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Letter to the editor: Postal Service needs to stay owned by citizens

Lubbock Avalanche Journal -  Op-ed by Bob Wentzel, Lubbock Area Local President - “This time of year around the Veterans Day holiday, we hear a lot of praise for the military men and women who have served their country. As a veteran, I appreciate that thanks. Even more important to me is having a good job and being able to take care of my family. The U.S. Postal Service is among the best employers for hiring veterans and providing the opportunity for veterans to come home to a good union job. Veterans make up about 20 percent of the Postal Service workforce. That is more than 100,000 of us. I wish more employers followed this example. But some big corporations and politicians in Washington want to do the opposite. They are pushing to sell off the Postal Service to private corporations. That’s a sellout of veterans like me and my family.”

Letter: USPS gives veterans jobs

The Detroit News – Op-Ed by Roscoe Woods, 480-481 Area Local President - “As a veteran who proudly served my country, I want to remind our elected leaders that veterans deserve more than recognition on Veteran’s Day.  Like all Americans, we need good jobs in our communities. We need good health care and we need good job opportunities.”