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Postal News Roundup

Another Attack on Our Postal Service
Kamarck recommends splitting the USPS in two. One part would be a public institution that delivers mail, and only mail, to everyone nationally. The other would be privatized parcel delivery, a business that would compete with  FedEx and UPS. Mail delivery would have to be cut way back.

Call and Check: Some Postal Workers Are Delivering More Than Just the Mail
Jersey Post's "Call and Check" program, run by the postal service on an island nestled between England and France, offers a creative approach to providing care to the frail elderly.

Postal Service on Rebound, Needs Help
USPS achieved an operational profit of $600 million in 2013, $1.2 billion in 2014 and stands at $1.2 billion so far this year. Those are amazing numbers, but carriers like Nickerson and others employed by the Postal Service need the public’s help. Smith, Fortenberry and Ashford need to support a House resolution to restore the service standards to put deliveries back on schedule.