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Postal News Roundup

Fed Week: Postal IG Sounds Alarm on Safety, Security
“The Postal Service IG has issued the latest in a series of warnings about declining conditions of postal facilities, stressing that problems extend beyond cosmetic issues to include safety and security concerns. Auditors reviewed 51 facilities in the Eastern Area, finding that 32 had building safety and security issues, and the same number had potential OSHA violations…” 

PR Newswire: Click2Mail Announces Microsoft App Store's First Add-In for Postal Mailing
“Click2Mail, a pioneer of cloud-based software for small business, today announced the release of the first Microsoft Office Add-in to enable postal mailing. The Click2Mail Add-in allows Word users to mail physical documents via the U.S. Postal Service directly from their desktops, laptops or tablets/iPads. Click2Mail made the announcement today at the National Postal Forum in Baltimore, MD… Microsoft Word users can select or create a letter-sized or legal-sized document to mail. Recipients are chosen by highlighting a postal delivery address within the document, typing an address or selecting a previously saved address or list from their Click2Mail account. Print and paper options are selectable and, once the order button is clicked, Click2Mail prints and mails the document for not much more than the cost of a stamp…”

Washington Post: Trump’s budget calls for hits on federal employee retirement programs
“… Most of these proposals have been in the Republican playbook for years. With that party now in control of the White House and Congress, chances increase that some or all of them will become law, even as the probability is low that Trump’s entire budget will be enacted as proposed. The thought of Trump’s assault on federal retirement programs becoming law enrages federal employee leaders. National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association President Richard Thissen called Trump’s plan ‘beyond insulting. It is downright mean. Simultaneously promoting tax cuts and forcing a tax on just federal employees, through an increase in retirement contributions, is the height of hypocrisy…’” 

Huffington Post: While You Weren’t Looking, Trump Basically Killed Dodd-Frank
“As the nation’s capital has been consumed by the frothing chaos of President Donald Trump’s administration… a steady current of traditional right-wing orthodoxy is sweeping through the federal government. Whatever happens with Russia or the FBI, this tide is washing away former President Barack Obama’s second-greatest legislative achievement: Wall Street reform. And it’s all happening while you’re paying attention to something else… Last week, a council of top regulators quietly met to discuss the future of the Volcker rule ― the most important structural change Obama established for the financial system. A few days later, a freshly installed Trump official went further, threatening to defang the rule “unilaterally” by “reinterpreting” its entire purpose…”