The Postal Wire


Welcome to Our New Website!

by APWU Communications

You’ll notice that things around here don’t look like they used to. This website has had a comprehensive overhaul. We hope you like what you see.

Among the new and improved features are:

  • A cleaner, more modern look
  • A mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly adaptive design
  • Better search features
  • More tools to engage members

With approximately 29,000 pages of content and PDFs, transferring material from the old site to the new site has been a monumental undertaking. There are a few things we won’t be able to move across until this morning, when everything on the server is properly migrated; and we’re sure there are some snags we haven’t spotted.

If you find a navigation problem or something that you think is an obvious error - or if you just want to tell us how much you like the new website - let us know by filling out this survey: