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Postal News Roundup

USPS Realized Just 5 Percent of Projected Savings From Slowing Mail Delivery

Government Executive - “The U.S. Postal Service realized just 5 percent of the savings it projected over a two-year period from a controversial decision to slow mail delivery to enable facility closures, according to a new audit.”

Trump starts leaving postal union in latest anti-China move

Washington Post - “Trump preparing to leave international postal union treaty in latest anti-China move…”

Statement on the decision of the US to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union treaties

Universal Postal Union - “UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein regrets the decision and will seek to meet representatives of the Government of the United States of America to further discuss the matter.”

White House Announces That the U.S. Intends to Withdraw From International Postal Agency - “The Trump administration announced on Wednesday it plans to withdraw from an organization aimed at tackling international postal issues, saying the existing agreements put U.S. businesses at a disadvantage.”

The deficit is rising, so Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare

Vox - “Republicans have removed all doubt: When it comes to the federal deficit, the problem is Medicare and Social Security — not their own tax cuts…”

McConnell says Senate Republicans might revisit Obamacare repeal
Reuters - “Republicans could try again to repeal Obamacare if they win enough seats in U.S. elections next month, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday, calling a failed 2017 push to repeal the healthcare law a ‘disappointment.’ In a forecast of 2019 policy goals tempered by uncertainty about who would win the congressional elections, McConnell blamed social programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, for the fast-rising national debt.”

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren target Amazon over labor practices

Washington Post - “Amazon said in a statement that their existing labor arrangement provided ‘the most effective way to understand and respond to the needs of our employees...”

Black senior citizens ordered off Georgia bus taking them to vote
Atlanta Journal Constitution - “Government officials in an east Georgia county told about 40 African-American senior citizens to get off a bus taking them to vote Monday, leading to complaints of voter suppression. The bus, run by the group Black Voters Matter, was preparing to depart from a senior center operated by Jefferson County when the center’s director said they needed to disembark, said LaTosha Brown, a co-founder of Black Voters Matter.”

Trump Administration Taking On Overtime Pay, Franchise Liability

Bloomberg - “The Trump administration plans to tackle two important labor policy issues in the coming months: overtime pay and ‘joint employer’ liability for companies in staffing and franchise relationships. Both items are on the administration’s new regulatory agenda for the next several months. The Labor Department plans to roll out updated overtime pay requirements (RIN:1235-AA20) by March. The DOL intends to propose a new rule (RIN:1235-AA26) on when businesses in staffing, franchise, and other arrangements share legal responsibility for any wage and hour violations by their partners as soon as December.”

Racial Wealth Gap Much Smaller Among Union Members

Forbes - “Wealth is very unevenly distributed by race and ethnicity and it will take big changes such as reinvigorating the labor movement to shrink this gap.”

US Steel workers are set to get the biggest pay raise in at least 6 years: Sources

CNBC - “United States Steel workers are set to get the biggest wage jump in at least six years under a new deal negotiated with the company…The agreement, reached on Monday, proposes a cumulative 14 percent wage increase over a four-year period, three sources familiar with details of the negotiations told Reuters on Tuesday. Wages were frozen in the last contract, which ended on Sept. 1, as the Pittsburgh-based company was suffering losses from a slump in the domestic steel prices. The 2012-2015 agreement raised wages by an average of about 1.5 percent per year over three years, according to the workers' union.”

Postal union issues strike notices, could start rotating job action Monday

CTV News - Canada - “The Canadian Union of Postal Workers said Tuesday it has given strike notice to Canada Post that workers could walk off the job…”

Canadian Union of Postal Workers issues 72-hour strike notice

Atlantic­.ctvnews­.ca - Canada - “The Canadian Union of Postal Workers, which represents 50,000 employees, has issued a 72-hour strike notice…”