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Postal News Roundup

Montana Mail Service Has Suffered Since 2011 CutbacksGovernment cutbacks have slowed mail delivery across Montana, according to a federal report issued Tuesday. Delivery service across much of the state slipped a day or more for first class mail and periodicals after the U.S. Postal Service lowered delivery standards and closed five Montana mail processing facilitie according to the Government Accountability Office. USPS customers told the Billings Gazette mail service has worsened since USPS began cutbacks in 2011.

The Real Goal of Staples Expansion -  Postal management says that expanding into big box stores is all about “customer convenience,” but the real goal is clear enough: Build up the network of alternate retail access channels so it’s easier to close post offices, and replace union jobs in post offices with low-paid workers in big box chains.  Along with closing processing plants, shifting to cluster boxes, making private deals with companies like Amazon, and selling off postal properties, it’s just another phase in the privatization of the Postal Service.