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Postal News Roundup

USPS Played Cat and Mouse with Cyber Attacker - In an effort to prevent the intruders from knowing they had been discovered, the postal service's Office of the Inspector General advised the USPS's corporate information security officer Charles McGann not to initiate any mitigation measures. That included such actions as network scanning, reimaging systems, resetting passwords, taking systems offline, or searching for IP addresses. Instead, for several weeks investigators from the postal service, the US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT), and the FBI Service worked quietly to determine the scope and nature of the intrusion before finally shutting it down almost two months later…. It's unclear if Miskanic's explanation will help assuage criticism that has been directed at the USPS over its handling of a breach that exposed data on some 800,000 employees and 2.9 million customers. But his testimony provides a glimpse into the struggles that organizations face dealing with an intrusion by a sophisticated adversary.

Postal Service Starts Fiscal Year with a Bang - Whatever the reason, the U.S. Postal Service revealed today it had a bang-up October, with domestic mail volume up nearly 7% over the same month last year, rather than the 2% decrease USPS was expecting. The beleaguered agency had "controllable operating income" of $647 million in the first month of Fiscal Year 2015, more than double what it budgeted or what it earned last October. Controllable operating income excludes what is euphemistically referred to as prepaid retiree health benefits, which USPS has stopped paying, and accounting adjustments for the future cost of workers compensation cases.

National Trust Joins Law Suit to Save Berkeley Post Office - Despite repeated requests from elected officials, preservation groups, and local citizens, the Postal Service has not come forth with a clear and consistent process for protecting these important community assets,” said the chief legal officer of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “We hope that this litigation will cause the Postal Service to rethink its entire approach to transferring ownership of its stock of historic post office buildings.”