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Postal News Roundup

Postal unions making big ad buy to stop postal privatization before Trump releases plan

Washington Post - “Going on the offensive before President Trump lands his punch, postal employee unions are launching a national advertising campaign against the possibility he will move to privatize the U.S. Postal Service. The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) are sponsoring television and digital ads designed to stoke public opposition to a plan the Trump administration outlined in June. Details of the plan, announced in a larger governmental reorganization proposal dubbed ‘Delivering Government Solutions in the 21st Century,’ are expected soon.”

Groups Launch Six-Figure National Ad Campaign to Oppose Postal Privatization

Government Executive - “A group of U.S. Postal Service advocates have launched a national advertising campaign to push back on the Trump administration's proposal to privatize the mailing agency, warning Americans about potential drawbacks of a non-governmental system. The ad, titled ‘Keep It. It’s Yours,’ comes with a media buy that will air it during high-profile programs such as Meet the Press and Face the Nation. It has backing from the American Postal Workers Union and the National Association of Letter Carriers. The groups are still finalizing the extent of the buy, but it will be in the six figures and include Facebook advertising to reach 6 million people.”

Postal Workers Run Ad against Privatizing the US Postal Service

EcommerceBytes - “The American Postal Workers Union and the National Association of Letter Carriers are running an ad in opposition to the White House's proposal to privatize the United States Postal Service.”

More states should follow Washington and vote by mail

Seattle Times - “For Washingtonians who voted by mail, seeing video of people waiting hours to vote last week in Georgia was excruciating. It was like watching someone use a dial-up modem in the age of broadband. Other states should consider following the lead of Washington, Oregon and Colorado and move to universal mailed ballots. The convenience and access provided by this approach far outweighs concerns about security and fraud, which haven’t materialized after decades of experience.”

Banking? At the post office?

The Riverdale Press - “The time to bring back basic banking services to the post office is now, says a coterie of federal lawmakers — especially in the Bronx, where sizeable swaths of the population either don’t have bank accounts, or suffer from inadequate financial services. U.S. Reps. José Serrano, Eliot Engel, Adriano Espaillat and Joseph Crowley have been leading efforts in Congress and at the local level for the U.S. Postal Service to take immediate action, under its existing authority, to reestablish affordable financial services. This includes ATMs, paycheck cashing, bill payment and electronic money transfers inside post offices in the borough.”

USPS Board of Governors Open Sessions – November 14, 2018 Temporary Committee Meeting

USPS – Meeting Recording - “The Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service is comparable to a board of directors of a private corporation. The board includes nine governors, who are appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.”

PRC Approves Rate Changes for Market Dominant and Competitive Products

Postal Regulatory Commission - “Today the Postal Regulatory Commission issued Orders 4875 and 4876 approving the Postal Service’s planned rate adjustments for both Market Dominant products and Competitive products…”

Injured on the job, then fired: postal workers allege mistreatment by USPS

The Guardian - “More than 130,000 employees in the United States Postal Service (USPS) are classified as non-career employees – a status similar to a temporary employee where a worker does not receive the federal benefits of a career employee. These non-career employees handle large workloads but are often treated as an expendable source of labor. USPS has reduced its workforce by more than 200,000 positions since 2005 in response to budgetary constraints imposed by Congress. The Guardian spoke to several former and current USPS workers, classified as non-career employees, who were fired or said they were mistreated after suffering on-the-job injuries. These temporary workers say they are uniquely vulnerable to mistreatment at a federal agency with one of the highest rates of workplace injury in the United States.”                                            

FedEx Launches A New Last-Mile Delivery Pilot In Dallas - “FedEx Freight has launched a pilot program for last-mile delivery services using branded 20-foot-long flat trucks with lift-gate capabilities for shipping heavy goods ordered online..” 

Unions Poised for Wave of Labor-Friendly Legislation
Bloomberg - “Unions are hoping midterm election wins by more than 700 members across the country will translate into a wave of labor-friendly state and federal legislation.
Organized labor mounted one of its largest political campaigning efforts before the Nov. 6 election. According to the AFL-CIO, union members knocked on more than 2.3 million doors, worksites saw 5 million political flyers pass through the hands of employees, and voters opened their mailboxes to more than 12 million AFL-CIO mailers.”          

Democrats Have Won The House. What Will They Do About Medicare For All?

Forbes - “The Democrats won control of the House, largely on the back of health policy.”

1.4 Million Floridians With Felonies Win Long-Denied Right to Vote

The New York Times - “On Tuesday, Florida voters approved a measure to restore the voting rights of those with felony convictions who have served their sentences, as long as the crime committed was not murder or sexual abuse. Florida has become known for its razor-thin election margins, and exactly how the change will affect the state’s politics nobody knows for sure. What is clear is that the state created a potential pool of a million-plus voters overnight. Some experts suggested that a new stream of Democratic voters might emerge from the referendum, called Amendment 4, but others doubted that one party would automatically benefit.”

Baltimore Becomes First Big US City to Ban Water Privatization

Food and Water Watch - “On Tuesday, Baltimore became the first big city in the country to ban water privatization. With a huge margin of victory — 77 percent of voters approved ...”

Over 700 union members win public office in midterms

People’s World - “Led by Minnesota’s Tim Walz, some 743 unionists—and counting—won public office nationwide, from Congress down to county commissioner, the AFL-CIO calculates. Walz, a member of Education Minnesota—the joint AFT-NEA affiliate in the state—and a Mankato High School history teacher, was the Democratic-Farmer-Labor congressman from the GOP-leaning 1st District for the last 12 years.  Now, Walz will be Minnesota’s governor, and organized labor’s highest-ranking elected official.”

Sides 'far apart' in Canada Post talks despite mediation, postal union says

CBC.CA – Canada - “Union negotiators say there was little progress during the 2½​ weeks that a special mediator was assigned to the Canada Post labour dispute. The lack of a breakthrough means rotating strikes will resume Tuesday at different locations across the country, even though both sides have agreed to continue bargaining, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers said Monday. Special mediator Morton Mitchnick's mandate expired Sunday.”