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Postal News Roundup

Battle Brewing Over USPS Delivery Times
The APWU is challenging an exemption from driving safety rules for the private trucking companies that contract with USPS to deliver mail.

Rep. Keith Ellison: More than Mail: Why the United States Post Office Deserves a Square Deal
Should the Postal Service be Sold to Save it? In a word: No. Jim Sauber, chief of staff for the National Association of Letter Carriers in Washington, said"Breaking it up would make no economic sense."

Obama’s Postal Service Nominees Opposed by Labor, Civil Rights Groups
A coalition of labor unions and civil rights groups have announced their opposition to a pair of nominees to the Postal Service's governing board.

Why the Post Office Matters
As the last thirty years of world economic history have shown, deficits are one of the best ways to ideologically justify the private plunder of public coffers. But the post office is not broke.

No Discontinuances, But More Post Office Suspensions and Relocations
Opposition to discontinuing post offices is not stopping the Postal Service from closures by other means.

What Happened in Petworth? A DC Suspension Story
The Postal Service often helps create a lease renewal problem and then uses it as an opportunity to close a post office