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Standing up to Post Office
America’s postal employees – from mail clerks to letter carriers – take great pride in moving millions of pieces of mail to us every day, whether we live in inner cities or way down at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where mail is delivered by mule-riding letter carriers to a Native American tribe living there. But USPS bossman, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe, definitely does not make postal workers proud, for he’s been deliberately monkeywrenching our mail system by slowing delivery, reducing staff and hours of service, closing neighborhood and historic post offices, shutting processing centers, trying to end Saturday delivery, badmouthing his own agency’s performance, steadily corporatizing public functions, and transforming decent, union-scale jobs into the low-wage retail economy.

With a Win on the Line in Colorado, Democrats Hope to Mail It InThe Washington Post
Here in the Senate battleground of Colorado, the latest front in the voting wars is  the mailbox. In other states, that fight has generally centered on laws that opponents say restrict voter access – measures, largely passed by Republican legislatures, that require voter identification or reduce the number of days for early voting. But Colorado is  operating under a new system designed to do the opposite: For the first time this year, every registered voter will get a ballot delivered to them through the mail, weeks before Nov. 4.

Cherrybell Post Office Processing Center to Close in
As new digital technology takes over, the U.S. Postal Service continues shrinking its operations. It's been happening here in Tucson for some time now with the partial shut-down of the Cherrybell mail processing center in 2011. Now the post office will cease all letter sorting, handing the job off to Phoenix. Service to homes will continue as normal, but the sorting center at the Cherrybell Post Office will cease to exist come April 18, 2015.