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Postal News Roundup

Sen. Claire McCaskill calls on USPS to explain complaints of poor service
“…Sen. McCaskill released a statement saying they area calling for answers on what the USPS is doing to improve mail delivery throughout the country, especially rural communities. McCaskill also indicated the postal service needs to ensure its delivery data accurately reflect customers' experiences.”

Four basic Postal Service facts – Jim Hightower
“…Here are some facts they don't want you to know: One, this public agency provides affordable mail service to all, in poor communities as well as rich; two, it does this without a dime of taxpayer money, financing its entire operation with the sale of stamps and services; three, it provides hundreds of thousands of solid middle-class jobs spread throughout every ZIP code. And here's a fourth fact: In 2006, Congress manufactured an artificial "loss" for the Postal Service by decreeing that it pre-fund the health care costs of future retirees, 75 years in advance. That includes retirees who're not even born yet! No other agency and no corporation could survive if Congress added a $5-billion-a-year fictitious loss to their books.”

Lihue, Hawaii - USPS appears to be dodging decision
“The U.S. Postal Service recently announced its decision to ‘redo the regulatory process related to the proposal to relocate the retail operations of the Lihue Post Office from its current location on Rice Street to its Lihue Carrier Annex facility at 3230 Kapule Highway. This will allow USPS to provide a more comprehensive explanation of the proposal to community leaders and its customers.’”

Baltimore - Aberdeen residents, city leaders, rally for accessible entrance to local post office
“Approximately 40 people, including a number of elderly people with canes and walkers, staged a rally outside the downtown Aberdeen post office Saturday morning to highlight the need for an entrance that is accessible to people with disabilities.”

Canada Post profits from “solid growth” in parcels
“…Canada Post commented: ‘In 2016, Parcels revenue from the Canada Post segment increased by $92m or 5.6% compared to 2015. At 195m, volumes increased by 14m pieces or 7.7% compared to 2015. Domestic Parcels volumes grew by 11m pieces or 9.0% compared to 2015. Inbound Parcels volumes – from the U.S. and the rest of the world – increased by 8.4% compared to 2015, driven particularly by strong growth from Asia Pacific countries. Parcels continue to generate an increasing proportion of Canada Post’s revenue. Parcels generated 28% of the segment’s revenue in 2016; by comparison, Parcels generated 26% of revenue in 2015 and only 21% in 2011.’”

Trump's slash to Labor Department budget could jeopardize workplace safety enforcement
“The U.S. has 8 million worksites to inspect and 1,838 state and federal inspectors to do it — enough to visit each place about once every 98 years. But don’t worry, President Trump has a plan — to make it worse. President Trump has proposed a 21% budget cut to the Department of Labor — a move many worker advocates say could wipe out some of the agency’s key programs to improve job site safety and enforce existing labor laws.…”