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Postal News Roundup

Push to save – and rename – Richmond post office continues

The Richmond Standard - “The U.S. Postal Service’s recent announcement that it will sell the Richmond Main Post Office building at 1025 Nevin Ave. has not slowed Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s attempt to rename the 1938-built structure after a former Richmond postmaster…For several months, DeSaulnier has been legislatively working to rename the Nevin Avenue branch as the “Harold D. McCraw, Sr., Post Office Building.” The legislation, H.R. 606, just unanimously passed the Oversight and Government and Reform Committee.”

Management of Overtime in the Northeast Area

USPS OIG Report - “Overtime pay is a premium that the U.S. Postal Service pays its non-management employees. It is paid at one and one-half times the employee’s hourly rate for work performed in excess of eight paid hours a day or 40 paid hours a week. In addition to overtime pay, employees may be eligible for penalty overtime pay, which is paid at two times the employee’s hourly rate, under specific conditions. Postal Service headquarters’ field budget group establishes the agency’s annual overtime budget, which is the planned percentage of overtime allocated for each Postal Service area. Once the budget is developed, areas allocate the respective overtime budgets to each district and facility.”

Independent Report on Employee Benefits, Withholdings, Contributions, and Supplemental Semiannual Headcount Reporting Submitted to the Office of Personnel Management

USPS OIG Report - “At the request of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Office of Inspector General (OIG), we performed procedures agreed upon by the OPM’s Inspector General and the Chief Financial Officer. This attestation engagement is an annual requirement of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.  Our objectives were to assist OPM in assessing the reasonableness of U.S. Postal Service employee retirement, health benefits and life insurance withholdings; Postal Service benefit contributions; and enrollment information submitted via the headcount report by the Postal Service; and to assist OPM in identifying and correcting errors related to processing and distributing Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) payroll deductions. This report is not suitable for any other purpose.”

UPS adds 3 all-electric delivery trucks to its fleet

The Ledger-Enquirer - “UPS is introducing all-electric delivery trucks to its U.S. fleet. Daimler Trucks said Thursday that United Parcel Service Inc. is its first U.S. customer for the Fuso eCanter light-duty truck. UPS said it will use three of the trucks at various locations. The Fuso eCanter can drive 62 miles on a charge. Daimler says the truck will save UPS $1,000 for every 6,000 miles it travels compared to a conventional diesel truck.”

As Michigan pursues Amazon jobs, skeptics and critics raise big concerns

Detroit Free Press - “Amazon announces 1,000 more Michigan jobs, but critics quietly protest juggernaut's influence.”

Hurricane Irma: USPS service operations return to normal after Hurricane Irma

Fox 4 Now - “If you're expecting a package this week, mail operations are returning to normal in Southwest Florida after Hurricane Irma. The Post Office on Marco Island on E. Elkcam Circle is now offering limited retail services in a Mobile Retail Unit placed on site.  Customers can pick up their P.O. Box mail at this location. Elsewhere, all other Post Offices have returned to normal, offering limited delivery and retail services.”

Canada Is Using NAFTA to Demand Protection for US Unions

The Nation - “As unions and Big Business prepare to square off in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, there will be heated debate over the continental trade pact’s impact on job losses and offshoring. But there’s one major source of “cheap labor” that isn’t much talked about: America. And as Washington vows to fix what Trump calls the “worst trade deal” ever, Canada, too, wants to fix its southern neighbor’s labor laws.”

The Right Wing Has a Vast, Secret Plot to Destroy Unions for Good. Here’s How to Fight Back. - “The vast right-wing network of Koch brother-funded “think tanks” is now plotting to finish off the public sector labor movement once and for all. In a series of fundraising documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy of Madison, Wis., and published in the Guardian, the CEO of a cartel of 66 well-funded arch-conservative state capitol lobbying outfits promises funders a “once-in-a-lifetime chance to reverse the failed policies of the American left.” Tracie Sharp, the leader of the States Policy Network (SPN), goes on to explain that the pathway to permanent right-wing victory is to “defund and defang” unions that rely on the legal protections of state labor law.”

Bring back postal banking, northern food mail program, union tells Canada Post

CBC News - Canada - “As chartered banks abandon small communities around the country, some say it's time for Canada Post to step up and take on the role.”