsizing and the services being cut."

Washington Post: Danny Glover Leads Postal Worker Rally in Downtown DC
The “Lethal Weapon” star, looking rally-chic in a pair of cargo pants, a union-logo T-shirt, and a sport coat, joined members of the American Postal Workers Union on their national "day of action" to protect jobs and protest reduced mail services.

Saint Peters Blog: Tampa-Area Postal Service Workers Say Public Needs to Get Involved or Mail Services Will Go Away
Members of the U.S. Postal Service held signs and demonstrated in front of a downtown Tampa post office on Thursday afternoon, calling attention to conditions affecting employees and the public a week before the American Postal Workers Union‘s (APWU) contract with the Postal Service is set to expire on May 20.

The Tampa Tribune: Postal Workers to Protest in Tampa Today
They stood on corners carrying signs that read “Good Service, Good Jobs, Good Contract,” handing out post cards they hope will be forwarded to the Post Master General to protest cuts in employees and the closing of post offices and sorting stations.

Tampa Bay Times: Take A Letter
Alan Peacock, a retired postal worker, hands out fliers to passers-by in downtown Tampa Thursday during a protest against shutting down post offices and cutting back on services.

Central Illinois Proud: Postal Workers Petition to Provide Better Service
Sandy Gunter, a retired postal worker, says, "I can mail something to that building right there, it doesn't have to be there for two days.  That is ridiculous."

The Times-Picayune: Postal Workers to Protest Closing of Loyola Avenue Mail Center
"They've made a mess of mail delivery, and if they close the processing facility in New Orleans, it's going to get much worse," said Kathleen Weaver Lucien, American Postal Workers Union Local president.

Portland Press Herald: Maine Postal Workers Set to Protest Cuts that Have Slowed Regular Mail Service
Rallies to highlight the U.S. Postal Service's lagging efficiency are scheduled for Thursday by workers who hope to raise public awareness of what they believe is a wrong-headed policy adopted by management -- cutting back on regular mail service to save money.

Duluth News Tribune: Postal Workers Rally for Better Service
Nearly a dozen United States Postal Service workers carried signs Thursday urging customers to support them. Meanwhile passing cars honked in appreciation. At the post office's doors, two workers handed out postcards for customers to mail to the postmaster general in a show of support.

KSHB Kansas City: Postal Workers Rally to Keep Post Offices Open
Sharon Al-Uqdah of the American Postal Workers Union explained, "We are trying to maintain that service is provided to the American public, and when that service is gone, then it becomes an industry of money making."

New Hampshire Union Leader: Postal Workers to Hold Picket in City
“We’re standing with consumers demanding a return to better service,” said Dana Coletti, president of the Manchester local, “and we’re asking our neighbors and customers to join us in asking for a fair contract that protects good, living-wage jobs in our community.”

Mid-Hudson News: Postal Workers Rally Against Conditions
Postal workers in the area are not only concerned with the end of the overnight delivery of First Class mail in January, but are also concerned with Mid-Hudson’s Postal Mail Processing Center closure that is due to occur on July 25.

The Unionville Times: Saving the Post Office
You may ask, why doesn’t the post office show some initiative and rent out extra space itself, or add ancillary services that people need in a downtown, like photocopying machines or postal savings accounts? Because Congress won’t let them; and that’s the real story.

Erie TV News: Postal Workers Rally Over Changes
Members of the American Postal Workers Union are urging the U.S. Post Office to keep the mail-sorting facility on East 38 Street open. On Thursday, dozens of union members rallied to raise awareness of the changes at the local branch. Postal Workers Protest Closures, Service Cuts
Local protests happened right here in Erie as postal workers and their supporters agathered at the Erie Mail Processing Plant on East 38th Street.

Entorno Inteligente: Carteros realizan manifestación en correo de Hato Rey [Postal Workers Demonstrate in Hato Rey)
Coverage of the Puerto Rico Area Local's protest.

Sound Cloud: Postmen Fear Selling Offices (in Spanish)
Audio clip in Spanish about the Puerto Rico Area Local's protest.

13 News Now: Norfolk Mail Distribution Center to Close
Right now, if you mail a letter from Norfolk to Portsmouth, it has to go to Richmond first, then it comes back and gets distributed. If the mail center closes completely, all mail processing will be done in Richmond, potentially causing even more delays.

News 8000: Postal Service Workers Protest in La Crosse
Ed Huck, a loyal U.S. postal worker for La Crosse, almost always goes into work. But on Thursday he took the day off not to go on vacation, or relax, but to gain support for the American Postal Workers Union petition for faster local delivery.

The Real News: Postal Workers Fight Privatization [VIDEO]