Postal News Roundup

Pay Raise Progress, Protections Against Layoffs, a Delay Safetrack Relief and More
Meanwhile, U.S. Postal Service employees and retirees are in line for several major changes to their benefits. The American Postal Workers Union and USPS late last week reached an agreement with the help of an arbitrator that will grant covered career employees a 3.8 percent pay raise over the 40 months of the contract.

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“Wait a minute, we’re not privatizing the Postal Service, are we?”

Voting by Mail and the Next Election Meltdown
Topics like the Postal Service’s service standards for on-time delivery and its postmarking practices may end up in the news the same way the hanging chads did in Florida in 2000.  

Postal News Roundup

USPS –APWU Arbitration Decision Puts Moratorium on Plant Consolidations and Outsourcing Retail
APWU members will be interested in the entire contract, with its provisions on wages, hours, and conditions of employment, but there are also two sections in the decision that directly affect postal customers.  One provision puts a one-year moratorium on creating new private retail outlets for postal services, and the other section prevents the Postal Service from closing more processing plants until April 2017, which should help with delivery-time performance.

New 40-Month Contract Gives Nearly 200,000 USPS Employees 3.8 Percent Raise
A union representing 200,000 U.S. Postal Service employees reached a new, 40-month contract with the agency through an arbitrator on Friday, with covered career workers winning a 3.8 percent pay increase over the course of the agreement.

APWU Announces New Labor Agreement
Dimondstein said the arbitration also has resulted in a temporary moratorium on new plant closings and consolidations, and “laid the basis for better protecting retail services and for expanding postal services.”

Postal News Roundup

Postal Service, APWU Have New 40-Month Contract
About 200,000 postal workers represented by the American Postal Workers Union have a new 40-month labor contract after an arbitrator settled an impasse between the union and the U.S. Postal Service. Gains in the new contract include the conversion of noncareer employees in the maintenance and motor vehicle crafts to career status; protections against layoffs for all career employees on the rolls as of July 8; new subcontracting limits; and a temporary moratorium until at least April 2017 on new plant closings and consolidations, the APWU said in a July 8 posting on its website.

Postal News Roundup

Unions Push Democrats to Embrace Federal Employees’ Priorities in Party Platform
“The Postal Service is vital to jobs and the economy,” Dimondstein said, “by providing service to individual and business customers and providing a foundation of decent unionized living-wage jobs, won through collective bargaining that lift up our communities.” The committee voted unanimously to include provisions supporting the elimination of prefunding future retirees health benefits and restoring service standards to 2012 levels.