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Post Office Workers to Trump: ‘U.S. Mail: Not for Sale’

The American Prospect - “All four postal service worker unions (the National Association of Letter Carriers, American Postal Workers Union, National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union) plan to keep up their fight against the Trump administration’s push to privatize the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).  On Columbus Day, October 8, postal workers across the county will converge on congressional offices in their districts with a critical message: ‘U.S. Mail: Not for Sale.’ These rallies are only the latest in a series of ongoing actions taken by unions and members of Congress to halt the administration's privatization plans.  One goal of the campaign is to alert the public. ‘We all get the same rights and the same service,’ Mark Dimondstein, president of American Postal Workers Union (APWU), told The American Prospect. ‘That would all disappear if the U.S. Postal Office was sold.’”

Postal workers rally against privatization proposal

WMUR - Video - “The report was supposed to come out from the Trump Administration on his plan on how to fatten us up and sell us off. He pulled it back, for obvious reasons, and he won’t do it until the mid-term elections are over.” – John Dirzius, APWU Northeast Region Coordinator

Postal workers rally against President Trump’s privatization plan

WLOX – Brother Collins is the President of the Mississippi Coast Area Local - “While post offices were closed for Columbus Day, postal service employees chose to use their off day to make their voices heard. Postal workers on the Coast joined a nationwide rally against President Trump’s plan to privatize the U.S. Postal Service….’Rural Mississippi is spread all out. So, when you might have a thousand to one box in a big city, here you might have to drive a mile, a mile and a half between mailboxes. Therefore, you can’t make a profit,’ explained George Collins, President of the Gulf Coast APWU. If the plan goes through private companies can pick and choose what areas to serve based on where they will make a profit. Organizers believe the plan goes against USPS 's standing policy to provide universal service to all Americans. ‘If we’re having to do this in the private sector, they’re going to have to charge more for that. The postal service now as mandated by congress, everybody pays the same rate,’ said Collins.”

Memphis postal workers rally against White House postal service privatization plan

Commercial Appeal -  Sister Tate is a Member of the Memphis Tennessee Area Local and Brother Richardson is the Local President - “When Bonita Tate was a teenager looking for work, her mom gave her some advice: Find a company where she could be an asset and be the best employee she could be. ‘And I've done that," said Tate, now a 59-year-old U.S. Postal Service employee. ‘I've been there 40 years. I believe in the company ... We're a public service.” Tate, a Memphis claims and inquiry clerk, and dozens of others who ranged from mail carriers and handlers to maintenance workers and custodians, gathered outside the post office on B.B. King Boulevard in Downtown Memphis on Monday to rally to keep the Postal Service public…Melvin Richardson, president of the Memphis chapter of the American Postal Workers Union, said the Postal Service is already self-sufficient. It is funded by the sale of postal products, not taxpayers' dollars, and makes enough to continue to deliver to the nation. ‘If a private company took over, then that private company would make decisions on where it would go,’ he said. ‘If it was somewhere that company deemed it would no longer be profitable to provide service, then they would no longer go there... That would leave those people without service.’”

Postal workers rally against privatization concerns - Brother Gallagher is the Vice President of the Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union - Earlier this year, President Donald Trump created a task force to look at reforming the U.S. Postal Service and workers worry the results could hurt ... Besides increased prices, union members say daily mail service in rural areas could also be in jeopardy. ‘Anybody who lives north and east of Clarks Summit or south and west of Pittston stands to take a terrible beating,’ Kevin Gallagher, Vice President of the Pennsylvania Postal Workers Union said. The president believes companies like Amazon are costing the postal service money to ship packages.”

U.S. postal workers rally in Bowling Green to fight against privatization

NBC – Brother Fincher is the MVS Director of the Toledo Area Local - “Despite Columbus Day giving them the day off, postal workers went to work for something they believe in on Monday in Bowling Green. ‘It's not just the person that delivers mail to your door, this impacts so many lives. All of that can just be turned over with the flip of a switch,’ said American Postal Workers Union Motor Vehicle Craft Director, Michael Fincher.”

Postal workers rally against privatization

The Daily Sentinel – Sister Mannion is President of the APWU Auxiliary - “Grand Junction postal workers took part in an organized, nationwide rally Monday to oppose a proposal to privatize the U.S. Postal Service. About two dozens employees, family members and union representatives gathered at the downtown post office on North Fourth Street at about noon. They marched around downtown wearing T-shirts and holding signs that stated ‘U.S. Mail, Not for Sale.’ Local organizer Trisa Mannion, a retired postal worker who manages the Auxiliary to the American Postal Workers Union, said more than 200 cities took part in the rally throughout the day.”