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Postal News Roundup

5 Tough Questions for Tonight’s Democratic Debate
Let’s talk about making the “gig economy” fair, creating a postal bank, congressional authorization for war, and helping, rather than harming, immigrants.

APWU Joins Union Protest at Trump Hotel in Las Vegas
More than 500 workers from the Culinary Union, the American Postal Workers Union and the Trump International Hotel lined up on Fashion Show Drive to protest the hotel’s no-union policy.

Mail Contractor Group’s 14-Hour Exemption Request Under Fire From Postal Workers Union
The American Postal Workers Union, which represents U.S. Postal Service employees, said Thursday it’s opposed to an exemption request submitted recently by private, contracted mail carriers seeking an exemption from the federal 14-hour on-duty limit.

Tester Responds to Report on Postal Service’s Delivery Performance
 "Montanans tell me that there are serious delays in mail delivery, and yet time and time again the USPS tells me they're doing great," Tester said.

Selling Off the Postal Service Makes No Sense
The Oct. 5 Fed Page article purportedly was about a Brookings Institution paper on the U.S. Postal Service but astonishingly led with an unattributed policy prescription for downgrading service.

Mayors Continue to Fight for Pocatello Mail Center
The U.S. Postal Service mail processing center on Flandro Drive closed in April, but mayors Brian Blad of Pocatello and Kevin England of Chubbuck have not given up to the fight to see it reopened.

Are FedEx and UPS Padding Profits or Just Ticking Off Customers?
FedEx announced a new fuel surcharge which will be added to shipping costs, despite the 24% drop in diesel fuel over the past year.